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Soulmates- Book 1 by Stalker_Pancake
Soulmates- Book 1by Avs
In this reality, at the age of 10 you can contact your soulmate. Any scratches, bruises, marker on your skin, it appears on your soulmate. Keith didn't care for the &quo...
Blue Lips || Langst by anime_angst
Blue Lips || Langstby 𝑍𝑢𝑘𝑜
"You can't love someone unless you love yourself first. Bullshit... I've never loved myself, but you; oh, God... I love you so much..." Or The one where Lance...
Klance Fluff & Mature (Plus General) Pictures and Comics by kuraxmasha
Klance Fluff & Mature (Plus kuraxmasha
Basically, I will post pictures and comics about Klance (aka my favorite shipping in the series) from Netflix Voltron. I do not own Voltron, its characters and the pictu...
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Klance comic by ItAmy764
Klance comicby ItAmy
Just some cute comic pictures of Klance None of these pictures are mine Credit to artists
💙❤️Klance Oneshots❤️💙 by TooMinty
💙❤️Klance Oneshots❤️💙by Ramen_Noodlesssss🤤
A wonderful (maybe) bundle of Klance oneshots. This is my first oneshot book, so tell me if there is any mistakes. Fluff, Angst, and smut. I hope you guys enjoy reading...
Klance One Shots by Igotsissues
Klance One Shotsby I’mProcrastinating
A bunch of random goofy Klance stories. They are only meant to be funny so I'm not going to make them super heartfelt and sad. THEY ARE TO MAKE YOU LAUGH! I hope you enj...
In the Middle  by SpoonOfFlowers
In the Middle by 🎃
Lance, a shy but flirty omega, is stuck between two packs with a forgotten past. Years ago, Lance was taken and claimed to be the not so official mate of Lotor. He rem...
Nightmares (Klance) by nerds_are_king
Nightmares (Klance)by BlueEyedBeastie
Lance's nightmares are getting out of control. It's affecting his and the team's performance, but he's at a loss for how to fix this. Apparently sleeping next to a warm...
Fourteen Days by boobieloobie234
Fourteen Daysby Bri🖤
"2 weeks, alone, handcuffed sounds like the description of a shitty porno!" I never post stories but I've been working on this one and just said fuck it so he...
Klance oneshot (MOSTLY smut) and some fluff DONE!!! by jxmnxi
Klance oneshot (MOSTLY smut) and jxmnxi
Trust Issues  ❦ Klance AU [Voltron WA 2017] by Essencede
Trust Issues ❦ Klance AU [ layne
Keith has been friends with Pidge, Hunk, Lance and Shiro pretty much his whole life though they don't know much about him. They don't mind that they don't know his past...
klance smut oneshots by cockyhoe
klance smut oneshotsby boss bitch
here's a book of klance smut, you nasty little fucks. you can request and you know you want to. enjoy reading ;)
world in ruins | klance zombie apocalypse AU by entihs
world in ruins | klance zombie skye
Keith takes a few deep breaths before continuing. "If only I was faster. If I didn't waste time. I could've saved you." "Stop with the 'if's' and 'what co...
Klance - Oneshots by Approach_with_care
Klance - Oneshotsby Maximus Seraph Isaac 💞
Just little oneshots that I've thought of or are inspired by AU's I've seen. :p Cover is mine:) (I'm making covers for books if anyone's interested.)
Klance One Shots by kootklance
Klance One Shotsby kootklance
Disclaimer: I do not own Voltron or any content related to it like ships, characters, etc. Also credit to the owner who created the fanart, which iv'e used for the front...
Dirty Laundry|Klance by wataruhibikis
Dirty Laundry|Klanceby (゚∀゚)
hi so most of yall know this got taken down of ao3 and changed to the bee movie script so here. (ive kept the names sanchez and gyeong as they give it the *vibe*)i chang...
Klance Smut One Shots by YassQueen553
Klance Smut One Shotsby YassQueen553
What is going to be some really really bad, Klance smut one shots. This is my first attempt at making smut, and depending on how bad it is, likely to be my last. I don'...
Untouched- klance  by godly_garbage420
Untouched- klance by Beach Ima Cow
The king of death... he lurks in the forest of suffering. people fear him, for everything around him dies. the more he cares, the more everything falls. he's lost all se...
Loud Mouth, Soft Smile (Klance/Voltron) by Smolwamen
Loud Mouth, Soft Smile (Klance/ Smallishwoman
Highschool was always boring for Lance until a new face showed up and seemed to turn his love life around. Keith suffers from a dark past while Lance suffers family matt...