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My Partner Pokemon by UsaHaniSenpai
My Partner Pokemonby Kyriin
Becoming a Pokemon trainer was the only thing young Kyria dreamed of for her and her best friend, Lirah. Growing up in poverty in the shadow of the greatest Pokemon King...
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Ash Ketchum x Reader (On Hiatus!) by diamondspark4
Ash Ketchum x Reader (On Hiatus!)by diamondspark4
A girl, Y/n, (16 years old) was with her Pokemon, but alone. Since her parents died in an accident from she didn't know. But then she moves to Alola, and mets a boy name...
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Pokémon - El Origen de la Leyenda by Daniel-E-Thon
Pokémon - El Origen de la Leyendaby DaniE.Thon
Esta vez se contara la historia de la primera generación pokémon de la mano de Red, quien es considerado el entrenador mas fuerte del mundo, pero no siempre fue así, nad...
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Wrong Universe // Pokemon X Beyblade Burst  by DeeKurenai
Wrong Universe // Pokemon X Hanako-Chan
Two worlds with different likings meet eachother. Will they get along?
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A 'Trainers' Tale (ON HOLD) by Izzagabisthabest
A 'Trainers' Tale (ON HOLD)by YuffieDaMew
After traveling with her parents for most of her life, Ria and Tammy finally becomes a Pokémon Trainer at the age of 10. With Rishima and her twin brother finally starti...
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Through The Years Of Our Lives by BowserEX
Through The Years Of Our Livesby Bowser EX The God Of Evil
This is a tale about 4 Pokemon. Axel the Axew Raimie the Pichu Hana the Eevee and Flame the charmander. They've known each other since they hatched and are the absolute...
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Pokémon Journey Through the JOHTO REGION! by EleftheriaYuyaCielo
Pokémon Journey Through the εїз ❀ ʟɪɴɑ ❀ εїз
Pσƙéɱσɳ Sҽɾιҽʂ: BOOK 2 Another journey is about to begin for Yuna, family and her friends, as they enter the next region of the Mystery World of Pokémon; the Johto Regi...
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Macho Meowth || Meowth x Reader by machomeowth
Macho Meowth || Meowth x Readerby 𝓶𝓮𝓸𝔀𝓽𝓱
What the title says. Nothing less, but maybe more??
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Pokemon - Remember Red by sapphitedreams
Pokemon - Remember Redby Tiff Taff
An original story about love, hate, friendship, betrayal and Pokemon! Aleah's life was more than perfect. She was the Champion of Johto with a blossoming relationship w...
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pokémon: firered/leafgreen by sahlofolxna
pokémon: firered/leafgreenby sahlofolxna
basically i'm writing the adventures in the games as a more cohesive story; it will involve components that are canon as well as some of my own personal headcanons and s...
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Crowning Glory ~ An AmourShipping Book ~ by Glitter-Chesire
Crowning Glory ~ An Glitter-Chesire
When A Pokemon Tournament Is Announced, All Of Ash's Friends Head To Kanto To Participate. But An Old Enemy Isn't Going To Make It Easy To Win.
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My Darling (Morty Fanfic) by The-Insecure-Otaku
My Darling (Morty Fanfic)by 😍The Anime Otaku😍
Echo Summers was your average 18 year old girl living in Azalea Town. She's your average shy, anti-social girl. Growing up an only child among 2 parents who worked and h...
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A young boy that has a big dream in his life, Zach starts out his journey as a Pokémon trainer. Let's join Zach on his journey and meet his future friend and Pokémon whi...
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My Pokemon Journey by Terriermon164
My Pokemon Journeyby Terriermon164
Liz is your typical ten-year-old, starting her Pokemon journey in New Bark Town. Troubled by what she wants to accomplish from her journey she meets some familiar faces...
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Change by xx_EeveeIslington_xx
Changeby 恵比寿-スワンズレイド
Blake is an 8-year-old boy from Saffron City. All he can think about is getting his very own Eevee, but what Blake doesn't expect to happen happens... Team Rocket tricks...
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Red as Blood [A Pokemon fanfiction] by toookao
Red as Blood [A Pokemon fanfiction]by Shiro Johnson
The Elite Frontier starts as Red prepares for his final battle with the Frontier's champion Blue.He got Mewtwo and Charmander in his team and is ready to take on Blue. B...
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Pokémon: Sword & Shield by Kinako_K
Pokémon: Sword & Shieldby Creator
Ash Ketchum arrives in the Galar Region to explore and catch the Pokémon in that area. On his journey, he meets the Galar champion: Alice Vinton! Since Alice was the cha...
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Cat Boy by xuxissi
Cat Boyby m.
"Oh, and that cute cat boy smile of yours." "I'm not your kitty." Where the boy with the too-feline smile and the overly clumsy skater girl share a b...
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Trials of a Champion - Kanto [Pokemon x OC] by MsGameinIt
Trials of a Champion - Kanto [ MsGameinIt
The beginning of the journey is where first impressions and difficult decisions matter the most. Together with her first Pokemon, Rosa sets out on a journey. Her goal? T...
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Prove My Worth (Pokémon Fanfiction) by Latios25
Prove My Worth (Pokémon Fanfiction)by Latios25
All Blue wanted was to be recognized as himself not as Professor Oak's grandson. He wanted that people should acknowledge him for what he is. Well, who doesn't want to b...
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