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strange discovery by ylrcyjyl
strange discoveryby ljljhy
"Many years later, and you're still my strangest discovery." A love story between a girl who had the ability to read minds, and a girl who had the ability to s...
My Girl Behind The Mask(Completed) by JenLisaKimManobanz
My Girl Behind The Mask(Completed)by JenLisaKimManobanz
Shin Ryujin the cold,and spoiled brat girl behind the mask Hwang Yeji a nice and humble girl from a poor family Yeji became a maid in the Shin's Mansion thanks to her fr...
forbidden love I : yuchae  by MykelHansleyyy
forbidden love I : yuchae by ryu
a cringe yuchae ff story where in, chaeryeong started to have feelings with her step-sister, yuna.
yeou 🦊 by ryujinsshavedarmpit
yeou 🦊by Poopie
Lia buys Yuna a hybrid for her birthday which Yuna never asked for. As time passes by, Yuna didn't know that Chaeryeong wasn't just any ordinary hybrid. Top!Yuna Bottom...
GIRLS ON TRACK || Ryeji by Shin-Ryujinxed
GIRLS ON TRACK || Ryejiby I'm_Shin-Ryujinxed!
Shin Ryujin is an ordinary high school girl, who hides her talents and passion as she shows lack of interest in anything other than her studies. What, or specifically wh...
Marry First;Love Later by Yooorra
Marry First;Love Laterby slow updates | lazy
🐰 𝘺𝘶𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘦 𝘧𝘧 🦊 Lee Chaeryeong's parents died in an accident. Thus, she's been living her whole life working to support her sister and grandmother. However...
Hershe; Yuchae by convertit
Hershe; Yuchaeby Convert It!
!! This is a yuchae adaption. !! Approved by the original creator, schindlee (go check them out!) Converted ff. Original: Hershe - Seulrene by schindlee schindlee profi...
weird ➳ itzy by honeytzu
weird ➳ itzyby 𝐥𝐲𝐧’𝐬, ia.
/wird/ (adj.) an unusual, absurd, or strange behavior coming from a person. © honeytzu, 2020.
CHARMED  |  RYEJI by kpoplmaooo
CHARMED | RYEJIby Adiosssss
The more Yeji plays hard to get the more Ryujin wants to go after her. An au in which Yeji can't seem to fall for Ryujin's charm. Originally written by @rutabega
JinLia OneShots by ShuhuaZs
JinLia OneShotsby ShuhuaZs
jinlia oneshot collection
Make it Real | Yuchae by TwicepinkitzIzone
Make it Real | Yuchaeby Twicepinkitzizone
Was it all fake or was it real? "I'm so tired of this already, we should stop this" "Why? Why are you tired of what we're doing?" "Because I'm...
• Only Ryuryeong  • by Ela_Pinkue
• Only Ryuryeong •by ela
Beware: VERY SLOW af updates.. HEH- || This is just for smth to brainstorm if i have an idea- My brain's not working lately☠️ And I don't have any idea what I'm doing so...
It Was Like A Dream by lightfuryHY
It Was Like A Dreamby Chae's cowboyhat
"Who do you think you are, Yeji?" Lia says as she pushed me back by the shoulder. I looked at her, her eyes starting to get teary. "The promise. Please...
Mystique Of Aurora by _ddaengddeong_
Mystique Of Auroraby 🔔
wherein hwang yeji, 25 , the most powerful businesswoman- CEO of the hwang corp. meet shin ryujin, 24, the second most powerful businesswoman- the heiress of the shin co...
Best Friend by KimYukim_
Best Friendby midzayyy_
Hwang Yeji is inlove with her best friend Shin Ryujin, But Shin Ryujin is inlove with someone else. Will she be able to confess her love for her or will she keep it a se...
ICY YOU (ITZY) (Chaeryeong×Yuna) (YUCHAE) by h2_01_
ICY YOU (ITZY) (Chaeryeong×Yuna) (...by h2_01
Yuna loves going to the library almost everyday to study, one day she realise a girl sitting one table infront of her, studying. She sees her almost everyday. Soon, Yuna...
Madam's Baby by just_hera
Madam's Babyby Idk
မဒမ္ကိုေျပာခ်င္တာရွိတယ္သိလား Yunaက ကေလးေပါက္စ မဟုတ္ေတာ့ဘူးေနာ္ မဒမ္ကို ကာကြယ္ေပးမယ့္ လူႀကီးေပါက္စ မဒမ်ကိုပြောချင်တာရှိတယ်သိလား Yunaက ကလေးပေါက်စ မဟုတ်တော့ဘူးနော် မဒမ်ကို...
ITZY One shots / Group chats / Scenario / Real life scenario by h2_01_
ITZY One shots / Group chats / Sce...by h2_01
oneshots stories for itzy ships!! Groupchats Scenarios Etc...
My Midzy | Chaerji by chaerycolaa
My Midzy | Chaerjiby bethany 💕
A famous idol falls in love with a midzy at a fan meet. Credit to @AditiGupta999 for cover, go check her out her stuff is so amazing and talented :)