Travel Tips + Trends by travel
Travel Tips + Trendsby Marriott TRAVELER
Preparing a trip? Whether it's with friends, family, or solo, we've got all the tips and trends to set you off on the right foot! Brought to you by Marriott Traveler
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Travel Brilliantly: Artificial Intelligence Story Contest  (Contest Closed) by travel
Travel Brilliantly: Artificial Marriott TRAVELER
Exciting news, Wattpadders! We've teamed up with Marriott Traveler and Marriott Hotels' digital magazine Travel Brilliantly to bring you a brand-new opportunity that wil...
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Disnet by jphelps123
Disnetby Jacob Phelps
A story of my own creation
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Tour Stop: Easter Island by RachelAukes
Tour Stop: Easter Islandby Rachel Aukes
This story has been commissioned by Marriott's #Travel Brilliantly contest on Wattpad. Travel Brilliantly is Marriott's quarterly magazine that reaches over 250,000 subs...
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Travel Eat + Drink by travel
Travel Eat + Drinkby Marriott TRAVELER
Read along to take your taste buds on a trip around the world! Eat and drink with Marriott Traveler's hot travel tips.
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📝 Travel Twerps by MarilynAHepburn
📝 Travel Twerpsby Marilyn A Hepburn
**SUBMISSION FOR MARRIOTT'S TRAVEL BRILLIANTLY CONTEST** All Farrah wanted was a tour of Seattle that incorporated places from her favorite books (Fifty Shades of Grey...
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SHAPED (#WriteWithZo) by mbrown567
SHAPED (#WriteWithZo)by mbrown567
[The SHAPED Trilogy Book I of III] July 4, 2018. It's the day of the hotel called, "SHAPED by Marriott," opened. It's the 1st hotel to make people into dragons...
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Destination Wedding | ✓ by rskovach
Destination Wedding | ✓by RS Kovach
What if technology anticipated your every need and desire? My entry for the Marriott #travelbrilliantly contest imagines that world.
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Wattpad Short Stories & Contest Entries *Backup* by colleen_nye
Wattpad Short Stories & Contest Colleen Nye
(The first version poofed for a moment, so i tossed this one up. It is now serving as a backup and the home to my #travelbrilliantly shorts since I was sorting out the m...
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The Future Is Better by Riley_Sands_Author
The Future Is Betterby diNG dOnG u r wRoNg
This is a short story that is placed in the future about Anti Intelligence and how it will help the world by being better then the normal human being at picking up on em...
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Artificial Intelligence: Unknown Heights // #TravelBrilliantly \\  by FoundAquarius
Artificial Intelligence: Unknown FoundAquarius
Whats life come too, with people second guessing. People giving up dreams. No one is willing to die to keep a dream. I have a hope, a dangerous one in which my trusty ca...
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Carmen ( A #TravelBrillantly Story)  by aestheticxmendes
Carmen ( A #TravelBrillantly j a s
She saw Aiden's face through her computer screen. She saw how broken he looked, the bags under his eyes, his beautiful hair that she enjoyed putting her hands through. S...
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The First Born by Tim
The First Bornby Tim Johnson
Richard Keyes is about to change the world. Read the story to find out how. This is a short story for the Intelligence Issue of the Marriott Travel Brilliantly campaign...
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To Content and To Contend by Nablai
To Content and To Contendby Nabeela
An anthology of stories that I'll be submitting for contests Cover made by the wonderful Ashu @ashutoshmoru.
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Don't Ever Look Them in the Eye by mhunyadi
Don't Ever Look Them in the Eyeby Boris L. Slocum
Sometimes people don't want to look in the mirror. A short story (a very short story) about future intelligence and what makes us uneasy.
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