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Tonight - Klance Fanfic by blue_streaks_
Tonight - Klance Fanficby l0verb0y
Keith and Lance happen to be in the same club. Lance was dragging his two friends, Hunk and Pidge, to the club to loosen up. Lance was hoping to find cute & hot girls, h...
Langst Oneshots by rippling_ripples
Langst Oneshotsby Ripples
This is gonna be book of one shots about my boi Lance. Mainly angst but I'll do smut and fluff if ya want. Made this because I love making my favorite character be in...
Klance smut by ElizabethSmith242
Klance smutby Elizabeth Smith
Klance smut: porn without plot
Broken ~ Klance by somegayvoltronshit
Broken ~ Klanceby somegayshit
Youre from a broken home and then all of a sudden your life changes. What do you do? - None of the art/music is mine and Belongs to the rightful owners - - Also I am sup...
Rivals ||Klance Voltron|| by rebelips
Rivals ||Klance Voltron||by rebelips
#1 in Klance Fluff #1 in Klance Smut #4 in Coming out || You don't have to say I love you to say I love you Forget all the shooting stars and all the silver moons Cause...
Klance Oneshots by HAMMYLOVER16
Klance Oneshotsby HAMMYLOVER16
Hello! This is my first Klance book, and I just got into Voltron (please don't kill me). I really love the show and I LOVE Klance. It's so cute!! So I have decided to st...
The Cheerleader's Heat (Klance) by smutingenera1
The Cheerleader's Heat (Klance)by smutingenera1
After cheerleader practice Lance goes into his first heat unexpectedly and earlier than normal. He's waiting out in the boys locker room for his sister Veronica to come...
Fake Love - Klance - by blue_streaks_
Fake Love - Klance -by l0verb0y
WARNING: Smut, bad language, suicide, emotional, rape?, harassed, cheating, arguing, mpreg Keith and Lance are in love but what happens when Lance starts to play with Ke...
Klance & Shadam One Shots by almightyspaceace
Klance & Shadam One Shotsby Bi™
Klance One Shots Smut warning
Klance: "Like hell were going to share a bed."  by LucifersPigeonNugget
Klance: "Like hell were going to s...by _solius_
["There is no way I'm sharing my bed, let alone my room. With that-with that Texan." Keith raised his hands indignantly at Lance's outburst.] Lots of fluff, uh...
Klance smut  😏 by bitch-2000
Klance smut 😏by ✌🏻Him🖕🏼
✨it's all in the title ✨
Klance  by SpacemanParker
Klance by Jack Broflovski
Lance comforts keith, and one thing leads to another. Smut warning. Very fluffy and adorable in later chapters.
Klance soulmate AU Oneshots by SinnamonRoll87
Klance soulmate AU Oneshotsby nick
a book of multiple klance soulmate AUs written by yours truly If you have any soulmate au ideas I haven't done feel free to request them!! completed for now unless i dec...
Klance Smut and One shots by VoltronHeros101
Klance Smut and One shotsby Opal Bakugou
Just read the tile... I also will be taking requests.
Klance Smut OneShots by KlanceWRLD
Klance Smut OneShotsby KlanceWRLD
... your goin to hell bro I guess i'll see you there😎
Torn ~ Klance AU Kangst by somegayvoltronshit
Torn ~ Klance AU Kangstby somegayshit
Keiths living a transgender life and its shredding him apart. He doesn't want anyone to know. But he wants to come out.
Kitty Lance (Klance Smut) by XxGalawayStarxX
Kitty Lance (Klance Smut)by 𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐢𝐭 💕
After a long day of going to the space mall. Lance buys himself a cat outfit, Keith accidentally walks in on him while Lance is checking himself out. Keith couldn't help...
❤️KLANCE❤️ ~behind closed doors~ by skyeleelee24
❤️KLANCE❤️ ~behind closed doors~by skyeleelee_24
Lance = bottom Keith = top That's all I need to say sept for WARNINGS: Self harm Suicide Adorableness And it might include a bit of smut I don't...