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The Moment of Truth (Completed) by mmleir
The Moment of Truth (Completed)by M
A Tagalog-English story where a distorted love story of Riggs Hernan and Calista San Andres exist.
I Love You, My Handsome Prof! by tengcee
I Love You, My Handsome Prof!by tengcee
"I Love You, My Handsome Prof" is the second series in My "I Love You Series" collections. And it will be my first time to write in the first person...
Donna Pericolosa by jeyninstrous
Donna Pericolosaby J
Donna Pericolosa, which means dangerous woman, Donna is indeed a dangerous woman. After the death of her mother, she was trained to hold guns and kill people. She was he...
The Man OF My Dream Season 1 (COMPLETED) by smnth_prtty
The Man OF My Dream Season 1 (COMP...by Sammy🐻
Will you gonna take risk on loving someone again, after all the traumas that you've been through from your past? If you're giving one more chance in this lifetime, are y...
You over the Streetlights by owwlivrrrrgh
You over the Streetlightsby Pooritang Sosyal
Si Ethan. Theo sa mga kaibigan niya. School-mate. Spoiled Rich Kiddo. Gwapo rin pero mayabang. Ghoster 👻 (daw) Retired bully. Pero questionable pa sa part na iyan. As...
Bad Idea, You Are [GLT 2] by meikatha
Bad Idea, You Are [GLT 2]by meikatha
[Girl Love Trilogy Series 2] For Clary, life only favor those who pile money on their pockets. After everything she's gone through, she keeps herself well-grounded and k...
#03 : Rhydian Casbah Dela Cruz  by cupid_dreamm
#03 : Rhydian Casbah Dela Cruz by Starfall
In a world where power and control are the ultimate goal, Rhydian has earned his place at the top as a mafia boss. But despite his fearsome reputation, Rhydian has a sof...
Complicated Love by ZenXeiri
Complicated Loveby Zen Xeiri Yuki
I just met this handsome guy and on our first night we kissed. It was delightful and we even slept on the same bed. We spent the night together and went on dates. This w...
Strangers With Memories (AMARE SERIES #1) by MyMxon_
Strangers With Memories (AMARE SER...by MyMxon_
When she finds herself reminiscing all of the forgotten memories of that certain past in her life, Renée "Yana" Aiyana Cruz, Flores finally accepted and stood...
Recommended TAGLISH Stories! by Ashtries_
Recommended TAGLISH Stories!by asha_marrien
"Love, secrets, and second chances intertwine in this heartwarming tale of a small town's journey to heal." Hello, fellow book enthusiasts! Are you feeling exh...
Praying for you by Ilocanang_Author
Praying for youby ♕︎ Yellah ♕︎
Si Nathalie Esther de Guzman ay isang elementary teacher sa isang private school sa manila. Isang araw, isinugod siya sa hospital dahil sa matinding sakit ng tiyan at do...
See me by sylxxx03
See meby sylxxx
So im Leigha well I claim myself as broken, I have broken fam, been cheated on, used and left so that's me. {AUTHOR; ps. Wala na ako maisip na name hshshs}
Kahit 'Di Mo Alam [COMPLETED] by nancycarroline
Kahit 'Di Mo Alam [COMPLETED]by nancy
A continued story of "Kung 'Di Rin Lang Ikaw" Sa bawat saglit, handang masaktan kahit 'di mo alam Year 2028 Started writing: October 1, 2022 Finished: February...
Why me? by Notsogood_17
Why me?by Notsogood
Another Chaennie story ❤️ Ang dami kasing tumatakbo sa isip ko 🤦
Purest-Tainted Heart by Sea_chery
Purest-Tainted Heartby Chery
Love is really incredible. It can mend a person's soul but at the same time it can destroy someone's sanity. Angel is just as innocent as a true angel when it comes to l...
Stuck In The In-Betweens by lavabarr
Stuck In The In-Betweensby lavabarr
Tipikal na ma-in love ang isang tao sa pinakamatalik niyang kaibigan. Kahit na sabihin ng iba na hindi dapat mangyari 'yon, alam naman nating closeness ang dahilan kung...
Vampire and Wolf Tamer by Rangichaboo
Vampire and Wolf Tamerby Uricha
Sometimes toughest creatures has the weakest heart.
Until I Found You  by pppabejero
Until I Found You by เจ้าหญิงปารากวา
Marami ang nag-aakalang kapag masalapi ka'y maligaya ka na. Ang Hindi nila alam ay napakaraming bagay ang Hindi pwedeng bilhin ng pera tulad ng tunay na pag-ibig, peace...
Scenery of trauma by prettyyellieeee
Scenery of traumaby yellie yuaschlevia
Her family is well-known in the modeling profession, particularly Nalanie Giana Heirtlewyn, She is the most famous model all around the world, and people always adore h...
  ──  PROMISE PLACE by yravnz
Lyeanne Faith Guatarez is a daughter of a millionaire, but one day her dads company got bankrupt they had to move to the province, even tho Lyeanne hated the province t...