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Voltron One shots (bottom lance) by LemonBakedPie
Voltron One shots (bottom lance)by LemonBakedPie
⚠️THIS WAS A BOOK I WROTE WHEN I WAS 14, Please just scroll away- it's awful smut? UWU FLUFF? OWO Btw I'm more into Bottom: lance Don't h a t e J U S T BEING GAY Might...
The Colors Of The Rainbow: Voltron Fanfic, Klance Smut by Katpancake
The Colors Of The Rainbow: Voltron...by Katpancake
The five paladins are as close as ever.. especially Lance and Keith. Lance, still unsure wether to tell his feelings to the Red paladin, decides too during a mission to...
Voltron smut by kashoot_me_please
Voltron smutby Death please
This book will be about all smut things like Shiro x keith or Shiro x allura ,Keith x Lance, or maybe Pidge x Lance???????? But I also need requests so feel free to requ...
Once In A Million Shance's (shance one-shots book) by babysharkofficial
Once In A Million Shance's (shance...by 🌈BabyShark🌈
What can i say? season 8 ended me and i need my shance heart to be filled all over again. so here we go! Shance is life. Shance is love. One-shots will include: -mild or...
KLANCE SMUT  by nerdyn0ah
⚠️ Very very detailed sex scenes and alot of it⚠️ Keith and Lance have a secret relationship hidden away from the crew, but what will happen when detective pidge gets on...
Klance  by SpacemanParker
Klance by Jack Broflovski
Lance comforts keith, and one thing leads to another. Smut warning. Very fluffy and adorable in later chapters.
Klance smut by ElizabethSmith242
Klance smutby Elizabeth Smith
Klance smut: porn without plot
klance smut & fluff oneshots by keefkogayyyne
klance smut & fluff oneshotsby keith💞
this will probably just be different au's so,,, enjoy! feel free to comment requests too! <3
Private smut book ⚡️🍓 by kawaii_sama_anime
Private smut book ⚡️🍓by Kawaii-sama
Eh it's just a bunch of smut I guess. It's for my own self, don't like don't read.
coran x reader  this is a joke ffs by commanderthace
coran x reader this is a joke ffsby commanderthace
get ready for the ride of your young life presuming you're young
Voltron Oneshots by -Swiitzerland-
Voltron Oneshotsby Kiara
Oh yes. The smut chapters will have this around the name: ◇ The regular chapters will have this: ▽ ♢ Started 12/17/17 ♢
Voltron Oneshots by xX_still_fire_Xx
Voltron Oneshotsby Still Fire
Basically a book with a whole lot of Voltron oneshots. I will have a requests page so PLEASE request any ships you might want to see in this book. Included there will be...
voltron nsfw by voltrxn
voltron nsfwby mrs. pidge holt
this has really really mature pictures 18+ don't blame me if i ruin your innocence
Confessions ♥ [Voltron Fanfiction. Keith X Lance] by Yaoi_Fanatic_
Confessions ♥ [Voltron Fanfiction...by Yaoi_Fanatic_
(NOTE: This is my first smut fanfic to be posted here on wattpad. leave me some feedback if you can ^^) After a long night of preparation and training: dinner was serve...
Kaltenecker finds love by sushiplop
Kaltenecker finds loveby sushiplop
Lances cow finds love with Bih boh bih
Langst oneshots | Voltron by RazzleLanceDazzle
Langst oneshots | Voltronby Jared, 19
Lance oneshots Mostly langst and klangst but theres also: Romelle x allura angst and allura x Pidge angst, Plance angst, Punk angst - klance violence Self harm depre...
Voltron  by Games132
Voltron by Katie games
Literally the exact same as my other current two books, just a different fandom, I think this is a nice way of reacher all different kinds of readers, idk, mostly smut...
Voltron x oc  by stormydayz414
Voltron x oc by Skylemons
This is about my oc in voltron who has a great friendship with each of the characters but some a little more then just friendship 😏😉