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Hellfire [Castlevania x Fem!Reader] by queeniemayeah
Hellfire [Castlevania x Fem!Reader]by queeniemayeah
Y/n has struggled all her life. Her one true desire was to help people, but they refuse her. What has she done to receive this backlash? Wanting to be accepted, Y/n chan...
Don't Touch Her She Mine  Yandere Alucard x werewolf reader by NatashaPalma
Don't Touch Her She Mine VienneauWolf
I own none of hellsing characters all the credit goes to the producers and creators of the show . I only own my reader
Alucard Imagines by SadisticVampires
Alucard Imaginesby SadisticVampires
Just a collection of Alucard from Hellsing imagines. Many from my Instagram account @/thosesadisticvampiresanddemons . The imagines can range from clean to pretty smutty...
.°•~Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes X Reader~.°• by Val_vel
.°•~Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes X valerie~vel
°.•~ Y/n was a harmless healer, familiar summoner and spell caster, a kind hearted girl who wished to aid those who need her. Curious, optimistic along with a thirst for...
Alucard x reader (Hiatus)  by draculinax
Alucard x reader (Hiatus) by draculinax
A little (some sort of love) story about Alucard x reader. All rights of the Hellsing-characters are at Hellsing. I do not own them.
[Discontinued] -Birthday- Alucard X Reader by thehunter17
[Discontinued] -Birthday- Hunter
This story was last updated September 2017, so it's old and poorly written and I will not be updating :/ As of writing this the only hellsing thing I had seen was the ab...
The Royal Mark (Adrian Tepes x Reader)  by BonsaiFox
The Royal Mark (Adrian Tepes x Bonsai The Fox
With an army behind him, the so called 'Devil' himself has made blood rain over the country. The blood coming from the ones who were once among the living. You and two...
Symphony of My Heart (Alucard x Reader) by totallynotcello
Symphony of My Heart (Alucard x totallynotcello
Alucard is a lonely half-vampire. Y/N is a brave but lonely human with an unremarkable life. When Y/N ends up in Dracula's castle, will Alucard have to save her or will...
Alucard x Reader one shoots by heichou_300
Alucard x Reader one shootsby heichou_300
some random alucard x reader one shots because why not ? xD
Alucard/Sebastian x Reader by AulinSlade
Alucard/Sebastian x Readerby AulinSlade
You work for the Hellsing Organization and you have to go undercover to protect Ciel Phantomhive for an unknown reason.
Alucard x Reader by Jen-chan
Alucard x Readerby Jen
Shadowhunters crossover Hellsing.
It's Darkest Before the Dawn by thatmeme2919
It's Darkest Before the Dawnby thatmeme2919
What if there was a fourth member joining our beloved group? What if he wasn't human? What if a certain dhampir fell in love with him.
A Belmont and A Tepes (Alucard x Reader) by DeputyGoth
A Belmont and A Tepes (Alucard x 4chan hacker
After Y/N hears of the missing history of the Belmonts that has been sealed away in a castle. Y/N searches out for it but meets an unexpected person lurking in the ruins...
AlucardxReader One-Shots by Artemis_Hamada
AlucardxReader One-Shotsby Artemis
If you have any request please send me a private message and I'll write it. Just tell me what you want the story line to be. Requests open
Alucard x Reader; For Your Convenience by Nightmare418
Alucard x Reader; For Your FanFic Idiot
This is a fanfic I'm writing. It's about Alucard from Hellsing and takes place in an AU. You never meant to get involved. You were just passing through, but when you hea...
Masquerade: Alucard x Reader by SinisterRed98
Masquerade: Alucard x Readerby SinisterRed98
This is an Alucard x Reader fic You some how meet Alucard in the most uncanny place A Masquerade Ball? there had been reports that the spread of vampirism are rapidly in...
Things that Still Linger by MightyArsh13
Things that Still Lingerby MightyArsh13
No matter how much he tried to forget it, the memories of his past and trauma remain in his head
The Sins of Our Fathers by marinascribbles
The Sins of Our Fathersby Marina
Set after the actual earth-shattering events of Season 3, Vivienne, an artist who has traveled Europe, attempts to end her travels on the steps of Dracula's castle seeki...