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Miles Edgeworth x Reader by butteryeen
Miles Edgeworth x Readerby butteryeen
Ah yes. That's another day at work as police dog trainer. Your friend, Gumshoe, asked you for a dog and you had one to give out. But you are quick to discover that he ca...
Ace Attorney Preferences by tayraearm
Ace Attorney Preferencesby Taylor
Boyfriend scenarios including Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Apollo Justice, Klavier Gavin, Kristoph Gavin, Simon Blackquill, Diego Armando, and Nahyuta Sahdmadhi Off...
The Yandere Turnabout by AlphaWolf0215
The Yandere Turnaboutby Brittney Cremeans
(Ace Attorney/Yandere Simulator crossover) (contains Wrightworth) Phoenix Wright's latest client is Osana Najimi who was accused of the murder of her classmate Kokona Ha...
Unknown Feelings (WrightWorth) by Foxomegah
Unknown Feelings (WrightWorth)by Pink Goldimia
This is my first story i made in this app. I ship these two so badly and I thought I can show you guys what I been working on. Ill try not to forget to add on stuff. And...
Unlawful Attraction (A Phoenix Wright X reader) by nightmare597
Unlawful Attraction (A Phoenix Nightmare
*COMPLETED UNDER EDITING* (Y/N) (L/N) is a successful attorney who thinks she has her life together, living with her wonderful boyfriend and fighting for justice in the...
Ace Attorney OneShots by Fullmetal3595
Ace Attorney OneShotsby APL-chan
Hey! So these are some OneShots of my favorite Ace Attorney ships! I'm warning you though, there are going to be some lemon chapters hidden in there. If you don't like t...
Trials of Love (Phoenix Wright x Female Reader) by GhostTellings
Trials of Love (Phoenix Wright x GhostTellings
He pressed his lips against mine firmly, cupping his hands over my cheeks. He seemed to relax, even just for a minute. I stood, surprised, and pushed away. "Nick, I...
Courtroom Romance | Phoenix Wright x Reader x Miles Edgeworth by SarahAbrevinova
Courtroom Romance | Phoenix SarahAbrevinova
"Someone, help!" The young girl turns around to find the police standing behind her. "You're under arrest!" Detective Gumshoe shows his badge, then h...
Phoenix Wright X Reader One-Shots by LittleSnowCloud
Phoenix Wright X Reader One-Shotsby LittleSnowCloud
One-Shots for our favorite dorky attorney, Phoenix Wright! Requests are accepted.
Klapollo and AA incorrect quotes by fangirl-888
Klapollo and AA incorrect quotesby fangirl-888
Klapollo and Wrightworth are my otps. Quotes found on Tumblr.
Oneshots for Turnabout by HamiltonAttorney2277
Oneshots for Turnaboutby Malta
Book 2 of my AA oneshot book!
Rising Uncertainty by Odystone
Rising Uncertaintyby Robin Odystone
This is my first fanfic in a very long time so I'm testing the waters again to practice with creative writing with characters I already know and love (and ship). This is...
"Formal Love." || Miles Edgeworth x Phoenix Wright. by m0mmysniffle
"Formal Love." || Miles sniffle
Miles Edgeworth, a formal prosecutor with a tragic past; Phoenix Wright, a casual worker in defence with childhood memories of this formal prosecutor. They are opposite...
Turnabout Reversal by yummybob543
Turnabout Reversalby Ougi Oshino
A Roleswap AU, fairly self explantory Ships- Part One: Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth Lana Skye/Mia Fey Dick Gumshoe/Maggey Byrde Franziska von Karma/Maya Fey Sebastian...
The Romantic Turnabout [EdgeworthxOC] by KawaiiExpertise
The Romantic Turnabout [ Queen Kudo
She is in a different light. She's been at the court cases, she's witnessed the action. Phoenix Wright, vs Miles Edgeworth. All she wants to do though, is not solve the...
Is It Time Yet? by HandsomeJimothy
Is It Time Yet?by Handsome Jack
He'd read the phone number scrawled on the piece of paper so many times in the past few weeks that he'd already memorized it. Yet, for some peculiar reason, he couldn't...
NaruMitsu Prompts  by P0ETC0R3
NaruMitsu Prompts by poet
Out of ideas? Well, you came to the WRIGHT place! Just a Narumitsu prompt book if anyone is interested. ‼️YOU DON'T NEED TO ASK FOR PERMISSION TO USE THE PROMPTS, YOU JU...
That's Just the Way of the World (Ace Attorney x reader) by YuiFromTheBlock
That's Just the Way of the World ( Yui
Ace Attorney (Kristoph, Apollo, Dahlia) x reader (Y/n) (L/n) is looking for her soulmate...well soul mates. Everyone else has 1 phrase on their arm but she had three. Th...
Heroes Universe Unite by XwarCommander1230
Heroes Universe Uniteby XwarCommander1230
All heroes from different universes were captured by Deathskull organization but they able to escape. They will must face most challenge they never encounter before. Wil...