Travel Couples + Family by travel
Travel Couples + Familyby Marriott TRAVELER
From romantic getaways to trips with the entire family, Marriott Traveler's got you covered!
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Travel Eat + Drink by travel
Travel Eat + Drinkby Marriott TRAVELER
Read along to take your taste buds on a trip around the world! Eat and drink with Marriott Traveler's hot travel tips.
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Culture + Style by travel
Culture + Styleby Marriott TRAVELER
Want to explore the culture, fashion and history behind some of the most lively and intriguing places on earth? Marriott Traveler's got you covered!
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Travel Brilliantly: Artificial Intelligence Story Contest  (Contest Closed) by travel
Travel Brilliantly: Artificial Marriott TRAVELER
Exciting news, Wattpadders! We've teamed up with Marriott Traveler and Marriott Hotels' digital magazine Travel Brilliantly to bring you a brand-new opportunity that wil...
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Travel Health + Fitness by travel
Travel Health + Fitnessby Marriott TRAVELER
Are you a fearless traveler? Read these stories from Marriott Traveler to learn what adventures await around the world!
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Closure by troubled_tribute
Closureby Ana Robbinson
Meredith Elsa Jacob always felt incomplete and lost after losing her mother to a horrific accident when she was 13. Now at the age of 20, she is hoping to have a closure...
  • futuristic
  • future
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Disnet by jphelps123
Disnetby Jacob Phelps
A story of my own creation
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Ruby by Lolipopswirl13
Rubyby Ash
Ruby is a girl I know a lot of people can relate to that have stuff going on. A girl named Ruby is a junior in high school. She's suicidal and this is her journey throug...
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SOLITUDE HOUR by thesolitudehour
I was just sitting in front of my computer desk, watching and listening to the ticking of the wall clock. I looked at the map and drew the South East Asia, starting from...
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For You by AugestineGloop
For Youby (Enter name here)
Holly Kim was the top bioengineer of the century. Her colleagues coveted her intelligence, her success, her beauty. It's not until an article reveals her past. Will she...
  • science
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  • suspense
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Forget Me Not by mamie1990
Forget Me Notby mamie1990
A new tech gives hope to those who've lost loved ones to forgotten memories.
  • medicine
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HUMAN; #travelbrilliantly by -fadetouched
HUMAN; #travelbrilliantlyby — kloe
IN WHICH Ellen Howards funds three high schoolers' idea to give a machine emotions, and the beauty it brings to the world around it. { #TRAVELBRILLIANTLY CONTEST }
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Wattpad Stories by kathiel12
Wattpad Storiesby K.L. Rivers
These are a collection of short stories I've written exclusively in response of Wattpad's awesome Writing Contests. Each contest has a set of rules including theme and...
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The Café || #SoloTravel Contest by annakatiewritings
The Café || #SoloTravel Contestby Anna Katie
On a morning in early spring, as the sun's warmth chases away the prior night's frost and fresh buds are just beginning to bloom in window boxes, four travelers sit in a...
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Don't Ever Look Them in the Eye by mhunyadi
Don't Ever Look Them in the Eyeby Boris L. Slocum
Sometimes people don't want to look in the mirror. A short story (a very short story) about future intelligence and what makes us uneasy.
  • sciencefiction
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  • discomfort
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Tour Stop: Easter Island by RachelAukes
Tour Stop: Easter Islandby Rachel Aukes
This story has been commissioned by Marriott's #Travel Brilliantly contest on Wattpad. Travel Brilliantly is Marriott's quarterly magazine that reaches over 250,000 subs...
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Katie Lives On by dondon93
Katie Lives Onby dondon93
Short story for the Marriott Hotels' Travel Brilliantly contest 2018.
  • artificialintelligence
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A Moment of Solice by TigerOfLilys
A Moment of Soliceby Sky Dancer
To be different is one thing, but to be something else is a completely different thing.
  • robot
  • travelbrilliantly
  • sci-fi
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Run to You #SoloTravel by littlesliceofpeace
Run to You #SoloTravelby • Rena A •
My entry for the #solotravel writing contest.
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  • findingyourself
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Destination Wedding | ✓ by rskovach
Destination Wedding | ✓by Rita Can't Even with this $%^&
What if technology anticipated your every need and desire? My entry for the Marriott #travelbrilliantly contest imagines that world.
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