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The Tells of a Different Childhood by Seasilver17
The Tells of a Different Childhoodby Seasilver17
A Teenage Mercenary Fanfiction ----------------------------------------- After being in another country for 10 years and fighting for all of those 10 years, there are ce...
Carvalle Headcanons And Mini-stories by muichirou-mist
Carvalle Headcanons And Ryan
it's all LadyYandereShane's work I'm just letting my thoughts run wild!! please go read the original books, I'll tag their account in the first chapter
transformers swap au by Yn_freak
transformers swap auby angust
you are the leader of autobots. yeyyyyy
Carrie Oneshots by the_apex_predator
Carrie Oneshotsby emma poe
Requests are open, feel free to request! Also, a lot of these will probably be gay, like Chris x Carrie (Don't ask) or Sue x Carrie. Orrr, Carrie x Reader or Sue x Reade...
Gang In Dis Bitch by brelee25
Gang In Dis Bitchby brelee25
Fighting,Killing and drugs is not the key to anything except these bitch ass in my school that keeps spread rumors about me that's not true but I have a bigggg ass crush...
stupid Art Book by RedFoxGalUnicornZ
stupid Art Bookby Gradient
my art however cover art not mine
jjba headcannons by vanessajoestar
jjba headcannonsby vanessajoestar
honestly i have no idea what im doing starting another shitty book. if u like this u might like my oneshot or meme book. please check out some of my serious things as we...
gc by unknown_clowner
gcby unknown clowner
no story js a chaotic GC for random ppl to talk with each other
Stupid Shit + Art by 1-800-BEEBITCH
Stupid Shit + Artby 1-800-BEEBITCH
it's me, what do you expect? 87 in #stupid!
mandela catalogue explained badly by Chici_Iziotawawa
mandela catalogue explained badlyby Chici
mandela catalogue but on crack because I am bored
The visions Of Zero by Broulim
The visions Of Zeroby John Cena
So I got bored and decided to make a WHDAAA spin off where the cast reacts to Subaru as the MC of BirdBox
Annoying Orange Shorts by SimpsonsGirl742
Annoying Orange Shortsby Dianna Stephenson
Some stupid shit about Annoying Orange. Laffs aplenty
You're Beautiful~ DkBk💚🧡| Mafia AU| BakuBottom~  by kaylacrowH
You're Beautiful~ DkBk💚🧡| Dekucaneatmyass
Uh yeah- this isn't my first story but I deleted the other one cause it was bad but oh well 🏃🏼‍♀️ Anyways this story is a DkBk instead of BkDk cause BITCHY BAKUBOTTOM...
*•Scotchie's Lifebook•* by atelophobicc
*•Scotchie's Lifebook•*by ...
Lmao take a trip into my life. Its chaotic fun and very very. Also this book will have tons of pictures of me and others, memes, doodles, and stories/rants soo uhhh enjoy
Todd Howard x Hideo Kojima (crack fic) by Clxre5150
Todd Howard x Hideo Kojima ( why am i here
please do not read if you value your sanity
Dear Stupidity, | Great Priest Imhotep by imhxtep
Dear Stupidity, | Great Priest ᴄσѕмσиαυт ™
A bunch of fools using a device to commit crimes.
If I Was in MHA by my_chxmicxl_rxmxnce
If I Was in MHAby 𝚗𝚜𝚏𝚠
Hey so I'll be working on this randomly, it's literally the title.
Villains wanting to be heros!♐(BNHA) by Anomi325
Villains wanting to be heros!♐( .·°💥PopRocks💥°·.
Class 1A is getting some odd new students, one looks like a demon and has a quirk that can take anyones soul and control them, and the other one has a quirk that cane us...
Random story's  by friend-sorbet
Random story's by Fixing the account
I don't know what I'm doing here but whatever Requests: Closed