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What The Hell Is Wrong With This Family?  (BNHA Chatfic) by IcyHotPeppermintDrop
What The Hell Is Wrong With This F...by #𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐲
In which the chaotic energy of the Todoroki siblings drives Enji crazy
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Carrying a Villain's kid (Arc I) by nodanova15
Carrying a Villain's kid (Arc I)by 🌸 Nova 🌸
Omegaverse Dabihawks [UNDER EDITING] "What's the first thing I told you not to do?" "Get pregnant by a villain" "And what the fuck did you go an...
BNHA Groupchat aka Villains Can't Stop Singing by miill1
BNHA Groupchat aka Villains Can't...by miill1
Midoriya creates a groupchat with his class, some heroes and... villains? In the end, they end up finding out that the villains aren't who they seem to be. Warnings: S...
MHA Reacts to the Multiverse by IntrovertUndertheBed
MHA Reacts to the Multiverseby IntrovertUndertheBed
When the Goddess of Prophecy teleports you to a theatre and tells you to react to the multiverse, there's not really much you can do besides listen to her. Features: C...
League of Villains group chat by Fox_Tr0t
League of Villains group chatby Foxtr0t
Just the Lov being a chaotic family- There will be Natsuo x shiggy Toga x Ochako Dabi x Hawks and A little Mr compress x Kurogiri
Todoroki Family Chat by thatpiscesbitch
Todoroki Family Chatby Egg
ANY ART USED IS NOT MINE// Endeavor makes a family group chat in the hopes of connecting with his kids better Endeavor is a stupid bitch and the chat gets out of hand im...
Smile For The Camera ~ Dabi x Hawks💙🧡 by kirifreehugs
Smile For The Camera ~ Dabi x Hawk...by Ezra
⚠️TW PTSD AND MENTIONS OF RAPE⚠️ Endeavor's crimes, including but not limited to the domestic abuse of his wife and children, selling his oldest son to the hero commissi...
Class 1-A And LOV watch their future by pinkie03pie
Class 1-A And LOV watch their futu...by Dimension Princess
Exactly what the title says, Class 1-A and the League of Villains watch their future, with a few future children as well. I suck at descriptions, sorry (This was inspi...
The truth of it all- Denki Kaminari Angst by Cattisclaw
The truth of it all- Denki Kaminar...by Cattisclaw
Denki Kamiriari- Joyful and giddy, the sunlight in class 1A but deep down, a decent portion of it is an act, and what will happen when his walls start to crumble? Can De...
Dabis Instagram - Dabihawks by Dabiskei
Dabis Instagram - Dabihawksby Dabiskei
One day pro hero Eraserhead / Aizawa shota stumbels apon a Instagram post (In reality his students tell him) what's so special about it? it is Dabis, a villain And what...
Unknown love (Hotwings ship) by Katty_Valley
Unknown love (Hotwings ship)by Katty
It all started with the feather, a cute little thing that belonged to a bird. But Dabi couldn't help himself. He was bored, what else was he supposed to do? He didn't m...
Todoroki Family Chat-fic by 0KALOPSIA0
Todoroki Family Chat-ficby Nyx
Pretty much something I do when i'm bored, this does not have an updating schedule and none of the fanart is mine or any of the pictures unless I say so. It's a little g...
Accidentally time traveled (COMPLETED) by pinkie03pie
Accidentally time traveled (COMPLE...by Dimension Princess
6 children from the future accidentally travel back in time. Will they make it back home? Can they keep the secret of who they are and who their parents are? Are they g...
just a little bit of your love // a dabihawks fanfic by blltzt
just a little bit of your love...by blltzt
After middle school Touya Todoroki was done. He was done with his father, and all the horrible things he did to him and his family. He was done, knowing that the only pe...
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DabiHawks || Omegaverse AU by spicymochi_77
DabiHawks || Omegaverse AUby •тαятz•
...man I suck at summaries Basically this is an Omegaverse AU with DabiHawks since that's like one of my favorite ships and I couldn't find anything good fanfics for thi...
The Todoroki Child by anime_queen2021
The Todoroki Childby anime_queen
This is a Dabihawks story so if you don't like don't read. this is about one of my OCs, Haruto Todoroki, who is the child of Dabi and Hawks. in this story Dabi is Touya...
Chance (Dabihawks kids) by zzzcc6
Chance (Dabihawks kids)by zero
This is Omega verse au After Hawks betrayal from the league of villains after they trusted him especially dabi who marked him. Dabi left japan after what happened to ta...
BNHA reacts to Dabi by SomeoneWhoMakesStuff
BNHA reacts to Dabiby Fandom_Stories
BNHA has been teleported to a theater and sees pictures, comics and videos about Dabi and Hawks. I love this ship so much and this will also contain manga spoilers. (My...
a fat chance. by avery_thefag
a fat chance.by alastar
after being told to go undercover as a villain in the league hawk realized that he couldn't go threw with the hole plan to ratio twice so he warnings .cursing .smut I do...