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The Day I Tripped by bonnylili
The Day I Trippedby j
Amanda Sarrie Lopez, an actress. Martin Jason Reyes, an actor. They are the best rivals in town and in showbiz, not until Amanda tripped and spilled juice on Martin's...
By Accident (Natsu x Lucy|NaLu| story) by violet--eyes
By Accident (Natsu x Lucy|NaLu| not ur senpai
When Lucy finally realizes she likes Natsu after a certain White-haired mage, "accedently" pushes Lucy which caused her to trip and fall on Natsu and kiss him...
Still Here. by RunninDreamCatcher
Still Let me sleep.
Enter here and find what exists below all the masks and behind all the lies. Okay maybe not so deep, but definitely dark-ish. Still not bought? Well just come and thumb...
Nevertheless (SDS#1) by ItsYnaMaldita
Nevertheless (SDS#1)by Eyyyna
Selenne Elouise Felomeno Damaco was bound to meet a guy who doesn't have any idea about being serious. On the other hand, there's this very solemn guy whom she was infat...
Fear  by Pwinchester
Fear by writingwookie
Don't be so naive A collection of short stories based on the deep fears that all humans share.
Fighting the Inner Demons (Beast Boy x Raven) by T-Birdee17
Fighting the Inner Demons (Beast T-Birdee17
When Beast Boy and Raven wake up in the middle of the Rain Forest, with no sign of civilization, and their powers not working correctly, they have to work together to tr...
Power Trippin' (Editing) by GoalDigger
Power Trippin' (Editing)by † ♥
Would you believe me if I said I’m in love? Baby, I want you to want me Would you believe me if I said I’m in love? Baby.. I want ya ♥
Life encounters by candycoveredcooter
Life encountersby candycoveredcooter
im making my life encounters that resemble wattpad or y/n moments short stories?? IDK LMAO im bored
things I've said while stoned  by angelic-anxiety2004
things I've said while stoned by angelic-anxiety2004
literally the title, this is a book of things I've said while high off my ass with a description of why if i can remember. or if I have a video i can remember by.
TRIPPED LOVE by lhykahell_19
TRIPPED LOVEby Lhyshele Ann Tala
A girl from an orphan who have a big dreams. Minsan na n'yang na-isip na hanapin ang magulang niya, but hindi n'ya nagawa dahil sa nakita n'ya kung gaano kahirap ang orp...
Developing Psychic Abilities  by Artful-E
Developing Psychic Abilities by Artful-E
Psychic abilities are an exciting and helpful phenomena that we all have and are a natural byproduct of personal growth and living your truth. This book gives you tools...
It's a Family Curse  by Nerd_Trash
It's a Family Curse by Sav
Hayden Tenhill was born into a family who didn't ask for two kids. His twin is praised for being a blessing, and he's beaten for even existing. His moms a drunk, his dad...
The R.I.C.H. Lifestyle (On Hiatus) by SophiaXoXo
The R.I.C.H. Lifestyle (On Hiatus)by Sophia
Rich Immensely Cunning and Hot Teens rule New York City.Liana Rome has it all and will risk it all for some guy in a mental hospital.Iris Chandler is hiding the fact tha...
Stories from Manhattan 1#: Cheesy Stories! by GuestWalter
Stories from Manhattan 1#: Guest-Walter ➋
This anthology contains 10 crazy load of stories that originated from Manhattan, New York. We follow a journey of drafts like this on this new improved series! So take y...
illusions by plantsplants420
illusionsby miss gurl
~update: 7-15-21~ idk what to do or where this story is supposed to go so, please, comment on where and how you want the story to go~ Conny and Ryan are friends, not bes...
Secret Society by MuhilLogandran
Secret Societyby Muhil Logandran
Exactly what the title said. Also embarassing second hand embarrasment abound. Watch out. Dont say you weren't warned. Plus kidnapping, pain and dark-ish st...
MR LONESOME by garrettmog
A sad poem by garrettmog
'Carrot Woman' by Johnsfunstuff
'Carrot Woman'by Johnsfunstuff
I wrote a story with the help of 'Zo the AI' for the writing contest. The title had to be "carrot woman" it had to be set on "a broken time machine"...
Beating the scale of Maat by HomB23
Beating the scale of Maatby Hom B
John Thompson died on his kitchen floor. His soul was sent to the Hall of Maat, where his heart will be weighed (judged) on the scale of Maat to determine his final dest...