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Hermitcraft, Empires Smp & Life Series One-shots by AnnieLesbean
Hermitcraft, Empires Smp & Life 𝔸𝕟𝕟𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕒
Just some oneshots I wrote for Hermitcraft, Empires, and the life series. Hope you enjoy! !This is only shipping of the characters/minesonas not the creaters themselves...
Shattered Memories - A Hermitcraft Fanficion by AnnieLesbean
Shattered Memories - A 𝔸𝕟𝕟𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕒
After a small fight with his boyfriends, Zedaph fumbles with his wings, sending him crashing into a glass dome. Waking up, this hermit finds himself with no memory of th...
Hermitcraft oneshots and other hermit things (Hiatus) by SharkBait_13_23
Hermitcraft oneshots and other Shark
This will be a book of whatever hermitcraft related ideas I have. I do ship the hermits Minecraft personas ONLY. There will be no shipping of real life people! So if the...
Hermitcraft Oneshots and Requests by _sora004
Hermitcraft Oneshots and Requestsby Sky Blue Writer
A collection of one shots and AUs based on Hermitcraft Season 6 and 7. Requests are currently open, I just want to write Note that I don't ship hermits irl, only their m...
Hermitcraft Camping Trip! (High school AU) by ThatOneWaterCat
Hermitcraft Camping Trip! (High ThatOneWaterCat
This is a Hermitcraft High school (Camping Trip) AU. Shipping included, no smut, chaos I guess?? There will probably not be too many parts to this story because it ain't...
A Chaotic Camping Trip! (Hermitcraft 8 Highschool AU) by ThatOneWaterCat
A Chaotic Camping Trip! ( ThatOneWaterCat
Alright description time! I hate these. This is a camping trip story with the Hermits in Season 8 of Hermitcraft, also while they're in highschool cause why not. Not m...
MCYT ONE-SHOTS!!! (And Drawings) by TheUnderscorWolf
MCYT ONE-SHOTS!!! (And Drawings)by Wolf
Full of random arts and stories. This is my art book so arts go here aswell
hermitcraft small stories and oneshots :'[ (Hiatus) by FansgirlTingkatDewa
hermitcraft small stories and Lura Says Hi
Note: I don't write the hermits as in they are in real life. I am only writing them as their persona. Also, all that is in this story is fictional. And if their real lif...
Jay's Book of Hermitcraft Oneshots by Nyxthedragon25
Jay's Book of Hermitcraft Oneshotsby Nyx of the Night
*[CONTAINS SHIPPING]* Just a place to put some random stories I come up with about Hermitcraft. Requests are open and appreciated. The cover will probably change a bunch.
Hex: A werewolf Au!!! NOT MY FANART All credits to offbrand Helsknight on Tumblr by JessicaCain775
Hex: A werewolf Au!!! NOT MY Ember
Xae is a werewolf. They live in the Grimwood forest. Everything is fine until they are exiled from their pack. They are taken in by another pack with a fierce leader cal...
Hermit Holiday Happenings by BagelSnowstorm
Hermit Holiday Happeningsby Trash Panda
It's that time of year! (What time? I don't know but It's time o' clock so I don't give a) This could be considered a rewrite of an old, discontinued book of mine. Expe...
Heaven in a Wild Flower by theskyskye
Heaven in a Wild Flowerby Skylar
Tango learns what flowers are. ~or~ The fic where I accidentally characterize Tango as a puppy/toddler. Script style. Title from "Auguries of Innocence" by Wil...
Hermitcraft-/empires-ish stuff!! by rainbow_2206
Hermitcraft-/empires-ish stuff!!by rainbow_2206
Drabbles, oneshots, au's etc. About hermitcraft Empires smp rats smp and anything Along those lines :)
Did I Kill Him? | A Hermitcraft Murder Mystery ~ ON HIATUS by humanbeinginhell
Did I Kill Him? | A Hermitcraft humanbeinginhell
We all reach for a bottle, wanting to lose our problems in the haze of alcohol. The party goes absolutely wild. I down one bottle after another, despite my alcohol intol...
Hermitcraft Chaos by Sprout_And_Thia
Hermitcraft Chaosby I D E A S 🕯
Just having a bunch of fun with the wonderful world of hermits and crafting!
MCYT Shenanigans (On Hiatus) by Mutie5793
MCYT Shenanigans (On Hiatus)by (High school is finally catch...
Just a bunch of random Minecraft stuff The cover is a screenshot of a incorrect quotes book by BlackMors_ I highly recommend checking it out Also, I want to remind y'all...
HermitCracc: Hermits on crack done right by TinyAzalea101
HermitCracc: Hermits on crack ꧁𝘼𝙯 :𝘿 ꧂
Weird wacky stories that come from the brain of @ThatOneCandor and I. Cover by @ThatOneCandor
Hermitcracc (Trademarked) by ThatOneCandor
Hermitcracc (Trademarked)by 𝓀𝑒𝑒
A story by two awesomely drugged creators/j, @ThatOneCandor and @TinyAzalea101, This one shot book is like NO OTHER. Yes.. they're one shots, but they aren't REALLY ones...
Friends Forever by MollyEatsPIE
Friends Foreverby Molly
Grian and Mumbo only had one goal, but when everything is derailed by a furry, they say screw it, and set off on a roadtrip to see the world. Hermitcraft x Soul Eater AU
Hermitcraft art book by RihannaComesOpen
Hermitcraft art bookby RihannaComesOpen
Just random hermit drawings of mine , I post on twitter too! Me Twitter is @Lightcomesopen :)