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wifeu kim by choiwing_gum
wifeu kimby ツ
"i'm kim, you're kim, so does that means we're married?"
How to win at love (Le Sserafim) by betyouwannax
How to win at love (Le Sserafim)by millie
Chaewon has a crush on Yunjin Yunjin has a crush on Kazuha Kazuha has a crush on Sakura Sakura has a crush on Chaewon So with this complicated web of feelings, how do yo...
One Bite Wont Hurt (IZ*ONE FANFIC) (COMPLETED) by Shirei01
One Bite Wont Hurt (IZ*ONE FANFIC) ㄴ۵❥し ❥۵ㄱ
Wherein Ahn Yujin got curious on the newly transferred family on their neighborhood specially on a certain tall girl holding a cat. Out of her curiousity and because of...
My Lovely Hamster | Jo Yuri x Male Reader by Yenalogy
My Lovely Hamster | Jo Yuri x Shiro
Will you....? Note: - This story is fictional. - Any events or name that's similar is coincidental - This story is fictional. Any pictures or videos i use, are from th...
"Slow Journey" Izone by ayiziwon
"Slow Journey" Izoneby izone_gayss
Hwang Y/N is the maknae of idol group IZONE.
notes; kang haerin [smau] by opertabry
notes; kang haerin [smau]by opertabry
theres this cute girl that always sleeps in your intro psych class.. she just so happens to be ginger AND your dorm neighbor gxg extension from a oneshot in my adore bo...
le sserafim imagines!  by visuallcat
le sserafim imagines! by eunchae’s lvr
i don't wanna be your friend i wanna kiss your lips
LESSERAFIM || Group chat by Ssamuuurwr
LESSERAFIM || Group chatby Chaewon’s child
This will be very crazy and chaotic, you have been warned :)
heart to heart | lee heeseung by leaderyqng
heart to heart | lee heeseungby `⌁ ◜nini◞
" walking parallels... heart to heart " __ enhypen heeseung ff ©leaderyqng
New family?? | 2kim by minminjuwu
New family?? | 2kimby kang
"Chaewon, she will be your new sister"
instantgirl / 2Kim by _the_orange_juice_
instantgirl / 2Kimby _the_orange_juice_
Minju needed to fake a relationship so her followers would stop shipping her with her friend's brother, luckily she found Chaewon accidentally and decided she was perfec...
hindsight | haerin x danielle | daerin by hyuskreum
hindsight | haerin x danielle | wenclair
"How much pain do you have to go through before giving up is okay?" Danielle hated Haerin's guts eversince the first time she saw the girl. They are both intel...
IZ*ONE || Group Chat by itsaichan_
IZ*ONE || Group Chatby ai
Kwon Eunbi with her children in the chatroom
le sserafim smuts !! by oyster_zzuha
le sserafim smuts !!by oyster_zzuha
I got bored and decided to do this enjoy!!
Just 2Kim by violetspov
Just 2Kimby def. violet
Oneshots of 2Kim Highest Ranking/s: #3 - 2kim #3 - chaewon
eyes // izone purge au by kweenkwon
eyes // izone purge auby abi
the annual purge has confirmly occured in south korea for the second time, but this time, murdering and destruction are completely legal. and now where in twelve random...
BEWARE (IZ*ONE FF) by ssamyul24
BEWARE (IZ*ONE FF)by glass_radish24
This is about 6 popular girls who were obsessed to 6 popular boys in their school. What if because they were too over obsessed to be with those boys,they were stuck from...
pointed teeth || iz*one by suldodm0
pointed teeth || iz*oneby ☕︎
i promise this isnt some cringe vampire au i just couldnt think of any other title > completed
Giving Up On You (Kim Chaewon ff) by akiyama_20
Giving Up On You (Kim Chaewon ff)by Lieutenant Aph
"You're the one that I love. But I'm saying goodbye."
After messing up with someone's door, An innocent girl was mistakenly accused that she's cheating when infact she's the one who's getting cheated on. Reasoning as her e...