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innocent by DangerousMJJ
innocentby DangerousMJJ
June 13th, 2005. a day to remember as the day an innocent man was set free from the trials and tribulations of which he has faced a man the world now sees as the innoce...
A Minds Vindication by RaySolace
A Minds Vindicationby RaySolace
A controversial assisted suicide and a moral dilemma with haunting consequences.
VINDICATION (GET MONAY!) by killpowers
VINDICATION (GET MONAY!)by beetlejuice.
I love Vindication by Mr. Dalvin. It changed my life on 07/26/17.
COLD HEART by mrdt97
COLD HEARTby mrdt97
SYNOPSIS Isha Kim became a cold woman after going through the struggles that life has thrown her way. But those struggles did not take away are sexiness and beauty, ins...
A Valkyrja's Vindication by ZackOfSpades
A Valkyrja's Vindicationby Zack Spades
When banished into a new world where her role is unclear, to what lengths will a Valkyrja once deemed useless go to in order to change her fate?
Sell Fish: A Fable by Zoe_Blessing
Sell Fish: A Fableby Zoe Blessing
A selfish newcomer tries to elbow his way into a young fish merchant's business... with unexpected consequences. If you have any suggestions or corrections, I'm open to...
The Gringo by Ipenwords
The Gringoby Ipenwords
For some, right and wrong are distinct as black and white, but for others, they're shaded grey.
Runt by Ladysausten
Runtby Ladysausten
feeling. small.
Acquitted Love by lildaydreamer
Acquitted Loveby Chloe
When Jack is released from prison for a crime all but one is happy to believe him capable of his faith in both people and God are put to the test. Abi his best friend an...
Money, Money, Money by aalan001
Money, Money, Moneyby Alan J. Schwarz
Rob Shmaltz works at the Blue Blue Advertising Agency. Unfortunately, his boss Lucy Wang didn't like him. After pitching a new Ad campaign to the Agency's largest client...
vindication - afi by superbloomstyles
vindication - afiby el
coming soon. - sequel to malevolence
Games and Rules by literaryparadisetv
Games and Rulesby literaryparadisetv
Games and Rules is a story of resilience published on LITERARYPARADISETV on their weekly stories of resilience episode. It contains things we face daily highlighting gre...
The Treatment by sallyjroberts
The Treatmentby Sally J Roberts
Imagine that just as your marriage is breaking up ... your seven year old son is diagnosed as having a malignant brain tumour. Now imagine that the doctors in charge of...