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Trophy Daughter by ChillinForAKillin
Trophy Daughterby ash
Circe Dillon Lux is a genius. A pure, unadulterated brainiac who has no interest in her parents or anyone knowing that she can easily solve university level equations or...
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you & i by areticentreader
you & iby Aretice N. Treader
dear infinity, if only i had known that you never were. she is perfect, and he thinks it's only fair that he should tell her so in a form of communication that would las...
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Unexpected Mathematician by Sarahmbfacts
Unexpected Mathematicianby Sarah Mickaella
Since at the age of two, Jonathan Poland was fascinated by numbers and words. He started developing the ability to calculate numbers and to read words speedily. He skipp...
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{ON HOLD} The Shape of Mathematics (A Baldi's Basics Fanfiction) by Lady_Belles-lettres
{ON HOLD} The Shape of Lady Belles-lettres
Being a teacher ain't easy. You have to deal with mischievous students, grade their homework and educate them so they become useful adults in the future. Baldi's okay wi...
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MATHEMATICS 10 by LightInDark94
This book contains topics from Grade 10 Mathematics. This book might not have all the topics of Mathematics in grade 10 but it will surely help you. Use this as a guide...
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Civil Service Reviewer 2020 by xiontheunborn
Civil Service Reviewer 2020by Yugo John
ginawa ko ang reviewer na ito for MARCH 15 2020 civil service examination for me to easily understand vocabulary, English grammar, General Info and Mathematics , naisipa...
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The Bridge To You | ✓ by SanaRamzan
The Bridge To You | ✓by Sana Ramzan
Noah felt the beat of his heart quicken as his clammy hands became sweaty whilst resting on either side of her waist. His lingering eyes rooted on her pink lips and he w...
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Fundamental of Accounting and Business Management 1 by JoerizaAbequibel
Fundamental of Accounting and G E O R G I E
For SHS student (Accountancy and Business Management Track)
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Mathrix: Math Tricks by margheritafaye
Mathrix: Math Tricksby Margherita Faye C. Esmeña
Greetings!💚 This book contains Math topics from grade 7 to grade 10. -Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel! Link below👇-
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The math teacher (Pewdiepie X Reader) by keewhite12
The math teacher (Pewdiepie X JuggleThosePuggles
The school you are now going to is so big, your new to this big school thing so you have a lot of anxeity, and the realization that one of your favorite youtubers had a...
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Luba by Wetwaitan
Lubaby All.
Todos los derechos de autor pertenecen a ''reneart''. Solo me limito a continuar la historia que dejó a medias a partir de las ideas que dejó escritas.
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Mathematics Book For Grade 8 Students by STE_Estupidyante
Mathematics Book For Grade 8 STE_Estupidyante
The purpose of this book is to help the grade 8 students to improve their mathematical abilities.
The Diary of a Mathematician by juliandefermat
The Diary of a Mathematicianby JDF
I am a mathematician and this is my life. I will be updating this (at least) every Sunday by 23:59 UTC. (Back from a long sabbatical, let's catch up!)
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2º Seduciendo a la maestra de mi hija/ Segunda parte PAUSADA by SWEETGIRL1843
2º Seduciendo a la maestra de mi AG
¨Puedes traicionarme una vez. Una única vez¨(Isaac Hayes) La ahora despreocupada y rebelde maestra de matemáticas, Ada Demir esta pasando por los peores años de su vida...
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My Love  by imagineblue09
My Love by Imagineblue
#87- Teen Fiction as of [12/12/2016] *Going through the process of editing* Experience the feelings of first love with Dia, the female protagonist of the story. The feel...
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The Chaos Theory | ongoing by auroreate
The Chaos Theory | ongoingby safiyah
A hopeless romantic falls for the neatly-wrapped lies of a narcissist. © 2020 auroreate All Rights Reserved.
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Starship: Free Mars by WilliamCulbertson
Starship: Free Marsby William L. Culbertson
On his way to a mathematical conference on the Moon, Dr. Tate Richardson is kidnapped in a daring Martian raid. Once on Mars Tate turns out to be less, and much more, th...
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It's All About Black Holes by Taishou_Angie
It's All About Black Holesby Taishou Angie
What if you REALLY got the chance to observe a black hole closely, without getting sucked into it? O.O O.O O.O Science fiction dedicated to Greece (the country tha...
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Kindness and Confetti by TheWanderingWayfarer
Kindness and Confettiby Dee || TWW
In which we explore the multicoloured mind of 'the girl with the boring face'. A place where I set aside all diplomacy and tact and empty my thoughts through poetry. A c...
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Collected Reviewers for LET Takers  by ms_taurus12
Collected Reviewers for LET Takers by Vicky Delos Santos
LET Reviewer came from my previous school and review center.
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