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Test Subject 003 ( Abused Deku AU - Dadzawa/  by Leaksoup
Test Subject 003 ( Abused Deku Leaksoup
Izuku Midoria was only 5 years old when his farther had taken him to the lab... He didn't have much hope of escaping but with the help from one of the members he was abl...
Panic Room: Bakudeku smut/sad by MHApaints
Panic Room: Bakudeku smut/sadby MHApaints
One day Bakugo finds Izuku running from UA his face streaked with tears. When Bakugo catches him from falling Izuku passes out and Bakugo brings Izuku back to his dorm t...
A life worth living by blue_crayon_loser
A life worth livingby Blue crayon
Rise is 14 years old. He has been in foster care for almost 11 of those years. All of the homes he has been in so far have been abusive or unfit. He has now been placed...
Nothing's Ever Easy [BoyxBoy] by SuckedInByBooks
Nothing's Ever Easy [BoyxBoy]by SuckedInByBooks
[COMPLETED] Travis Dawn's life has never been easy. Living in the shadow of your best friend is tough, but he doesn't mind. He likes that no one notices him. Taking care...
Makoto X Haruka (MakoHaru) (SMUT) by AnimeNotAniyou
Makoto X Haruka (MakoHaru) (SMUT)by Anime FanFiction Writer
I wont continue until I get enough people telling me to.
More Than Meets The Eye by CrossedCherry
More Than Meets The Eyeby Depressed_pansexual
warning this has dabibaku in it. Bakugou is in 3rd year and is 18 and dabi is 23 which is a 5 year age gap. if this makes you uncomfortable, please do not read this. His...
My R by MadisonP667
My Rby Cloud
Midoriya had been attempting to commit for a few weeks now, but each day, there is someone new whom he helps to the best of his ability. When his time finally comes, wil...
Adopted by the Avengers by Sleeptightmuthafucka
Adopted by the Avengersby BlackIronLoki-ManPool
Almost Fifteen-year-old Peter Parker gets a text from Tony stark, but he doesn't know it. Turns out Steve had accidentally given him the wrong number (not his fault- oka...
My R | Short Sad Bakugou by KxtsukiBakugxu
My R | Short Sad Bakugouby Not Kacchan
✔️COMPLETE✔️ What happens when someone - who cannot sleep - hears a quiet, low voice in the middle of the night at UA dorms? //⚠️TRIGGER WARNINGS: SUICIDE + MENTIONS OF...
Oh, Daddy (manxman) by Shmawsow
Oh, Daddy (manxman)by Angelina
Today marks the end of my life. Today is move-in day. . . to the California State prison. I didn't expect to be caught. I tried to be so careful every time I logged on...
Haikyuu Smut//Imagines  by CE0ofCHA0S
Haikyuu Smut//Imagines by :)
I feel like the title explains it // Requests are closed for the moment
I'll Hold You Tight (Daisuga) ‼️DISCONTINUED‼️ by daisvga
I'll Hold You Tight (Daisuga) ‼️ daisvga
Sugawara often masks his sadness with enthusiasm and encouragement. But when his depression worsens, his friends start to notice, especially Daichi. Suga can't hide his...
Her Escape, His Safe Haven by AmandaReneeBoulos
Her Escape, His Safe Havenby Amanda Renee
Elliot Voss has spent years feeling lost. He's given up on a lot of things out of grief. He never thought that meeting a girl from his sister's dance would lead to a hug...
Shut Up! - A BNHA Angst Fanfic by -Sammy-Park-
Shut Up! - A BNHA Angst Fanficby Sam
Prolouge~ "There's something wrong." "What's wrong?" "What's going on?" "Something happened to Bakugou..." Bakugou tries to...
Saved Me by lovelysilencexo
Saved Meby n x m
TRIGGER WARNING One of the most calming things in the world is listening to the sound of waves - not sound waves, but the beach waves. Just sit still, close your eyes, a...
Love Me (ManxMan)  by Cookie_Bagel
Love Me (ManxMan) by Cookie
My parents are possibly one of the most successful human sex traffickers in my home country. Which means they have plenty of people after them. That also means I grew up...
Loner *~* NJ boy story  by elisa236589
Loner *~* NJ boy story by elisa-stories
A 16 year old girl changes schools and is " the loner " but she came back in jr year with a glow up but still was a loner and this time she wasn't invisible an...
YOU CAN NEVER BE HIM | JinKook  by ox_Charlie_xo
YOU CAN NEVER BE HIM | JinKook by Moonbunnies
Where Seokjin is an orphan who is taken in by a family who had just lost their eldest son due to an unfortunate accident. ******* "I hate you so much!" Jungko...
How it was before him | J.H by imemilyyyy
How it was before him | J.Hby imemilyyyy
Jess just moved in a new town with her overprotective brother. Broken because of her passed abusive relationship, she tries to move on, until one night she meets the pre...
a skaters secret by Keiji_coffin
a skaters secretby keiji-san
Hinata is secretly a famous figure skater under the coaching of Victor and Yuri (who are dating). he still plays volleyball and keeps his popularity a secret to the team...