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One Bite Wont Hurt (IZ*ONE FANFIC) (COMPLETED) by Shirei01
One Bite Wont Hurt (IZ*ONE FANFIC) ㄴ۵❥し ❥۵ㄱ
Wherein Ahn Yujin got curious on the newly transferred family on their neighborhood specially on a certain tall girl holding a cat. Out of her curiousity and because of...
Notes [ Liz × Rei ] IVE FF✔ by 1tznmive_ff
Notes [ Liz × Rei ] IVE FF✔by 1tznmive_ff
Rei, a member of IVE, known as the popular group in school keep finding special notes from a certain someone and decides to keep them out of all the other letters. She...
The Past(2kim)√ by kwonpay
The Past(2kim)√by sam
chaewon is an interviewer and was assigned to interview Iz*one not everyone knowing that chewon and minju had a past. Draft: February 9, 2021 Started: February 16,2021 E...
V O I C E || YulYen by yul_iii
V O I C E || YulYenby raine
"You know, speaking up for yourself doesn't hurt you." Date Started:05/12/20 Date Ended:08/27/20 Highest Ranking(s) #1 - yenyul #1 - 2kim #2 - chaekura #2 - eu...
Arrange To My Ex Best Friend (Annyeongz)√ by kwonpay
Arrange To My Ex Best Friend ( sam
Yujin and wonyoung are Best friends but what will happen if someone will come into there life and broke there friendship what if they'll just wake up without them being...
Charmed? I'm Not (annyeongz version) by IVDV22
Charmed? I'm Not (annyeongz IVDV22
The more Wonyoung plays hard to get the more Yujin wants to go after her. An AU in which Wonyoung can't seem to fall for Yujin's charm (Originally written by rutabega. A...
Family Quarrel || Iz*one  by ayiziwon
Family Quarrel || Iz*one by izone_gayss
This story is different from the first books I wrote, because this book is focused on 12 girls only. The Lee family and the Kang family are rival companies. The two comp...
Izone | Oneshots by itzchuuros
Izone | Oneshotsby chewy
[hiatus] these stories are pure fiction, please don't take it seriously ; i am warning you that there will be times where i will write bad words and some contents that m...
"Yujin, i love you. Would you give me a chance?" "Of course, Wonyoung, i will." I hope i will give light for you to us BE TOGETHER. I Love You. When...
Forsaken Origins by wiz_yann
Forsaken Originsby yana
Humans and the Demon race... they are never in good terms. The first war have befallen between them half a millennium ago, with the participation of the three legendary...
You Were Mine. (annyeongz version) by IVDV22
You Were Mine. (annyeongz version)by IVDV22
two years ago, yujin gives up and wonyoung leaves. two years later, wonyoung comes back and yujin breaks all over again. or ex-bandmates, yujin and wonyoung, see each ot...
gay oneshots by gaytennsion
gay oneshotsby gaytennsion
[ranked #1 in chaeyu - 8/25/22] [ranked #1 in chaekura - 2/8/21] [ranked #1 in chaeryuna - 10/11/22] consists of: *gayness *fluff *angst (it's mostly just sad stuff, not...
IVE One Shot  Collection  by dkkchaen
IVE One Shot Collection by Bin"
Annyeongz အဓိကနဲ့ တစ်ခြားအတွဲလေးတွေလည်းပါမည်။
Twice's Daughter [PERMANT INCOMPLETE] by KLegendsM15
Twice's Daughter [PERMANT KLegendsM15
Twice's interaction with babies during their trip to Switzerland, and their time on 'The Return of Superman'. Made me wonder how Twice would be as actual mothers and of...
gay oneshots (BOOK 3) by gaytennsion
gay oneshots (BOOK 3)by gaytennsion
[ranked #1 in lizrei - 12/18/23] [ranked #1 in minqi - 8/3/23] [ranked #1 in kep1er - 4/6/23] = MAINLY IVE AND IZ*ONE, and a few gg's i stan = consists of: *an excessive...
I don't wanna love you by SkylerLiu
I don't wanna love youby Panda🐼
A story about Yujin fighting against her feelings towards her bestfriend to save their relationship. Eyyyyy~ Another fic again! This time it's YujinxWonyoung from Produ...
The Choices I Never Made (annyeongz version) by IVDV22
The Choices I Never Made ( IVDV22
Wonyoung is in frantic need of an escape from the city and her whole idol life. She only knows one person who can help. Or, Jang Wonyoung is reminded of the life she did...
Project IZ*ONE III by Tofu222
Project IZ*ONE IIIby Tofu222
*IZ*ONE superhero AU* Six months have gone by without any big trouble for IZ*ONE. The girls, along with their new members from IVE and Le Sserafim, have been going about...
random kpop gg oneshots  by leeseo_is_aegi
random kpop gg oneshots by ilovewonyo
just some random oneshots of random ships because why not
Project IZ*ONE II by Tofu222
Project IZ*ONE IIby Tofu222
*IZ*ONE superhero AU* A couple months have passed since the incident in Busan, but IZ*ONE's work has only just begun. A new threat is now looming and it is up to them to...