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instagram • ziam ✓ by crybabyniam
instagram • ziam ✓by crybabyniam
it all starts with a drunken dare in the insta dms.
ONE SHOTS (LARRY.S) by louisblex
One shots about Larry Stylinson • Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles Side ships: • Ziam Mayne (Zayn Malik and Liam Payne) -- **larry is the main ship...
bruised ~ ziam by soft4ziam
bruised ~ ziamby soft4ziam
"roll up your sleeves Zayn" tw • self harm • abuse • anorexia • depression • suicide attempts • more to come {i restarted this story because my tops sounded li...
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You're my favourite subject♡︎ (teacher/student. L.S) by ohitzlarry
You're my favourite subject♡︎ (tea...by ObViOuSlY
"So Louis what's your favourite subject?" "You're my favourite subject" "I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said" "I said I don't have...
You'd Never Guess (Ziam/Larry fic) by carocarmine
You'd Never Guess (Ziam/Larry fic)by Caro/Crow
One Direction is taking over the world. They have fans everywhere, parties to go to, signings to attend, concerts to perform, awards to receive, you name it. But, behind...
Texting [Ziam/Larry] by ziameth
Texting [Ziam/Larry]by natalia
In which five guys meet on the internet group chat and four of them fall in love.
Baby Hungry (narry mpreg) by ConWeCallLove
Baby Hungry (narry mpreg)by Queen Connie
"C'mon, Ni... We've been married for three years now, I want a baby." "Not now, Harry." or the one where Niall and Harry have been married for a wh...
Social Media (Larry Stylinson) by Heyidkyay
Social Media (Larry Stylinson)by L:)
Book one. Harry's a uni student and a part time model, he's also a big fan of Louis Tomlinson💚 Louis' a famous singer who just happened to stumble across Harry's twitte...
Just Another Stunt by larryishook28
Just Another Stuntby Rebeckaà💛
Harry and Louis were never together. After a well-deserved break, One Direction is going back and not nearly as big as before. In order to gain publicity, management dec...
Smokescreen (mpreg) by Arvernii
Smokescreen (mpreg)by Dominic
Louis rules the school; guys want to be him, girls want to do him. He's the coolest guy in school and if you don't agree with him, his crew will make you change your mi...
head over heels  by ilove1dbro
head over heels by ilove1dbro
"I guess when I'm with you for some time you tend to make me forget how fucked up the world is." In which Louis has an amazing friend group and a very big cru...
Liam Payne sickflicks (Requests open) by HPandGWforever2
Liam Payne sickflicks (Requests op...by 1Dfan
One shots of Liam sick or hurt and the others take care of him. I don't do Y/N because it confuses me.
... cute baby ... by xlniushalx
... cute baby ...by 𝓃𝒾𝓊𝓈𝒽𝒶 :)
━━━━━━●─────── ⇆ ㅤ◁ ❚❚ ▷ ㅤ↻ این بوک برای اولین بار یه بیبی واقعی رو نشون میده پس لطفا اگه علاقه ندارین نخونین*-*
Enna Sona [Ziam] by AJlovesZiam
Enna Sona [Ziam]by AJ
When the Maliks and Paynes decided for their Son and Daughter to join their families through marriage, Zayn and Liam did not see this coming... Just another Ziam marriag...
bad boys (l.s.) by larry-thoughts
bad boys (l.s.)by >:(
louis is a punk bad boy and harry loves flower crowns and guys with tattoos and piercings.
Fan Boys Exist ༉Larry Stylinson  by 2louhaz8
Fan Boys Exist ༉Larry Stylinson by 2louhaz8
this fic is very cringe i wrote it a long time ago but it gets better i promise. sorry for any mistakes english is not my first language. harry is just a fan boy with b...
Love and Conflict (Mpreg)✔️ by ZiamArmour
Love and Conflict (Mpreg)✔️by LeeyummMalik
[COMPLETED] When Liam is bought at a slave market, he fully expects a difficult road ahead of him. What he does NOT expect is to find himself in a world unlike any he co...
Dad Next Door Volume 2.5 by SammiBSykes
Dad Next Door Volume 2.5by Samantha Sykes
Follow the story of Natalie Styles-Tomlinson as she starts her years of college. With some teenage drama and a new sibling, what could possibly go wrong? (Book 3 of the...
counter culture// l.s || bdsm by twinklingstylinson
counter culture// l.s || bdsmby m
Every person is assigned a soulmate, except for the few who are unmatchable. The person assigned would be a dominant, master, or whatever they wish to be called. • Loui...
The Kidnapping (Larry Stylinson) by itsonlyangelfxtch
The Kidnapping (Larry Stylinson)by A 💕
When Harry Styles, singer and former member of the worlds biggest boy band, One Direction, is kidnapped, it causes them all to take action. The nearly deadly event spar...