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Collide Season 1✓ by Aziel_Writes
Collide Season 1✓by ビジェイ
A two young people fall in love with each other. They are close enough that everyone thought that they were in a relationship. They both like each other but didn't even...
Embracing Simplicity by Cha_rine
Embracing Simplicityby Cha_rine
Isang babaeng gusto lang ng mapayapang buhay, hindi nararanasan ang dapat sa kanyang edad, patago ang kinalakihan, puro kinalakihang tao lang ang nakakakilala ng buong p...
I love you 3000 (Friend To Lovers Series#1)✓ by Aziel_Writes
I love you 3000 (Friend To ビジェイ
May isang babae na nagngangalang Bea Jane Alonzo. She's a sweet beautiful girl, she have an angelic voice. Sya ay may lihim na pagtingin sa isang lalaking famous sa kani...
To Love Again (Teen Series #2) |Completed| by 4NGELOUSY
To Love Again (Teen Series #2) | taliii
A love or career? "I want you to choose Kaye. Our love or your career?" He asked while tears falling down to his cheek "Don't leave me please? You are my...
Mr.Cassanova Or Mr.Nerd? by AlviYourDream
Mr.Cassanova Or Mr.Nerd?by A.M.
What if you get tied up with someone you don't even love? What if the one you love is the reason why your bestfriend died? Loving someone without understanding why. Lovi...
 I Love You But It's RPW(Teen Series #1) |Completed| by 4NGELOUSY
I Love You But It's RPW(Teen taliii
A GIRL fell in love with a BOY but in a ROLE PLAY WORLD. Adajera Waniwan is just a have simple life, beliefs, and a simple girl but Vonny entered to his life. Will she...
Tips sa Panliligaw by IsadoraIbara
Tips sa Panliligawby IsadoraIbara
Hindi mo alam kung pano manligaw? Here are the tips and guidelines para mahingi ang matamis nyang oo.
Reason | SB19 ✓ by wonlit
Reason | SB19 ✓by bag of luck
❝What if instead, there's a reason things happen?❞ That person in mind had been there ever since. In spite of her situation, Janelle Ajero finds reason upon reason on wh...
Crazy in Love(Friends to lovers Series #3)✓ by Aziel_Writes
Crazy in Love(Friends to lovers ビジェイ
a love story of Jenalyn Bicarme and Khalix Sandoval Jenalyn Bicarme is a friend of Danna when they where in a high school and now she's already friends with Danna's othe...
How To Date A Torpe [ON-GOING] by Hadlee_Zircon
How To Date A Torpe [ON-GOING]by HadZ
~•~•~ Stand Alone ~•~•~ Gemelyn Anne Torres would be the most outspoken person you'll ever meet. She'll say whether she likes you or not, romantically or platonically. N...
ang manliligaw kung torpe by prettylips17
ang manliligaw kung torpeby prettylips17
nakakakilig nakakainis nakakainlove
Torpe by Zekestiff
Torpeby jave
(One-Shot) Paano nga ba umamin kung ika'y saksakan ng torpe?
A Simple Confession  by JahConchada
A Simple Confession by Jah
A confession for my crush
Buzzer Beater by iamdonlapuz
Buzzer Beaterby therese
Varsity#1 Naranasan mo na bang makipagpustahan para lang maging kayo ng minamahal mo? Ang Love ay parang pustahan, minsan panalo, minsan talo, minsan tiba tiba pero mada...
Torpe Ka Kase! by MissMelancholic
Torpe Ka Kase!by MissMelancholic
Will I confess to her? Or I'll just stop this freakin' heart that beats too fast for her?
Diary of a Torpe kid by nerdykid22
Diary of a Torpe kidby nerdykid22
It is based on my experiences as a kid who is shy
Mr. Simple (FINISHED) by Kuya_Soju
Mr. Simple (FINISHED)by soju
Si Mr. Simple na may not so simple story...Basahin nyo na lang ang kalokohang ito..(80% real) Hinango sa baul ng buhay ni SOJUISMYNAME..
Polyphonic Love by Rinnjai
Polyphonic Loveby Rinnjai
Just read the prologue d-.-b
One shot Stories by ClicheBautista
One shot Storiesby Cliche Bautista
One shots mula sa isang baliw na otor. Oo baliw. Abnormal pa nga eh. Basahin mo bunga ng mga kabaliwan niya para may mapala ka