Not Dun Yet | ✓ by iwearheelys
Not Dun Yet | ✓by brit
in which a guy looking for a roommate discovers something much, much more. ©iwearheelys, all rights reserved.
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"Wife For Hired" by Aqilah_Ila
"Wife For Hired"by Nur Aqilah NazaAs
"FINE!!!Do whatever you want!!You want to marry her,right? Do it.But then divorce me first!" With that Kyra Lydia walked out from her house with their 5 years...
  • quadruplet
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Pretend I'm Yours by impeccablyimperfect
Pretend I'm Yoursby C
"Let me be your armor, so I could protect you from harm. I will do anything for you, my love. You changed my perspective about life and position in this business.&q...
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Something Just Like This by EmilyBoz04
Something Just Like Thisby EmilyBoz04
"But I don't have any powers." "You don't need powers to be a hero."
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Freakish Love by subayume786
Freakish Loveby subayume786
Lyric thought he was just her imagination...but he exists...somewhere...maybe...
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Her Happy Child Years by LateMarineBiologist
Her Happy Child Yearsby A Phytoplankton
Rose and her family are now moving from Florida all the way back to the precious town of De Smet. Rose is now going to be learning at her first school and is excited to...
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musical trash by will-to-live
musical trashby l3gr@
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Crap That Only Broadway Addicts Would Get  by broadwaybaby023
Crap That Only Broadway Addicts tc
Literally the title is the description... Anyways have fun reading random stuff about broadway. This is literally for my entertainment, I'm not great at updating but w...
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The Beginning Of Everything by Sorsha18
The Beginning Of Everythingby Tinista
Highest ranlking: #1 in MiloManheim We all know and love the character Becky, but have you given much thought about who played her? Do you know how it happened? Milo M...
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Bootlegs  🖥 by -peachscone-
Bootlegs 🖥by Its Romeo and Juliet
List of bootlegs I have and will give them to you for free, just pm me! ~closed for a bit~
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Include Omelettes In the Sequel  by uWu-Chang
Include Omelettes In the Sequel by Lucky Guy
There's more random crap where the first one came from!
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Broadway Lyrics by strangerer_things
Broadway Lyricsby Maddie
Broadway + Movie Musical Lyrics Current Shows In Book: Heathers Dear Evan Hansen Shows Being Added: La La Land Hamilton Matilda American Idiot Once The Book Of Mormon Gr...
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For Rent  by AlwaysinlovewidNate
For Rent by AlwaysinlovewidNate
I've a story and you have a library. What do you say? Wanna give it a try? You know you want to ;) P. S Its not a smut (even though I 'adore' smuts, I can't write em to...
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Individual Roleplay by -SarcasmCentral-
Individual Roleplayby Sam
Roleplaying individually
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The Secret Storm by Drevkin
The Secret Stormby Drevkin
He was a nobody working in retail. She was a powerful entity unaware of her destiny. They were both abducted by wizards and thrust into the magical world of ancient lang...
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Random (Mostly Musicals) Spam Book Because Why The Fuck Not. by Elder_Churchtarts
Random (Mostly Musicals) Spam Skylar the Idjit
Read the title. Includes more random shit that's not musicals
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Sneak Peek: Drafts by Kai517_TeenWriter
Sneak Peek: Draftsby Kai517
In which yours truly reveals some of her writing drafts because she has nothing else to do and none of these are really finished.
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OTP Prompts-Marker by rentamarker
OTP Prompts-Markerby Anthony Rapp Fan
I love OTP prompts and questions. I ship Marker (Mark/Roger of RENT) a lot.
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Why You Should Love Musicals by LinforPresident
Why You Should Love Musicalsby LinforPresident
Listen up. I'm about to teach you all the most valuable lesson you will ever be taught. Please write the musicals that you think qualify in the comments! (Nicely please...
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(Y/N)'s Pain (Ghira X Reader X Ozpin X Adam) (OATBF-RWBY crossover) by LunaVioletHood
(Y/N)'s Pain (Ghira X Reader X LunaVioletHood
(Y/N) Dawnstar was very well known for aiding her son Adam in his conquest of getting revenge on humans, wanting to make them pay. Being able to take the form of a giant...
  • ozpin
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