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We Happy Few by Thicc_Boi_Soldiers
We Happy Fewby 👻Virgil Dainty🐀
BoBbIeS None of the art is mine unless i state it
  • olliestarkey
  • rogerandjames
  • arthurhastings
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Any and All WHF Headcanons by PukethazarGutts
Any and All WHF Headcanonsby Flayed Kaiju
Pretty much a whole damn book for We Happy Few head canons and maybe AU ideas
  • nicklightbearer
  • wehappyfew
  • joydoctor
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Remembering or forgetting? (Arthur Hastings x reader) by misstsundere101
Remembering or forgetting? ( Misstsundere101
Arthur Hastings, a tall intelligent ex-reporter who used to conform into the joyful society of Wellington wells, remembers his Brother and gets chased out of the parade...
  • fanfiction
  • arthur
  • arthurhastings
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We have to come to terms. by WritingTrashTM
We have to come to WritingTrashTM
This will be a story about what comes after the ending of We happy Few
  • unclejack
  • sallyboyle
  • wehappyfew
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We Happy Few One Shots by CelestialShadowWolf
We Happy Few One Shotsby Lost in the Stars
These one shots will be with Arthur Hastings. I hope someone will read these because I've been having an amazing time with this game! Also, these are all Female Reader i...
  • oneshots
  • videogame
  • arthurhastings
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We Happy Few: The withdrawal by EyyItsPepsi
We Happy Few: The withdrawalby EyyItsPepsi
Everyone had parted ways from Wellington Wells. Arthur Hastings, Sally Boyle, Ollie Starkey. However, some things can't be forgotten.
  • wehappyfew
  • arthurhastings
  • sallyboyle
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We Happy Few - Role Reversal by LordKingdomStories
We Happy Few - Role Reversalby Purple27GameLord
If the We Happy Few characters switched roles, this is my interpretation on what the game could be like. Percy, Anton and Margaret have to find a way to escape Wellingto...
  • wehappyfew
  • percivalhastings
  • fanfiction
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Sally's London Adventure by QueenPaula19
Sally's London Adventureby Paula Gutierrez
After the event of Sally's story, Sally and her daughter Gwen return to London where she now lived London. She must goes to adventure around London, England.
  • sallyboyle
  • england
  • wehappyfew
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"A Sea Change" Part 1 by LittleArtie
"A Sea Change" Part 1by LittleArtie
Hello! This is the story of Sally Boyle and Gwen Boyle escaping Wellington Wells. In this series/book you will see how they will still continue their adventure. Please n...
  • ollie
  • arthurhastings
  • sallyboyle
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Happiness is a choice! by Dark_Moony
Happiness is a choice!by Dark_Moony
Story about a wellie, who lives in the nicest place on earth (he thought). (Inspired by the game We Happy Few). The story is written in a diary style. This is my first s...
  • wehappyfew
  • playstation
  • game
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Sally we happy few by Uncle__Jack
Sally we happy fewby Daddy Jack Worthing
A terrible story
  • bobbiesarepure
  • whf
  • sallyboyle
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The Pill's Secret by pillsandpoetry
The Pill's Secretby A bright STAR
What if I told you those same happy pills were the secret to something horrifying. Our three main protagonists: Arthur, Sally and Ollie will go on a thrilling adventure...
  • jamesmaxwell
  • whfbobby
  • olliestarkey
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We Happy Few Part 2 by Thicc_Boi_Soldiers
We Happy Few Part 2by 👻Virgil Dainty🐀
It's back!!!!! None of the art belongs to me unless I state it. The ones that aren't mine have the credit to the og artist underneath it Credit for cover-green_childhood...
  • edmundmacmillan
  • glitches
  • soldiers
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