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vocabulary ii ➸ words and phrases [ ✍ ] by insomniac_aesthetic
vocabulary ii ➸ words and phrases...by boy oh boy
➸ lowercase intended ➸ direct sequel to "vocabulary ➸ words and phrases" {started; march 20, 2018} {completed; xx-xx-20xx} {revised; xx-xx-20xx}
  • dowithitasyouwant
  • words
  • phrases
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How to Define by siraesthetas
How to Defineby ᶜᴸᴵᴺᴼᴹᴬᴺᴵᴬᶜ
a series of fascinating words + their definition
  • definitions
  • humor
  • vocabulary
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Beautiful words in English  by Motherofpoetry654
Beautiful words in English by Alina Q Waseem
A list of some of the words I find the most beautiful along with their meanings. In other words, a way of improving english vocabulary for you.
  • english
  • language
  • vocabulary
Mewtwo's Word of the Week by Eevees_Closet
Mewtwo's Word of the Weekby Mewtwo
Dad Mewtwo here. Vocabulary is K E Y (not exactly, but it's DEFINITELY important) for improving your writing performance! Words ranging from simple to progressively intr...
  • tips
  • writing
  • vocabulary
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Learn 10 Words With Me Everyday by hollowmanic
Learn 10 Words With Me Everydayby e n d y n
Hello! My vocabulary is getting so rusty so I decided I would try and learn and/or relearn 10 words a day. To make it interesting I opted to use them in a story, 10 word...
  • stephen
  • learn
  • kyle
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How To Write Better Stories Than Before! by MaidenfromAsgard
How To Write Better Stories Than B...by Valkyrie
If you want to write an amazing story but lack in vocabulary and style this book is you only! here you'll get all the necessary ingredient that will make your story come...
  • creative
  • writingtips
  • author
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Learning Spanish by ecmo016
Learning Spanishby Hmmmmm...
I made this for anyone trying to learn Spanish (my friends). Since learning cultures is a big part of learning a language, I have included different traditions/food/phra...
  • mexico
  • language
  • foreignlanguage
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Write Better Than Before by MaidenfromAsgard
Write Better Than Beforeby Valkyrie
A complete guide for the beginners who want to write better but don't know how. This book contains all the English grammar and grammar composition to make your sentenc...
  • ideas
  • vocabulary
  • tips
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Learning Kiswahili by ecmo016
Learning Kiswahiliby Hmmmmm...
This book is made for people trying to learn one of the languages of East Africa, Kiswahili. This language is easier than other African languages if you already know Eng...
  • nonfiction
  • education
  • culture
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For the Lovers of Words by River_Lion
For the Lovers of Wordsby Rio Sandoval
For all the Logophiles out there. This is a book full of different, beautiful and unique words with their definitions. Extend your vocabulary and learn new words for boo...
  • newwords
  • exstensive
  • write
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Let's Get Cookin' by lynzalynzforevz
Let's Get Cookin'by Lynzey Kristarie
Learn about: Nutrition Sports nutrition Table setting Food safety Frying foods Freezing Culinary terminology... #14 Culinary 7/15/19 #37 recipes 7/15/19
  • fat
  • vocabulary
  • freezing
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OVERUSED & OVERRATED | ongoing by ethereal-ella
OVERUSED & OVERRATED | ongoingby ▹ ella ◃
A dictionary of fancy words and phrases to use for profiles, book titles, or chapter titles! NOTICE: words and phrases are NOT in alphabetical order. may include words a...
  • words
  • quotes
  • relatable
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The Basics of Writing a Story by WolfDragon152
The Basics of Writing a Storyby WolfDragon152
These are just some tips to help you guys out. This book is not here to point out your mistakes or to make fun of you. If you do some of the stuff I say not to do don't...
  • guidebook
  • grammar
  • vocabulary
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한국어 공부;  KOREAN STUDY by _PONYO_
한국어 공부; KOREAN STUDYby 〄
  • btsfanfic
  • korean
  • kpopidols
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SHORT STORIES  by SevenTisik
SHORT STORIES by Seven Tisik
  • vocabulary
guide to layysi's vocabulary!  by LAYYSI
guide to layysi's vocabulary! by uıɐƃɐ uıɐƃɐ
description analysis and vocabulary definitions!
  • vocabulary
  • analyzing
  • analysis
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Rostow x Wallerstein: Love At First Cultural Hearth by ReGlob
Rostow x Wallerstein: Love At Firs...by ReGlob
Rostow didn't ever think he could find another man that would be his central business district... but smooth and calculated Wallerstein proves him wrong.
  • áp
  • love
  • highschool
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Korean Vocabulary by MsBCadenca
Korean Vocabularyby MsBlueCadenca
This book contains several words in Korean.
  • vocabulary
  • language
  • hangul
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English for all by beebeescorpio
English for allby An Tịnh
Nguồn: Tổng hợp
  • businessadministration
  • english
  • ielts
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Random by LightInDark94
Randomby 리노아
This book entitled as Random includes motivational qoutes, facts and things to add in your vocabulary. The qoutes written here aren't mine so feel free to use it. If eve...
  • vocabulary
  • facts
  • motivationalquotes
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