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You Belong To Me  by Selenophile_Rai
You Belong To Me by Ranita
Arushi Knight Soft Timid Naive Polite William King Arrogant Tempered Possessive Calm Yet Destructive If Someone Tried To Snatch What He Possess Or Love Therefore...
Searching Mrs. Angelo (✓) by Miss_Estrella
Searching Mrs. Angelo (✓)by Sapna Sarkar
PLAGIARISM/❌ #1 Saanvi Roy, an Indian girl who left her country, her parents and everything behind her and flied to London with one phone call from her lover; to marry h...
Your still the one until the end by veeeeewiseeee
Your still the one until the endby Anne Gaille
Before we start this story I have a question"what is love?"....I'll answer hehe Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, fr...
The Best Man Wins✔️ by AdeolaAkinkunmi
The Best Man Wins✔️by AdeolaAkinkunmi
It's a battle to the final I do... He was supposed to be a simple one-night-stand to get over my ex. He ticked all the boxes: smoking hot stranger, eyes as dark as his s...
The wounded Heart/ Taekook ff by 120Btsworld
The wounded Heart/ Taekook ffby BTS: taekook enthusiasm
Kim Taehyung is soon to be head alpha of coral heart. He is not a typical rude, ruthless alpha. He is a kind soul, who cared the most about his people... He is sweet but...
The Ranaway Duchess by theorphicalady
The Ranaway Duchessby Mieka Guan
A lady who one day opened her eyes and was already carrying a child in her womb. Then she just realized that she was transmigrated inside the novel she used to read befo...
The Alpha Prince And His Unique Mate by Book_Worm777
The Alpha Prince And His Unique Ma...by Zaynab Alli
Book One: The Hybrid Series
🌟Pamper's Star Boy🌟 by Jake_Cub
🌟Pamper's Star Boy🌟by Diaperking
Owen Patrick Averwood is a 14 year old boy who has no idea that he is the face of ' Pampers '. When Owen was 2 years old he won competition of most adorable baby and was...
One night mistake by Artrevility
One night mistakeby L. M. ARTREXX
OMEGAVERSE Johnmar Villaluna (Veenus) is the type of person who will do everything just for his parents. his only plan was to return to japan to be with his parents but...
⚡Diaper Academy ⚡ by Jake_Cub
⚡Diaper Academy ⚡by Diaperking
Thomas Alexander Blake Is a 17 year Old Boy going through Highschool Phase who always cause Trouble. Tired with Tom's Juvenile Delinquent attitude his Parents Send him t...
REMEMBER ME (Wangxian) by LanCeline93
REMEMBER ME (Wangxian)by 乔斯林 魏蓝
"Please give me another chance to prove myself to you, I promise I won't waste this chance only if you let me" said Lan Zhan What if during the events at Guan...
Ballers Secret by INDIWritez
Ballers Secretby INDI
Unemployed, Sarcastic and failing to find anything good out of life Staffie finds herself looking after a very popular person's niece but when feelings get the better of...
My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires 2 by grceedump
My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampi...by grianjuroo
Victor was a normal 21-year-old man, he grew up in a loving family that helped him take care of himself knowing that he had a practically incurable disease, the RH null...
Blindfolds by Amakawrites
Blindfoldsby Praise Chikara
Yomi Johnson, a widower is in need of a nanny for his three-year old daughter. He meets his daughter's fiery school teacher, Miss Dinma Jacob, and thinks she's the best...
L'ho lasciata by the_nuthead
L'ho lasciataby 🥴
Showing kindness to someone doesn't make you receive the same. Helping others doesn't mean they'll help you back. Cassandra Miller, a girl in her early 20s. Having a ha...
The lovestory of the prince and his slave.  by Sona_Ghosh
The lovestory of the prince and hi...by Disha Ghosh
He was powerful She was fragile. He was a Greek God She was a nymph fallen from heaven. He was prodigy. She was an illiterate. He was The devil She was an angel. He...
Teardrops of the Rain  by mileleya
Teardrops of the Rain by Ley
Leah Denise, was a bright and bubbly girl who always adore and loved the rain. Its giving her peace and comfort in her heart.
We're break up?: Book I JeDean Gawong (Lesbian Story) by MichHanwilass
We're break up?: Book I JeDean Gaw...by Michelle Patihan. Bongcawil
After heard the news that Jema Galanza and Deanna Wong are officially marked end their's relationship.
My Artbook 2022 by HeavenOfNirvana
My Artbook 2022by Tarynn Ball
This is my another art book.
His Muse | (On-going) by cceliminee
His Muse | (On-going)by coffee matcha
Jasper Verlice started painting when he was young, he painted the woman he saw in his dream and he was just surprised that he saw her in the same place. "I'll trea...