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Sunlight ¥ Dean Winchester [1] by Sweet_Sydney14
Sunlight ¥ Dean Winchester [1]by Sweet_Sydney14
Jessica Wilson, just a normal twenty five year old. Well, she was trying to be normal. But, she knew she was far from it. The thing that killed her friend Rachel, made J...
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Meet The Freak by onlylowkey
Meet The Freakby onlylowkey
#1 in #freaks (8/4/19) This couple will be one the freakiest you will ever meet. Until an ex comes back into play... then the story starts. Will the hot tense passion be...
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Mature content! by lastmani
Mature content!by lastmani
I just feel like writing this for all of you horny people. Snsn but read and I know this shit trash but still.
Freaks (Jerome Valeska) Gotham by Inspired_By_Insanity
Freaks (Jerome Valeska) Gothamby Inspired_By_Insanity
Season 1: ~"You're crazy" "Yeah, well you made me like this" ~"You twisted me bad"
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Freaks (Quicksilver X Reader)  by thecatgurl
Freaks (Quicksilver X Reader) by thecatgurl
I always knew something about me was odd. I always considered myself a freak until I found him, a boy who was just as odd as me. (Based off of X-men Marvel Comics and mo...
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Humans: Book IV (Quicksilver x Reader) by thecatgurl
Humans: Book IV (Quicksilver x thecatgurl
What are we? We are so many things. We're the the whole universe, bottled up right here into a lifetime. We're imperfect and warm and soft like dirt. We're shimmering a...
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Nerds With Tattoos by CharlieBuns
Nerds With Tattoosby Charlie Bradders
Don't ever think for a moment that you know a person fully. You may think that you do, but that is never the case. A/N This is a story started by Charliebuns sister but...
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where rodrick heffley is paid to fall in love with the evergreen high shrew HIGHEST: #1 in "rodrick" [3/27/19] #1 in #diaryofawimpykid [8/14/19] #1 in "he...
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Runaways: Book II (Quicksilver X Reader) by thecatgurl
Runaways: Book II (Quicksilver X thecatgurl
I tried to forget-to conceal the past. But it always found its way out through the cracks. I ran. But it turns out my past was running beside me all along. (Sequel to &q...
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I am perfection (A Dandy Mott/American Horror Story: Freak Show fan-fic) by httpKatiej
I am perfection (A Dandy Mott/ Katie Jones
"You're nothing but a freak"
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Heroes: Book III (Quicksilver x Reader) by thecatgurl
Heroes: Book III (Quicksilver x thecatgurl
Without any warning we were there, staring at the dark and pain of the world. I could sense it all. All the black matter consuming humanity. But for some odd reason I wa...
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A Thugs Sexology vol.3 by JasmineNacole
A Thugs Sexology vol.3by JasmineNacole
Thugs Sexology: breaking her at will all while being broken at demand
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Freaks✨H.g by Tyler_jade
Freaks✨H.gby Tyler🍰
When I went to school to watch Noodle play basketball, this wasn't what I was expecting to happen...
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Freak Show  by CalumInChanel
Freak Show by j
"You've already bought a ticket, and there's no turning back now." Rosalie has been kidnapped by a cat-eyed man named Manson, the owner of a popular Freak Show...
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Syrian Wizard Academy;The Lost Legendary Princess by Aphrodite_Elise
Syrian Wizard Academy;The Lost Aphrodite Eliesse Shitokana
Alysia Sy Zemekis,ang babaeng may kakaibang mata, ang babaeng may Heterochromia Eyes.. Ano nga ba ang kakayahan nya? Ano nga ba ang sikreto kung bakit may mga kakaiba...
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LOOK AT ME (Muslim Story) by creamaan
LOOK AT ME (Muslim Story)by Emaan
Emerald Green was a big mouth. While her haters would physically harm her, she would destroy them with her words which were equivalent to a cut on the skin. For three ye...
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Hate/love relationship  by Adre_BBY
Hate/love relationship by Adre_BBY
A boy and a girl falls in love but now they hate each other.
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Plaything (Dandy Mott x Reader) by SirenFromPandora
Plaything (Dandy Mott x Reader)by Rienne
Dandy Mott never really had any friends, for reasons that would soon become obvious, but his boredom was starting to cause him to become destructive. So you've been paid...
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Not the same by Adre_BBY
Not the sameby Adre_BBY
Trey the thug boy who suddenly has to move from the most ghetto ass school to the most popular school in the country..will he regret it??
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We Are Family  by Bey_licious_
We Are Family by Bey_licious_
Beyonce the mother of twin daughters looks for the love of her life until she finds out the love of her life was her best friend when she was younger but there's a twist...
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