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The One | CRENSHAW by nayborhood
The One | CRENSHAWby 💙
Lauren London (born December 5, 1984) actress, model . Beginning her career in television acting. Relationships, Drama, Fights come along her way on a beautiful Journey...
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Hood Story II by Kamo_XXIII
Hood Story IIby Kamo_XXIII
Ermias was a young gangster who grew up off Crenshaw and Slauson, with dreams of becoming a young Mogul. And Boogie was a young aspiring actress with dreams of making it...
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Her World (TMC Fanfiction) by Flaming_Tiger302
Her World (TMC Fanfiction)by Ember_KitKat
Two months after Aven's defeat, Alex and her friends are lazing around in the girls' dorm when she is asked what she'll do now that Aven is no longer a threat. Will she...
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Snow World  by PrettiestBlack
Snow World by Sinai
No world was as cold as Snow World. Since a child he's been defeating the odds and surviving the impossible. Everything in his life seem to be a wreck and the only thin...
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just some medoran chronicles fanfiction by Dolangurlll
just some medoran chronicles creatorraedon
it's 2 weeks since the war ended but the only way Alex could save the lives of those she loved was to sacrifice her own life. Pretty much how everyone moving on after th...
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SMOKE AND FLOWERS | ʀᴏᴅᴅʏ ʀɪᴄᴄʜ by wutwuzit
SMOKE AND FLOWERS | ʀᴏᴅᴅʏ ʀɪᴄᴄʜby wutwuzit
lowercase intended.
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Stronger then you think (tmc fanfiction) by AlexandraJennings13
Stronger then you think (tmc Abbey
this is a Medoran Chronicles fanfiction, and is about a child. But not just any kid, this girl is a Meyarin, and is Aven's younger sister. "I love you" Zaron...
A Trip Through Time by Flaming_Tiger302
A Trip Through Timeby Ember_KitKat
It was a pleasant afternoon, and Alex and Kaiden had decided to pay a visit to Xiraxus when they end up going on an unexpected field trip. Xira takes them through the Ab...
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Argument- a TMC fanfic (prompt by @jordans.pancakes) by goddess7533
Argument- a TMC fanfic (prompt Eta
This is a short multi chapter fic which features Kailex having an argument..... But the question is, will they make up? Prompt by @jordans.pancakes (Instagram)
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TMC One Shots by tia_aurangirl
TMC One Shotsby Seffie
I am obsessed with this series. So I decided to write some one shots.
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Repeating History by ElfieShadowDalmarta
Repeating Historyby Elfie
A TMC High School AU Alexandra Jennings has moved and is going to Akarnae High. But there's something dangerous in her past that needs to be fixed. Can she fix it or wil...
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Kailex one-shot by stumblingwithgrace
Kailex one-shotby Grace
Alex Jennings late to combat and Karter being in his typical sour mood, Alex is forced to spar against all her classmates and then finally her angry teacher. What will h...
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Character Songs by ElfieShadowDalmarta
Character Songsby Elfie
Songs that I've rewritten to fit a character.
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Life After Death- A Medoran Chronicles Fanfic by goddess7533
Life After Death- A Medoran Eta
(COMPLETE) What happens after Niyx dies? Niyx's POV
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Memory- A Kailex Oneshot by goddess7533
Memory- A Kailex Oneshotby Eta
(ONESHOT) (COMPLETE) During a Combat Lesson in which Alex must use all her Meyarin reflexes, something unexpected happens......
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Akarnae and Keeper of the Lost Cities crossover by YourNamey
Akarnae and Keeper of the Lost YourNamey
*Warning! This is a spoiler for people who haven't read Flashback and Gravale.* "Who are you? Let me guess...Your worst nightmare?" Alex gasped, unsure what ki...
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The Men's Club (TMC FANFICTION) by fclawrence
The Men's Club (TMC FANFICTION)by F.C Lawrence
They're rich, handsome and smart. But are their lives as flawless as they are? Meet best friends Aminu Garba, Lanre Taiwo, Louis Okafor and Tayo Oladapo and grab a seat...
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Vacation by bookiefan1
Vacationby Dommie
Alexandra Jennings, or James has had her first child and it's finally the holiday season. A trip to Tryllin, the Core Four and their partners meeting up turns into somet...
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The Medoran Chronicles-No Hope by AGeekyGirl303
The Medoran Chronicles-No Hopeby AGeekyGirl
*Possible spoiler!! Don't read description (or the actual thing) if you haven't read up to Greavale!* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Niyx's death from a dif...
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Gone by ElfieShadowDalmarta
Goneby Elfie
MTV's Scream x TMC crossover! Btw, I was kinda half asleep when I wrote this so yep.
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