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Instagram-Harry Lewis (W2S) by eviemay1414
Instagram-Harry Lewis (W2S)by eviemay1414
Simon has a sister who became Instagram famous thanks to him but what happens when she moves away from her home town and meets all the guys well I'll give you a hint one...
back and forth (damien haas) by lucyisntokay
back and forth (damien haas)by Lucy💟
(REPUBLISHED THIS!! OG WRITTEN IN 2019!!!) Damien and y/n know they love each other, but can't be together- why? y/n moves to La knowing she'd work at smosh with her be...
(VanossxReader) Unintentional °Complete° by Ameliaress
(VanossxReader) Unintentional ° Amelia
Life was amazing while living in Los Santos. You had a great job, a nice apartment, lived in a breathtaking city, and life was treating you fairly well. That is, until a...
Flatmates by buchanfan
Flatmatesby LadsLadsLads
Another fan fiction with the Commentary Crew and Sidemen. Will Jess fall in love with one of her flat mates? Or will she fall in love with someone totally unexpected.
(VanossxReader) Keep Your Guard Up °Complete° by Ameliaress
(VanossxReader) Keep Your Guard Amelia
I can confidently say that I have a unique job. I work as a body guard, and I'm typically assigned to clients to protect. One day, out of nowhere, I'm given a peculiar j...
Cory's Girl ||Coryxkenshin FanFiction|| by Shirlgirl121
Cory's Girl ||Coryxkenshin S.Victoria
"So I'm going to be staying with your son for three weeks?" She answered, "Yes Rachel, trust me, he's a nice guy. His name is Cory. I'm sure you'll like h...
Say it (AmazingPhil x Reader) by noonpad
Say it (AmazingPhil x Reader)by noonpad
A new boy moves to your village. You become great friends with him, but will you become more than just friends? Drama is happening at school, at home and, well, everywhe...
Can't Have You (A yoully fanfiction) #Wattys2017 by foreverx23
Can't Have You (A yoully foreverx23
Life keeps throwing everything in between Lilly and Yousef. Will they continue to fight for their love? Warningggg There are some very mature scenes and language involv...
The Adventurous Surprise of PewDiePie by FanfictionsByCaitlyn
The Adventurous Surprise of Caitlyn
Welcome to a new story focusing on everyone's favourite Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie, as he embarks on a new adventure of his that we might have seen before by the hand of...
Faline San vs. the Earth by koolest_kid_around
Faline San vs. the Earthby koolest
Faline San is an international criminal (like usual).
A Date With Who? (Markiplier! Mark/Darkiplier X Reader) by angeliplier
A Date With Who? (Markiplier!
He was charming, great smile, and liked you. Mark Edward Fischbach, better known as Markiplier, or better yet, your favorite youtuber. He resided in L.A. where you also...
Maybe it's time by Lauren-writes
Maybe it's timeby Lauren-writes
Dan and Phil have been best friends for years, they do everything together and love living together. They suddenly realise that they both like each other but they don't...
Game Over by ThePalsFanatic
Game Overby ThePalsFanatic
[FINISHED] In this story, you have a dream that The Pals are in danger. You go to investigate. However, when trying to do so, you get swept into a video game. Will you f...
The Click X Oz media fanfiction (FINISHED) by art_hoe_UwU
The Click X Oz media fanfiction ( Fuck it
I sniffed too much glue and now I'm about to create a MASTERPIECE even tough it's past my bedtime. will this fanfiction be good? no will this fanfiction be gay? yes wil...
Wades Sister (Markiplier X Reader) by RighLow
Wades Sister (Markiplier X Reader)by Righ-Low
Finally My Lazy Ass has wrote a MARKIPLIER X READER!!! Your Wades 24 year old sister who likes videogames and being stubborn as much as he does. You've lived with him...
Learn to Love Again - Stampy and Squid by pixie6362
Learn to Love Again - Stampy and .
When Stampy visits Squid for the first time, he thinks it will be the best trip of his life, especially since he's been developing feelings toward him. But when one of t...
Youtubers x Reader Imagines [REQUESTS OPEN] by horsejoy
Youtubers x Reader Imagines [ just a lonely soul
REQUESTS OPEN Imagines for some of my favorite Youtubers! Includes: Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Ethan Nestor (Crankgameplays), and 8-BitRyan. Hope you enjoy!!! ALL MEDIA...
Mishaps (Tom Robinson (DapperMrTom)/Santiago Massa) by Crazy_Comet_97
Mishaps (Tom Robinson ( Scott/Comet
If only he knew how it came to this - both of them staring at eachother as bewildered as someone would be in this situation. After all, it's not every day you find your...
To be in Control | Quackity by mrtrashypingu
To be in Control | Quackityby kittythespider
At 17 years old, Alexis finds way he sees himself may not be the way that the rest of the world sees him. A story about eating disorders and facing your own self-image.
An Ultima-Potato Tale ⋆ Aphmau FanFiction ⋆ ItzMehMothra by ItzMehMothra
An Ultima-Potato Tale ⋆ Aphmau ItzMehMothra
ᡣ𐭩ྀིྀི₊ ⊹ An Aphmau FanFiction (U/A 10+). Still ongoing! More chapters coming soon! ౨˚⟡˖ Title inspired by the story "Emo-Meif'wa Tale". ㅤㅤ -------˖⁺. ༶ ❤︎...