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Bakudeku  lemon🍋  by 07brocan63201
Bakudeku lemon🍋 by 07brocan63201
Deku is just a innocent teen who know nothing about the real world and no experience about sex or anything but what happens when he has to share a dorm with bakugo and h...
Tim and Moby Get Spicy by PurpleHuesss
Tim and Moby Get Spicyby uwu
Moby brings Tim to his house for a date but things escalate... -- Cover is made by me. <3
Love Like This by AlexisCook820
Love Like Thisby Love is Love
A royal omega and a royal alpha, forced to wed and mate by their families. But maybe they get along? Maybe not? Their pasts will come back to bite them, but will they fa...
Seeing the past (R. Hale) by hiddenatleconte
Seeing the past (R. Hale)by Hiddenatleconte
Athena Swan lived an average life in Arizona. She was co-captain of both the soccer and lacrosse team, and had friends in every clique. She took on the role of protectiv...
Aether Harem by clay_ex
Aether Haremby Zian
The picture does not belong to me Art Credits - ha___ze on Twitter I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS All characters belongs to mihoyo. This story contains malexmale...
I'm in love with a monster (Camren) by artwxrks
I'm in love with a monster (Camren)by sapphicartwxrks
Camila Cabello was in love with anything vintage or creepy, that's why she was drawn to a particular house. It was old and full of ancient furniture but, once spending a...
You are mine (Hosie) by Hosie1endgame
You are mine (Hosie)by Hosie1endgame
This story takes place on 2x16 where Hope gets stuck in Josie's subconscious and Josie just got out, Hope finds herself caring for the brunette Saltzman twin, will Hope...
BFB (Bestfriend's Brother) by dkwritess
BFB (Bestfriend's Brother)by Dakayla
Hi guys my name is dakayla and usually I'm reading stories on here but something inspired me to make my own book so be free to tell me what you think. What will happen w...
Two girls from nowhere. (nanno x female reader) by y2ksluts
Two girls from nowhere. (nanno x Y 2 K S L U T
As usual, Nanno travels to yet another school. She dosent think much of it when she finds her next victim. What happens when she gets attatched.
Crush x Reader oneshots by the_ship_monster1234
Crush x Reader oneshotsby Abigale
Wutup peeps I actually wrote a longterm crush x reader story, but because it was based of real life, i was scared someone i knew would find it. So i deleted it. Now i ki...
Hell's Pit (manxman|| #lgbtq) by notbackingdown
Hell's Pit (manxman|| #lgbtq)by T. Gray
Venom finds his mate in the last place imaginable. Hell's Pit. A place many men enter and never leave alive. A place Venom once enjoyed; the violence and blood thick in...
try to knock down my walls by sleepyheada17
try to knock down my wallsby I am sleepy
an LGBTQ+ story give it a try Lisa who has a big secret that only her close friends know about. Lara a popular cheerleader who has feelings for Lisa. do they end up bei...
Love Like Ours {Sequel to Love Like This} by AlexisCook820
Love Like Ours {Sequel to Love Love is Love
This is the sequel to "Love Like This" Summary: Harry is pregnant with Louis' pup or pups. And they spend their days waiting for the pups or pup to be born...
Prinxiety|Sanders' Sides| Could You Not by TheBroadwayJay
Prinxiety|Sanders' Sides| Could TheBroadwayJay
Original cover art for this book by @MarleyExe ! Highest Rank: #661 in Fanfiction 11/25/17 [Fluff] [Angst] [Gay] A collection of Prinxiety [Roman x Virgil/ Anxiety x Pri...
Lets keep it a secret (oumaeda) by XxweebxX201
Lets keep it a secret (oumaeda)by XxweebxX201
Ahhhhhhhh hi sooo this is an oumaeada story i knos dis ain't popular but o really likects ship Sooooo if you dong lkke thiz shop i suggest he dont read it or hatd in it...
I kissed a girl wearing a cross (Camren) by artwxrks
I kissed a girl wearing a cross ( sapphicartwxrks
Religious but rebellious was how everyone knew Lauren. Smoking, drinking, partying, sneaking out... she did it all. Camila Cabello ends up in her life and they instantly...
Side Effects Of Being A Vampire  by limeloves
Side Effects Of Being A Vampire by mac
(g×g) (student×teacher) Having a drunk one night stand with a random girl she found at a party to hide away her sorrows, Vivaine regretted her carelessly-taken decision...
Klance & Shadam One Shots by almightyspaceace
Klance & Shadam One Shotsby Bi™
Klance One Shots Smut warning
✔ Yuri!!! On Ice Picture Book 1 by UnknownWriter1308
✔ Yuri!!! On Ice Picture Book 1by Unknown
This is a book made from all the Yuri on Ice pictures that has been stealing space in phone. Hope you like it!!!♡ This mostly contains Victuri (check book 2 for equal in...
Bully Or Love ? (Shoji x tokoyami story ) by Wolf222222222222222
Bully Or Love ? (Shoji x Wolf222222222222222
Hello this was inspired by Psycho and they made my bully and go check it out it's amazing story ☺️ This will contain ⚠️ Self harm,⚠️ Abusing drugs,⚠️ Bad spelling,⚠️ And...