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"i'm fine" ~ myg.jjk by officialgeek734
"i'm fine" ~ myg.jjkby ~ Crooked Hand ~
"jungkookie, you okay?" "yes, hyung i'm fine." highest rank ~ #8 in depressing #20 in yoonkook ♡
Omega | Yoonkook✔️  by Mai_Spring
Omega | Yoonkook✔️ by Mai
Yoongi is the new student at Bark High School. Nobody knows that he's an Omega because he takes a trial medication that allows all senses to be removed from him. He can...
7 Ways To Wake Min Yoongi by TMIfan26
7 Ways To Wake Min Yoongiby .....
Being punished for being mischievous by Jin, Jungkook finds him faced with an almost impossible task. Waking Yoongi up every morning.
teach [yoonkook] by arsjeons
teach [yoonkook]by vie
"you've taught me a lot of things, hyung. i want to teach you something." (min yoongi + jeon jungkook)
In The Dark  by Smile_Kookie
In The Dark by Jaeshua
Sugakookie - serial killer au (so expect that it will get graphic, Gorey and there will be death) - in which Jungkook is a serial killer and Yoongi has a history of all...
Min Yoongi tries his best to give off a bad boy persona, and let's just say Jeon Jungkook is the only person that can see through his lies.
Operation: SugaKookie by hay_bangtan
Operation: SugaKookieby Cherry Pie
Something is going on between Yoongi and Jungkook. There isn't really any solid evidence to support this belief. No obvious changes in their behavior when they're around...
BUNNY HOTLINES ⋮ 𝐘.𝐊𝐎𝐎𝐊 by myglossier
"Thank you for calling bunny hotlines! this is jungkook, How may I help you today?" In which jungkook is a bunny hybrid working in a bunny hotline and suga is...
cookies by Doopir
cookiesby ✌︎
Yoongi is a single father Jungkook is in need for some money
Beautiful Boy  by minyoongislife
Beautiful Boy by December
Suga (Min Yoongi) loves Jungkook Jungkook is clueless... or is he??
Boy In Luv (SugaKookie/Yaoi) by nekxmimi
Boy In Luv (SugaKookie/Yaoi)by Loli/Shota
Jeon Jungkook is a new student at Big Hit High, home to the tigers. There, he meets the group called "Bangtan". Bangtan welcomes him in, however, one member is...
How To Love A Rape Victim (Sugakookie)  by arayofsunshine99
How To Love A Rape Victim ( Happy Thanksgiving
Jungkook used to get raped by his father every night, until his mother accidentally walked in on it one time. She called the police, divorced the scumbag, packed her and...
Yoongi Little Space by minsugaforever
Yoongi Little Spaceby minsugaforever
Everyone thought Jungkook was the baby of BTS, but when cameras turn off, someone else takes that place. Drabbles of Yoongi in Little Space with Bangtan as Caregivers. ...
A sick day [YOONKOOK] 💕 by CiggyP
A sick day [YOONKOOK] 💕by Ciggy
[Completed] : Short story ! Just a normal day in the dorms when everyone is out and there's only a sick and tired Yoongi and the concerned and playful maknae, Jungkook...
little yoonie || yoongi x BTS|| by yazminbtsv
little yoonie || yoongi x BTS||by Yazmin ff
when the coldest member is not what he show what will happen fine they fine out ....... #self harm #little # suicide attem #bts x yoongi #boy x boy the story have...
Soulmate by BiasNotBoyfriend
Soulmateby 🫶🏾
Jungkook's friends try to set him up with a boy he's never met. Jungkook was never one for cute things, but he has a soft spot for the cross dresser #5 rating for sugako...
Fear of Perfection  by BiasNotBoyfriend
Fear of Perfection by 🫶🏾
The media isn't sure if they should ship or fear the management duo
ᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴏᴜs. | ᴍ.ʏɢ + ᴊ.ᴊᴋ ✔️ by imhyungry
ᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴏᴜs. | ᴍ.ʏɢ + ᴊ.ᴊᴋ ✔️by kae.
in which jungkook reaches out to a stranger all because of a concerning instagram post. yoonkook. short chapters.
Unexpected Meeting ~ YoonKook by Gab_cake
Unexpected Meeting ~ YoonKookby B A B Y
"What's wrong?" Yoongi sighs before wrapping his arms around Jungkook tighter. "It's just.. I wish I met you sooner that's all." He whispers. YoonKoo...
Jungkook - GIF Series by injeolmi_hyuck
Jungkook - GIF Seriesby 순소
GIF Imagines for our golden Maknae! #3 in gif #67 in kpopidols #89 in btsjungkook ----- Feel free to check out my other GIF Series for SUGA, J-hope, Jimin, Jin, Taehyung...