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By Accident (Natsu x Lucy|NaLu| story) by violet--eyes
By Accident (Natsu x Lucy|NaLu| not ur senpai
When Lucy finally realizes she likes Natsu after a certain White-haired mage, "accedently" pushes Lucy which caused her to trip and fall on Natsu and kiss him...
Miraculous: the accident  by alya17000
Miraculous: the accident by miraculous super fan
Adrien's fencing teacher is sick and Adrien has to choose a new sport, to entertain himself. What will happen during Adrien's new chosen sport? Read to find out.
Sexy Devil by EGuZm4n79
Sexy Devilby E. Daniel Guzman
Vices and primal urges open a portal to a dark plane. What's watching and waiting for it's opportunity, is no longer bound. It is determined to advance an agenda that t...
Fear  by Pwinchester
Fear by writingwookie
Don't be so naive A collection of short stories based on the deep fears that all humans share.
My Fever Dreams by rancidrain99
My Fever Dreamsby rancidrain99
this is basically me writing about the dreams I've had with/about other people or things and if you know me... no you don't. (im not that good at writing and there is so...
Summer of Secrets by JamKybooks
Summer of Secretsby Jamilah and Kylah
How would you react if on the first day of summer you were told by your not so nice step dad that you had to go to camp? Yes...Camp. For the Summer. On the other side of...
Still Here. by RunninDreamCatcher
Still AyIsJay
Enter here and find what exists below all the masks and behind all the lies. Okay maybe not so deep, but definitely dark-ish. Still not bought? Well just come and thumb...
Welcome to my life and my thoughts. Poems. by littlemissnoname
Welcome to my life and my littlemissnoname
So, welcome to my life and my thoughts. Everything in here comes from the heart and is something from my life whether that's loss, love, heartbreak, anger, jealousy, fri...
The Very First Lantern by Isha-aish
The Very First Lanternby Isha-aish
The story takes you to the world of fantacy,love,sorrow, actually takes you to the world of emotions. Ayaan is the lead guy. The story simply picturises hi...
Magic Mushrooms by deadlysnags
Magic Mushroomsby deadlysnags
Taryn Does Shrooms on the rez and rethinks his life.
The Duality of Being by KAnitaFren
The Duality of Beingby KAnitaFren
Who could possibly know a character as well as the story's author? Probably the character themself. In a world where characters are grossly misrepresented, and truth is...
Tripping Over Truth by keliwhye
Tripping Over Truthby keli
Hesitated we did, but didn't retort We looked down and believed it.
The World Around Me by LazyyPotatoe
The World Around Meby Leon Wang
A series of creative literature pieces that I have written on where my curious mind takes me, from my oldest piece to my newer ones. (Cover made by Awkward_Beanie publis...
Life Keeps Playing Games by yonnaplease
Life Keeps Playing Gamesby yonnaplease
Life has been giving me lemons & ya girl doesn't even like lemonade.
Some Kind of Haunting by Hellolisteners
Some Kind of Hauntingby Hellolisteners
Thomas Bishop is curious about a lot of things. One thing in particular is the abandoned farm hour and what may or may not be inside. Determined to set the rumors to b...
The Way Of His Stealing by Pojuthereader
The Way Of His Stealingby Pojuthereader
I was captured by his arms, it was breathtaking to know that there's no other way back to where we've started before. That there's no existing pain and suffering and jus...