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Me Inside Of Me by ShadowStepArt
Me Inside Of Meby ShadowStepArt
Is Lance McClain even Lance McClain? What if he was actually a she? Lance always knew that the life and body he was given was not right, his name in itself made him want...
Reunited [SHANCE] --ONHOLD-- by Miraculous__Tail
Reunited [SHANCE] --ONHOLD--by Romany
Allura has been keeping a secret from the paladins of Voltron but after mission gone wrong things start to get difficult to keep secret start to get difficult to keep an...
Living in secrets by 0yishuu
Living in secretsby 0yishuu
Lance is a as he calls himself 'just a boy from cuba' and no one expects best from him. Keith calling him a loser, allura, shiro and pidge ignoring his ignorance, and h...
A night with my space daddy.  by Sakurasennen
A night with my space daddy. by Sakurasennen
a certain blue paladin has feelings on Shirogane takashi, the one and only space daddy what happens when lance visits shiro late that night?
Black and blue I'm meant for you||Shance langst by -AstroWriter-
Black and blue I'm meant for you|| AstroWriter
Lance tries his best to hide his problems from everyone, and they happily ignore it, a little too much. As time goes on, the team seems to not include the Lance they thi...
A New Beginning by SheniceJohnson6
A New Beginningby SheniceJohnson6
Lance always thought he was different from other people but what he finds out is to much for him to handle
Worthless Waist [Langst]🖤Shance💙 by smileboy1313
Worthless Waist [Langst]🖤Shance💙by Little_Sad_Child
[Warning!!!] Self-Harm, Smut, and it's cringy. On hold.
voltron littlespace and fluff by gravity_falls50
voltron littlespace and fluffby gravity_falls50
Hi this is my first ever story. I will only write fluff and I will do other fandoms. I'm a multi shipper so no ship hate please. I don't own Voltron or the charecters...
The Rowan (Winged Shance) by BluePlanetTrash
The Rowan (Winged Shance)by BluePlanetTrash
It was common on Earth for humans to grow up with wings. It was equally as common for humans to grow up without wings. In a world where it seemed like everyone was accep...
Do I make you proud?(Langst/Lance-centric) by Angel_Scarlett_Wing
Do I make you proud?(Langst/ Klance trash
Lance seems like the perfectly happy person, no one knows is who he is really hiding inside. Lance goes through pain, love, rejection, and more. This has also turned int...
One More Magical Night by Therinable
One More Magical Nightby Scully
One More Magical Night is a Shance Voltron Legendary Defenders AU in which Lance McClain is a prince in a futuristic old time kingdom and falls in love with farmer Takas...
Once In A Million Shance's (shance one-shots book) by babysharkofficial
Once In A Million Shance's ( 🌈BabyShark🌈
What can i say? season 8 ended me and i need my shance heart to be filled all over again. so here we go! Shance is life. Shance is love. One-shots will include: -mild or...
Voltrons end by PjShelley
Voltrons endby White shadow
This is a shklance book
Langst Oneshots by rippling_ripples
Langst Oneshotsby Ripples
This is gonna be book of one shots about my boi Lance. Mainly angst but I'll do smut and fluff if ya want. Made this because I love making my favorite character be in...
My True Self by NMFergus101
My True Selfby NMFergus101
Lance just wants to lay in his nest with his two alphas, but duty calls with another Galra attack. This time is different though; Lotor wants him to be his mate, and Hag...
Dancing blue  by styxx666
Dancing blue by styxx666
Voltron omegaverse- shiro is a prime alpha who loves to protect his pack, he gets so into it that he forgets about taking care of himself sometimes.. and after a long da...
Sunshine on your lips  by thatonespacehoe
Sunshine on your lips by Captain Kyle
Theres a man who just moved in below Lance's third floor apartment
Langst :') by Eeerieblue
Langst :')by mr trash
poor Lance :( Kinda ashamed of this lmao
Talk Too Much by lowlifewriter
Talk Too Muchby Lowlifewriter
Talking was a part of Lance. Something that all of his friends had just come to accept about the boy, even if it got him in trouble sometimes. So it was no surprise when...