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snapchat | colby brock 👻 by iadoreuwu
snapchat | colby brock 👻by trashyvs
Colbybrockk added you as a friend!
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It's You. | Jack Gilinsky. by Salmarosee
It's You. | Jack Salma
This is my first book, so I don't know if it's that good. But enjoy xx. #1 in jackgilinsky #8 in gilinsky
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Snap Me (taegi) (completed) by Fluffyfluffandextra
Snap Me (taegi) (completed)by Fluffyfluffandextra
-i totally hate you ❤️ -I totally hate you too ❤️ Taehyung gets a snap that's willing to change his course of life which includes playing mario kart with Jin until 5 in...
  • btsjin
  • bromance
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Dead to me Dark!Italy by junadina
Dead to me Dark!Italyby junadina
Thinking that even the sweetest and calmest people can't be change or broken would be wrong, Italy was that sweet calm person true he would usually runaway from battle a...
  • germany
  • insanity
  • hetaliaaxispowers
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Chloe is auditioning for the new international pop group called Now United as she meets a sweet, talented and handsome boy named Josh Beauchamp. Ranks (updated 3/1/19): ...
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Snap. Destiny Arrives (CaptainMarvelXValkyrie) by AvengenZ
Snap. Destiny Arrives ( Captain Valkyrie
CaptainMarvelXValkyrie ⚠️⚠️ENDGAME SPOILERS⚠️⚠️ (Set in the 5 year time skip) After Thor leads Valkyrie, and what's left of the Asgardians, to Earth he gradually abando...
  • girlxgirl
  • captainvalkyrie
  • endgame
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snap | jjk by HONIYY
snap | jjkby Jess
In which she added him on snap.
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i dont wanna go / / Peter Parker & Tony Stark (father x son) by imisabellaluscombe
i dont wanna go / / Peter Marvel Is Better Than DC
Peter Parker is your normal 15-year-old. EXCEPT for the fact that he swings around Queens saving lives in a red and blue spandex. One day, he unexpectedly gets excepted...
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  • brucebanner
  • captainamerica
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five years; peter parker by tommyshollandx
five years; peter parkerby peter parker
"And after all this time, it was always you."
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  • michelle
  • nedleeds
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Brutal, bloody mentor. by JadeG22
Brutal, bloody Jade
Cato won the games. Brutal bloody Cato is the mentor for the fragile Deja, the golden specked eyed girl. His baby elephant. She's not girl on fire, Cato made sure she wa...
  • training
  • falling
  • lace
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Shattered (Super Family Story) [BOOK 2] by Detective_Caffeine
Shattered (Super Family Story) [ I have an addiction to Caffei...
HIYA WELCOME TO BOOK 2 Sorry for the wait But, Well you don't need to read the first book, it's not important plus it sucks, but if you want to the last few chapters ha...
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I'll Shine for you (Watty Awards 2011) by staplesfan
I'll Shine for you (Watty Awards Kristin
Imara Fox has a dark past. If she can't control her necromancy, she will have a dark future a head of her. Turning to Hogwarts for protection, she meets people, whom she...
  • cool
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Stray Kids || Snapchat (English) by Kim_Suyu
Stray Kids || Snapchat (English)by Suyu
Snaps Stray Kids could send their girlfriend
  • snapchat
  • chan
  • hunjin
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Snapchat With The Dolan Twins by minimya1364
Snapchat With The Dolan Twinsby CeLeB sNaPcHaT sToRiEs
GraysonDolan: Hello? EthanDolan: Hey.....Where are you!?! Me: I'm right here!!! CHILL OUT!!! GraysonDolan: LOL Sorry!! EthanDolan: LMAO!! Your reaction!! Me:......... Th...
  • lol
  • fanfiction
  • exciting
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Snap and capture (UsUk LEMON) by Mizukotan
Snap and capture (UsUk LEMON)by Mizuko
England has gotten into a heap of trouble with a local gang headed by none other then America. And yes, America is the bad guy in this. France will be a second love int...
  • england
  • america
  • r18
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Harry Potter Chats by Nyxinia
Harry Potter Chatsby Faith!
Warning: This can be very awkward and random and of course, hilarious. Read at your own risk. :P
  • snap
  • funny
  • potter
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Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Sequel to 'Little Things' by CelestialWinter
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) CelestialWinter
"I feel as if my body is broken into if ever since, I was dropped like a delicate beautiful vase and all of my pieces shattered against the cold hard fl...
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It's A Bet by BrownChopsticks
It's A Betby Meghana
17 year old Nikita Singh is your average teenager. She's had her share of boy problems. Actually, maybe more than others. She's just about sworn off boys, that is until...
  • funny
  • brown
  • cute
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Snap ☆BTS [ Tome II ] by Nwuty14
Snap ☆BTS [ Tome II ]by Nwuty
Vous avez reçu un snap de BTS ◾Cliqué pour ouvrir °•. °•. °•. Tome 2 .•° .•° .•° Snap BTS créé par moi, et mini imagine accompagné de snap de temps en temps. Bonne lect...
  • seokjin
  • namjoon
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Straykids Snapchat  by i_live_in_atrashcan
Straykids Snapchat by trash can
Will you survive with 9 hoes to take care of even though most of it is over the phone? will you suddenly fall in love with one of them? will you suddenly question your...
  • romcom
  • snap
  • kpopidols
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