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Someone To Fight For (Action Ageplay Lesbian Stories)  by FireStarterXx
Someone To Fight For (Action FireStarterXx
A beautiful young brunette has found herself in somewhat of a predicament. While battling addiction she landed herself in quite a bit of debt, that wouldn't just go awa...
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Everything to Lose (Action Ageplay Lesbian Stories)  by FireStarterXx
Everything to Lose (Action FireStarterXx
Sequel to Someone To Fight For. Lots of adjustments must be made following the events of the last book. Relationships are tested and spirits are broken. #16 in action
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longings. by alltheloveforhaz
#3 mal
poems by malia d :)
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Mommy's Little Demi (Ageplay Lesbian Stories)  by FireStarterXx
Mommy's Little Demi (Ageplay FireStarterXx
Demi has lead a difficult life filled with mental and physical struggles. She only wants to be an average teenaged girl until she meets the woman who shows her she can...
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Someone To Fight For (Action Ageplay Lesbian Stories) (Bonus)  by FireStarterXx
Someone To Fight For (Action FireStarterXx
Extra content from the book Someone To Fight For. The posts in this story WILL NOT BE IN ANY SORT OF ORDER, however there will be something with each post to give you an...
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Broken (A Bars and Melody fanfiction) by bamaremyidiots
Broken (A Bars and Melody bamaremyidiots
Katy's parents have had enough of Katy's behaviour. When they decide to send Katy to live with relatives in Wales, Katy's whole life changes. Katy is in for a serious at...
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Taming the Rouge by Hate_You__Love_You
Taming the Rougeby Hate_You__Love_You
Demi Lovato, the new teacher at the local private school. After growing up watching her dad teach, she wanted nothing more than to follow in his footsteps, so here she i...
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Dear Bully by BillieJae_
Dear Bullyby just me
I know its bad but it will get better wont it. *a twisted story about a victim of bullying, who wrote letters everyday to the bully.
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Instagram. | ddl by xoglowydems
Instagram. | ddlby welcome to my world.
An instagram story basically. [Demi x Female Reader]
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Lost In the Moment by lernjergi1357
Lost In the Momentby Jauregui Lover
Demi Lovato is at the first show of her world tour in Maryland. She's out side in an alleyway during intermission when someone tried to attack her. She's saved by a lova...
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Move on||Quando Rondo by HernameNique
Move on||Quando Rondoby ✿Scorpio
*Read to find out.There might be some errors but don't mind all of that*
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Can you be my Nightingale? by VioletandTate01
Can you be my Nightingale?by VioletandTate01
A 12 year old girl names Max is going through a very rough time after being placed in an adoption center, she suffers from anxiety, self harm, and an eating disorder. Wh...
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Demi Imagines by gayestfordemetria
Demi Imaginesby ShowstoppinLovatic
Imagines of the queen, Demi freaking Lovato !WARNING! Mention of sensitive topics and triggering chapters with inappropriate language and everything is most likely to b...
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Baby, Don't Cry by hermosaddlovato
Baby, Don't Cryby hermosaddlovato
I'm Mariana Torres, and I'm 15 years old. Not that it matters anyway. Most people wouldn't even take the time to hear my name, I guess I'm just not important. Well, that...
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Just Friends; JUNGHOPE  by mbattle22229
Just Friends; JUNGHOPE by 🎶 FETUS 🎶 IS 🎶 HERE🎶
Everyone knows that Jungkook and Hoseok like each other... well... everyone expect them... "You guys are so cute! " KNJ "We're just friends" JJK+JHS
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Silent tears (wattys2016) by macANDcheesefries
Silent tears (wattys2016)by macANDcheesefries
Selfharm quotes.
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Lesbian Stories To Tell Our GrandChildren (Demi Imagines)  by gayestfordemetria
Lesbian Stories To Tell Our ShowstoppinLovatic
Here we have Lesbian Imagines of the one, the only Demi Lovato! Short stories to tell your grandchildren? Hahaha! Enjoy sugar tits!! 😂
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Staying Strong (One Direction, Niall Horan) *EDITING* by tigerstea
Staying Strong (One Direction, Nico
"What's Wrong Niall?" Is all I hear these days. All they get in response is "Nothing, everything's fine. I'm fine." But in reality nothing is fine. M...
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A Life I Never Lived by lovatoandjonas
A Life I Never Livedby Nick & Demi Fanfic
Gabriella Richmond isn't your typical thirteen year old. Abandoned by her parents at a young age, she currently lives with her aunt who is her last living relative. Her...
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Roommates by Love2Write4241
Roommatesby M.I.
WARNING: Coarse language. ~THIS BOOK IS THE WORST BOOK I'VE EVER WRITTEN. I DON'T RECOMMEND READING IT~ Adri, the school's smartest girl's life was never easy. Her life...
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