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When We Knew || Draco Malfoy 🤍 by Maybxnksy
When We Knew || Draco Malfoy 🤍by <3
Draco X Reader Y/N Bella Snape. The only daughter of Severus Snape, who is a very protective and caring father. Her father now letting her finally move to Hogwarts would...
We Could Have Happened. by bittersweetutopia
We Could Have bittersweetthoughts
They were friends. He was a player, and she, she just existed. But, they were friends, who trusted each other for more than a decade. Echo, an ordinary girl, promise...
MEMORIES OF YOU by dianalovesdiane
MEMORIES OF YOUby Diana Ara Ybalez
When was the right time to love? That's what everyone asked themselves. But what if you had it but then it slipped away from you? Would you chase? Or would you just le...
You And Me - ⭐Varian X Reader⭐ - 365 Days - One Shots by Ruddiger_Happiness
You And Me - ⭐Varian X Reader⭐ - 🦝Ruddiger
You and Me is a Varian X Reader One Shot Book. (If that wasn't obvious already.) But it is also a one shot book where I will be posting a new one shot everyday for 365 d...
My Forever ~𝚓𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚗 𝚑𝚘𝚜𝚜𝚕𝚎𝚛  by hoeforfictionalmen_
My Forever ~𝚓𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚗 𝚑𝚘𝚜𝚜𝚕� hoeforfictionalmen_
#1 in anthonyreeves-8/16/20 #2 in swayla- 8/24/20 #1 in youandme- 8/26/20 " Haven it's always been you , no matter what it's always been you" " Jaden it's...
Home Is Where The Heart Is by MadisonJ30
Home Is Where The Heart Isby Madison Jennings
Natalie Ross has a lot of things to be known for at school; being student body president, being a softball superstar, or even the way she is able to Ace every test. But...
Bonded in a Marriage... by love_soul_10
Bonded in a love_soul_10
Based on Arranged Marriage.... Peep 👀inside the story to know more...
Destiny  by Sidneetblaze
Destiny by V
❝Between Sanity and Insanity Create Your own Reality❞ •HIM• Love is Shit, True Love is Bullshit, And i will be with You forever is horse shit. Sometimes Your Heart need...
Itazura na kiss 3 {COMPLETED} ✔️ by cookiemandy
Itazura na kiss 3 {COMPLETED} ✔️by cookiemandy
Hey guys this is my first time doing a Itazura na kiss story. If you have suggestions or questions just tell or ask me and I'll answer. • • Story is about the continuat...
We are meant to be .. SHIVIKA✅ by Nakuulsurbhi
We are meant to be .. SHIVIKA✅by Netiiyah😊
Shivaay is the great businessman and he leads the Oberoi Empire in a way that awestrucks all the business leaders. He has tadi, arrogant and strict principles in busines...
💜❤️THE SHADES OF KADHAL ❤️💜 (#1) ✓ by Aishwaryaxcreations
💜❤️THE SHADES OF KADHAL ❤️💜 (#1) Aishwarya Lakshmi S Nair
Story revolves around ASHWIN KUMAR A short tempered boy and handsome boy.. every girl have crush on him..who doesn't interested in girls..and he never believed in love...
You and I. (Jikook) by KatherineLove13
You and I. (Jikook)by Blue Siren 🌙
"I miss you Jungkook-ssi, but you can't hear me" - Jeon Jimin. "I miss you Jimin-ah, I hope you can hear me" - Jeon Jungkook. (Prequel to 'Spring Day...
- Me and You - by mel_berries
- Me and You -by Mel ❤️
Aaron Zane Elodi. He was a dream to be on of the best chef in Seattle. He was born there, grew there and lived there all his life. He was inspired by his great grandfath...
Me and you (fruits basket hatsuharu fanfic) hatsuharu x reader by halloweenbish1410
Me and you (fruits basket halloweenbish1410
Y/n is a girl who has had tragedy in her life so when she moves in with her cousin and aunt she feels like there would be no more that if there is a god that they would...
Going Gold by SeanFastandFurious
Going Goldby Hailee Fast and Furious
Mara is the daughter of Mufasa and Sarabi. This is her Adventure in Auradon Prep with King Ben. Find out what happens in Going Gold
My Everlasting Love (JhoBea) by MasterJA1415
My Everlasting Love (JhoBea)by J.Master
Paano kung nahuhulog ka na sa Bestfriend mo na lahat ginawa maipakita lang na mahal ka niya.Paano kung akala mu happy ending na dun pa siya mawawala....
You & Me (boyxboy)  ✧ Prequel✧ by cheyennnemarie
You & Me (boyxboy) ✧ Prequel✧by Cheyenne Marie
- Prequel of "Us" - Every love story has a beginning. This is Damon's & Jamie's. A short story about how Damon Camp & Jamieson Pratt met and fell in love. Seri...
Lost Stars ☆ | Bryce Hall by BlackxRose24
Lost Stars ☆ | Bryce Hallby bec🥀🖤
"A soulmate is the only person that understands you and loves you unconditionally, through all the tough times. Bryce left me but I always kept him in my heart and...
Secrets // Sam Holland x Reader (COMPLETED) by simplyLizaa
Secrets // Sam Holland x Reader ( elizaaaaa
Y/n a model, actress, famous. Y/n has a lot of famous friends, when she was 17, she wanted to be a role model and Zendaya is her bestfriend since first grade and she int...
You And Me (a noco fanfic) by The_Codemeister
You And Me (a noco fanfic)by ✧・゚ 🎀 𝒽𝒾 🎀 ゚・✧
Cover art by me :) They haven't spoken to each other in a year. Cody wants to but is too scared after what happened last time they hung out. Besides, Noah probably has b...