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Game Called Love by keimagod
Game Called Loveby keimagod
  • piekim
  • kimpie
  • suppanad
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Yes or No 3 by MoodyClaire
Yes or No 3by Moody Claire
Based on the movies Yes or No 1 & 2, I decided to write a book 3 concluding what happens to the love between a tom and a girl after being together for so long. Don't get...
  • asianfanfic
  • lgbt
  • tina
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Yes or No 3 (Kim and Pie) by Knight_Hunter1223
Yes or No 3 (Kim and Pie)by Knight_Hunter1223
If you haven't watched Yes or No 1 and 2, I advise you to watch it first, before reading this fan fiction. Also, I admit that the first few chapters are so boring it'll...
  • aom
  • yesorno3
  • tiaom
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You Complete Me by aurorangela
You Complete Meby Devangel
"satu menggenapkan.. dua melenyapkan"
  • aom
  • veranda
  • nae
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If One Day You're Brave Enough (YON FANFIC) by masterJ2587
If One Day You're Brave Enough ( masterJ2587
Since YON 1&2, i fell in-love with KIM&PIE. I don't know but this movies are so good. I keep on rewatching it whenever there is a time. So i decided to write a story tha...
  • kimpie
  • yesorno
  • tina
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the blue rose by JidwiSushar49
the blue roseby JiDwi
This is the story of how I fell and went to heaven 😊.. This is the story of how my world turn upside down by a moody beautiful girl.. Kimhan!!!!!! That's my Aom my one...
  • romance
  • tinaaom
  • sushar
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Destiny - This is our Fate by ampot06
Destiny - This is our Fateby chiharu06
Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another. If we look into each and everyone's dream, you will see that d...
  • lesbian
  • sushar
  • pie
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The Choice by aurorangela
The Choiceby Devangel
"doa adalah bahasa rindu dan cinta yang paling cepat sampai ke hati tanpa perlu didengar atau dibaca"
  • naebatz
  • tiaom
  • batz
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STAY by AbidFM
"That's ridiculous! I'm not a ghost! I'm a human being just like you." " do you know about my sickness." "I accidentally heard one of...
  • thanit
  • 2moonstheseries
  • chicklit
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Miss Independent by aurorangela
Miss Independentby Devangel
it's all about complicated love and friendship. "dalam diammu, aku mendengar banyak suara. diammu berkata-kata"
  • darin
  • fern
  • aom
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Wadanohara x Dolphi by DireWerewolf101
Wadanohara x Dolphiby Beounce Rivera
it had been many years since the red sea had broken loose. samekichi is no longer to be found and wadanohara's sparkle has been stolen from her. her fake "i'm fine...
  • uomi
  • samekichi
  • rimorimo
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You're The Straw To My Berry by aurorangela
You're The Straw To My Berryby Devangel
"mimpimu adalah tujuan hidupku"
  • naomi
  • tina
  • nae
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Yes or No 3: Behind the Scenes ( TiAom , KimPie ) by _ninjaf
Yes or No 3: Behind the Scenes ( _ninjaf
  • tiaom
  • suppand
  • lesbian
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JAY PARK FACTS by JaysWritings
title explains. i'll update as much as I can.
  • jaypark
  • kpop
  • khiphop
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I'm Not Going Anywhere by koreangangster
I'm Not Going Anywhereby koreangangster
After spending a whole night together, two people become more than inseparable.
  • dance
  • loco
  • gray
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Namaku LISA by aurorangela
Namaku LISAby Devangel
Namanya LISA. Hanya itu yang dapat diketahui dari dirinya.
  • tina
  • roseblackpink
  • nae
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Blind Spot (Under Rewriting)  by MLAlmodiel
Blind Spot (Under Rewriting) by Maria L.A.
Let's face it, we sometimes can't control our hearts. Those tingling feeling inside of gour heart. Those fluttering butterflies that wants to just burst and be free. Som...
  • tomboys
  • romance
  • jittaleela
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Adventures of Mavis: Mavis and the Pirate's Curse by Springtrap_Plays
Adventures of Mavis: Mavis and AsherFox
Mavis is introduced in the first book of the "Adventures of Mavis" series based on true stories of my cat! She's a spunky, athletic, crazy cat with a wild imag...
  • pirates
  • puns
  • cat
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A Love that is Forbidden by Winter_Werewolf
A Love that is Forbiddenby 읜터 양
"I'm gonna go now take care" she said to me then turned back to leave, "Hey wait!" I called, but--- why? "Hmmm?" she responded and at the...
  • liza
  • kendall
  • krystal
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folded corners / jay park by butterflysuga
folded corners / jay parkby N I K I T A
lower case intended.
  • books
  • aom
  • aomg
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