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Clonenic Bond by TrinityOseaHall
Clonenic Bondby Trinity Osea Hall
Ara and the remaining population of polluted Earth set off many years ago to find a suitable planet alongside their clone/cyborgs and robots who were recently enslaved b...
  • robot
  • dystopian
  • teen
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Travel Tips + Trends by travel
Travel Tips + Trendsby Marriott TRAVELER
Preparing a trip? Whether it's with friends, family, or solo, we've got all the tips and trends to set you off on the right foot! Brought to you by Marriott Traveler
  • fun
  • travelbrilliantly
  • backpack
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Getting Back to Yellowstone | Travel Brilliantly by kimcatanzarite
Getting Back to Yellowstone | kimcatanzarite
This is the story I wrote for the Travel Brilliantly contest. Years ago Leonard and his wife, Tilda, traveled the world. India, Japan, all over the U.S. But now, even w...
  • autonomouscar
  • robot
  • contest
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The Robot Surgeon by Ima_Adam
The Robot Surgeonby Ima_Adam
"Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I know I'm suppose to say something like that's a small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." I chuckle. "Instead...
  • travelbrilliantly
Infinite #TravelBrilliantly by mloopmlaapmliip
Infinite #TravelBrilliantlyby Ophelia
One of my entires for the Marriott #TravelBrilliantly Contest. Enjoy!
  • travelbrilliantly
Diana by _____whalessss_____
Dianaby gal
Aldrich Preston was a man who built his career off of pushing boundaries. With his wealth and immense prestige in areas of computer sciences, Dr. Preston had always been...
  • divine
  • ái
  • scifi
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Marriot AI future by Thefangirlheart
Marriot AI futureby Kelsey Baker
P.A.N.A V.02 is the newest robot assistant for Dr. Maralousie. P.A.N.A Is initials for: Personal Andrioid Needed Anywhere
  • marriott
  • travelbrilliantly
The Heart Shield by NewLeaf7
The Heart Shieldby dream writer
She took her last breath but his son took his first. She gave him a lot of her features but also the thing that took her away from them. He can't love his son but he nee...
  • near-future
  • artificialintelegence
  • heartache
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Child of Mine by ScottChegg8
Child of Mineby Scott Chegg
Short story around artificial intelligence written for the travel brilliantly contest. Written as a letter.
  • artificialintelligence
  • short
  • travelbrilliantly
A Bright World by CocoaBanjo
A Bright Worldby Lauren Michelle
Bradley is about to get married to a woman he loves more than anything a woman to he's never seen. But will his brothers wedding gift help Bradley experience his wedding...
  • travelbrilliantly
  • artificialintelligence
  • 2018
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Eureka by SpaceTaco0
Eurekaby SpaceTaco0
Doctor Macrow build the A.I. Eureka a computer system to help him colonise the Moon , she also performs different tasks from growing fruits on the Moon to helping Doctor...
  • travelbrilliantly
Travel Maker | ✓ by rskovach
Travel Maker | ✓by RS Kovach
What if you could make travel planning effortless? My entry for the Marriott #travelbrilliantly contest imagines that world.
  • wattpadstars
  • contest
  • ái
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Help by cornerthoughts
Helpby candlewax
This is my Marriott Travel Brilliantly contest entry. In which a building collapses and a robot comes to the rescue.
  • health
  • travelbrilliantly
  • intelligence
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Wattpad Short Stories & Contest Entries *Backup* by colleen_nye
Wattpad Short Stories & Contest Colleen Nye
(The first version poofed for a moment, so i tossed this one up. It is now serving as a backup and the home to my #travelbrilliantly shorts since I was sorting out the m...
  • ticotan
  • tension
  • school
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Restlessness by KinleyJones
Restlessnessby Kinley Ash Jones
Al and AI Betty plan to change space travel as humankind know it
  • short
  • travelbrilliantly
  • artificialintelligence
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The Future Is Better by Riley_Sands_Author
The Future Is Betterby diNG dOnG u r wRoNg
This is a short story that is placed in the future about Anti Intelligence and how it will help the world by being better then the normal human being at picking up on em...
  • travelbrilliantly
Sparkplug #travelbrilliantly  by jayhavoc
Sparkplug #travelbrilliantly by jayhavoc
***THIS IS MY SUBMISSION TO THE TRAVEL BRILLIANTLY SHORT STORY CONTEST*** There are many thoughts as to what the human mind is capable of. Many have tried to unlock its...
  • travelbrilliantly
  • completed
  • hero
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POHOKU by user198408446280
POHOKUby Nolanzilla03
The year is 9018 and a new planet named Pohoku was discovered far beyond Pluto with an ancient civilisation that worships their guardian monster Honola and a man named N...
  • travelbrilliantly
  • wattys2018