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Love Forever?? (namgi) by hikkkie
Love Forever?? (namgi)by hikkkie
Namjoon a big businessman a cold-ass man and an only brat son of his parents his also a true blood alpha Meanwhile, yoongi who is from a working-class family who works...
visitor | SugaMon by -jamlessjungkook
visitor | SugaMonby .。*゚doubt +.*.。
where yoongi has been in an asylum since prepubescent years, for murdering his family.
Together by Zeholyfreak
Togetherby Zeholyfreak
BTS went from nobodies to legends. They will keep on rising and will leave an incredible history in this world. All 7 members worked, fought, cried and conquered togethe...
bodyguard ✵ knjxmyg by tkmitchy
bodyguard ✵ knjxmygby bear
kim namjoon gets selected out of hundreds to become the new bodyguard for the famous and grumpy idol min yoongi. namjoon thinks it's going to be a piece of cake, but tha...
How To Fall In Love  (with your enemy)[Namgi] by SunzidaSultana
How To Fall In Love (with your moonchild29
What happens when the eternal fuckboy and a sarcastic basketball player becomes roommates? MIN YOONGI hates KIM NAMJOON. KIM NAMJOON hates MIN YOONGI. least t...
Dumped by holyminhori
Dumpedby hori
Where I dump my short bottom Namjoon stories that aren't 4k words long. Includes: °(mostly) short stories °Prompts °Unfinished chapters from my one-shot book °Deleted sc...
Not Enough | Namgi by ItsJustSammi
Not Enough | Namgiby Yoongi’s Pied Piper
Our past can haunt us in mysterious ways, constantly reminding us of things done or said in the past in their own ways. Everyone deals with those things in their own way...
crystals » namgi au by -KITTYMYG
crystals » namgi auby -KITTYMYG
"this is a pretty crystal, don't you think?" "...that's a pebble." © -kittymyg 2018 started; 26/08/18 lowercase intended.
Selection Day by minsugaforever
Selection Dayby minsugaforever
Min Yoongi was not supposed to be chosen for Selection Day. He was not supposed to lose his freedom to become a baby for a rich family and he was especially not supposed...
I Slept with my Bestfriend (YoongiXNamjoon fanfic) by JB707LoverofNamjoon
I Slept with my Bestfriend ( J.B Baynes
Yoongi and Namjoon have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember.One day while they were at a bar someone drugged Yoongi's drink which caused something strange...
With You, I Fear Nothing ° Namgikook ✅ by Loaforama
With You, I Fear Nothing ° 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦Loaf🇺🇦🏳️‍🌈
×In which fears can be found anywhere, or to be more specific, deep inside these three× Started: 17.5.19 Ended: 10.4.20
PUP by skjzv1227
PUPby Mj
I am here with you, i always will. Published: 27/12/2022
Grim Reaper • Namgi [✔️] by rkivvey
Grim Reaper • Namgi [✔️]by vivvy
[COMPLETED] * old in which a famous Korean rapper meets a famous underworld Grim Reaper. × There will be some fluff Curse words And some hardcore Namgi shipping Long c...
•You Will Always Be My Baby Boy• k.nj + m.yg by SteampunkFlyer
•You Will Always Be My Baby Boy• Holden
In which Yoongi has a tendency to overly stress himself and Namjoon is more than willing to help him relieve the stress. *Warning* This contains age regression. If you d...
insta || y.min by -kookieeee
insta || y.minby ałły
"Jimin you might be the lucky someone, i have been looking for..." © -kookieeee
mischief managed ✧ m.yg + bts  by lil_meow__meow
mischief managed ✧ m.yg + bts by 𑁍┊사랑병 ˎˊ˗
[☁️] ❝ i solemnly swear that i am up to no good . ❞ [🕊] pureblood slytherin min yoongi grew up alone, his entire world involved no one else but him, well until he met s...
Space • Namgi [✔️] by rkivvey
Space • Namgi [✔️]by vivvy
[COMPLETED] * old in which a musical prodigy signs a contract to join his favorite company, only to find his lover × Cursing Namgi Shipping Fluff Homophobia Updated ever...
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BTS Boyxboy One Shot by unikorntrash
BTS Boyxboy One Shotby unikorntrash
Yes guys this is like a dream come true. Fanfiction of BTS! I ship everyone in BTS ? Smut and fluff is priority ? Mostly Namjoon ? I open the request so just hit the com...
Yummy Nyummie: A Bottom Namjoon One Shot by Haydenpumpkinchan
Yummy Nyummie: A Bottom Namjoon Kimi Nami 🎃
BTS gets stuck in an elevator and Namjoon keeps them entertained. - Used to be a one shot book but now it's just one one shot. Please don't request ♡
A Restart In Life by UnordinaryARMY
A Restart In Lifeby I Like Donkeys
Looks like a kid. Dressed like a kid. But it's not a kid. -- Min Yoongi restarts his life.