Projeto Haema Hippocampus [Tradução PT-BR] by 29Lunas_Brasil
Projeto Haema Hippocampus [Traduçã 29 Lunas BR
Kyungsoo tem muitos planos, por exemplo, assassinar um homem ou dois, ou três... Kyungsoo tem um só sonho e este é: vingar a morte das pessoas que amou. Não importa quem...
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Literally just the title. For all those people who adore bottom chen, you've come to the right place. In this book, chen will be shipped with every member. Feel free to...
  • taochen
  • xiuchen
  • chanchen
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SuChen: Am Ende des Tages [EXO Fan-Fiction] by Worsewo
SuChen: Am Ende des Tages [EXO yixing in yellow
Joonmyun weiß auch nicht, was in ihn gefahren ist, als er sich für Herr Chos Zeichenkurs eingetragen hat. Zu all seinem Unglück setzt sich dann auch noch der (für seinen...
  • yaoi
  • fanfic
  • kunst
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EXO - One Shots♡ by LuckySoulie
EXO - One Shots♡by Yuna
[BoyxBoy] Don't like, don't read!! Diverse EXO ships Wünscht euch doch was. Beinhaltet: ×SMUT ×Kinks ×Bdsm ×Gewalt ×gaanz viel anderer smutiger Kram
  • exo
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Really Really || Chanbaek by ColtLastshot
Really Really || Chanbaekby Fay Ayeee
Park Chanyeol is a journalist looking for an unique story to land him the spot as main editor in his company. Byun Baekhyun is a porn star running from a past littered...
  • byunbaekhyun
  • angst
  • exofanfic
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EXO's HORROR STORIES by weareone_inamillion
Serie de One Shots de EXO con la temática de Halloween. +EXO (12) +Proyecto de Halloween.
  • taohun
  • chanbaek
  • kaihun
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KPOP BXB RECCOMENDATIONS by callmehanhyunyoo
With all your favourite ships. Maybe. I'm a bit of a one trick pony I guess but look around I promise there are some excellent ones ;) Groups included: Stray Kids (cha...
  • ikon
  • nct
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HunHan - Wolf || BoyxBoy by MoonYehet
HunHan - Wolf || BoyxBoyby 글로리
Beschreibung kommt noch c:
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  • boyxboy
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❝ kim jongdae being kim jongdae ❞ by eatmyasshobi
❝ kim jongdae being kim jongdae ❞by i’m so gay
who knows what this man is doing...he's kim jongdae so i mean? ツ -Instagrams: eatmyasshobi & eatmyassyuta -Snapchat: eatmyasshobi -YouTube: wonhoe !
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Boys Without Names (EXO OT12) Hybrid Angst Smut by Lady_Ravens_Fanfics
Boys Without Names (EXO OT12) Lady Raven
In a post apocalyptic world, you expect things to be... dirty and scarce. That's how District 9 is, only... this is not a post apocalyptic world at all. Hybrids; half h...
  • angst
  • sekai
  • chansoo
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Good Morning, Sunshine! || SuChen by bubblesuchen
Good Morning, Sunshine! || SuChenby diamond
What happens when the thing you avoid the most, love, bumps into you at an unexpected place at the most unexpected moment? Would you stay with it or ran away? Start: Aug...
  • bxb
  • chenho
  • jongdae
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kitty cat adventures (purrfect catastrophes) by teacupmochi
kitty cat adventures (purrfect teacupmochi
Catboys are the new trend as of late and easily garner the affection of little girls and grown women from all over. After all, who wouldn't fall for the cuteness of a bo...
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  • subaek
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