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ASTRONOMIC ; POETRY by mxserable
❝ you were a cold sore, on my lip. ❞
  • slampoetry
  • rhyme
  • wattys2019
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Three In The Morning by YourIntuition
Three In The Morningby YourIntuition
Welcome to the most vulnerable part of my mind.
  • life
  • positive
  • feelings
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Line of Thought by ell_cee
Line of Thoughtby Latoshia
All of these are poems for NaPoWriMo! :D If you enjoy any of them let me know, and if you know of someone else that might enjoy them then definitely share! Thank you fo...
  • typedup
  • identity
  • poetry
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peculiar  by Tamylongwe
peculiar by Tamylongwe
  • feeling
  • equine
  • reallifehorror
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Guidance by swoodlumchef
Guidanceby swoodlumchef
Welcome to the chaos of my mind. Enjoy
  • love
  • onthegrind
  • lyrics
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I'll give you the moon//l.d by SoftSunflowers
I'll give you the moon//l.dby 🌻r i n🌻
I reached for the stars but it wasn't enough, you deserve the moon my love
  • spilledink
  • poetry
  • poetsofwattpad
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I Wrote This Because by writingatthemoon
I Wrote This Becauseby bunny
Series of poem that I wrote because of different reason, situation, thoughts and emotions. /I decided to post it here to tell everyone that even on little things you...
  • poetry
  • englishpoems
  • writtenwords
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Poetry & Thoughts  by A_Parramore
Poetry & Thoughts by A. Parramore
Poetry, thoughts, and musings. Occasional nonsense 🤔🤣🙄🤪🧐 The ideas that won't stop tapping on the inside of my mind 💡💡💡 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 🏆"You are m...
  • emptypage
  • spokenword
  • ideas
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Sunshine and Thorns by SoftSentiments
Sunshine and Thornsby SoftSentiments
I am often lonely, but not alone. Found wandering through my thoughts. But not all who wander are found.
  • poetry
  • sadness
  • love
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midnight thoughts by MaryAtieno5
midnight thoughtsby Mary Atieno
All my innermost thoughts
  • poems
  • poetry
  • writtenwords
Dirty Secrets by BuriedInFlames
Dirty Secretsby Tyler Elliot Tobias Clark
a written word I wrote for class about sexual assault. MAY BE TRIGGERING TO SOME! sexual assault is a real thing that steals from people.
  • sexualassault
  • survivor
  • writtenword
Whispers--poems by babeagainstbull
Whispers--poemsby Jo
My dear, how do you deal with those things in your head? Poetry, prose, rhymes, free-style. Things I think that need to be said. Quick suicide/self harm/anxiety and de...
  • shortstory
  • lovepoetry
  • words
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the falling by xNeverlanderx
the fallingby pessimistic realist
You were my everything and all I was to you was a blanket to wrap yourself in when you were cold.
  • him
  • writtenword
  • excerpts
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The Story Collector by water_colored
The Story Collectorby water_colored
Everyone in town has a Story. Everyone has the dark blue words ever spiraling up their body until they die, the Text that tells their Story. It tells them who they are...
  • tellyourstory
  • complete
  • self
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insight to a life by awkward_teen18
insight to a lifeby awkward_teen18
have you ever wondered how another person feels ? their heartbreak ? the pain the have ? well, you've found the right story for you.
  • poetry
  • writtenword
  • lonely
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THE WRITTEN WORD by MadMenWearingFedora
THE WRITTEN WORDby Prithvijeet
This is a series , comprising of thoughts that I have created myself.
  • words
  • powerofexpression
  • beauty
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The Us I Thought We Were ↹ [Poetry]  by hannahgems
The Us I Thought We Were ↹ [Poetry...by Hannah Gray
Just a story of my thoughts, emotions, desires, and experiences all drawn into one. I'm not sure what will come of this, but stick with me and see where this path leads...
  • poetry
  • story
  • writtenword
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Driven thoughts by JohnFoley3
Driven thoughtsby JohnFoley3
  • 2kerryny
  • writer
  • poem
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