Unwinding with Uri by KellyAnneBlount
Unwinding with Uriby Kelly Anne Blount
The future of relaxation is within the trained hands of AI. This is my entry for Marriott's #TravelBrilliantly contest!
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  • artificialintelligence
  • travel
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SILAS by jrwright9000
SILASby JR Wright
Willow has always wanted to travel, but her life as a data entry clerk could never afford her the opportunity to make her dream a reality. When a forward-thinking tech c...
  • silas
  • travel
  • artificialintelligence
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Dream the Perfect Pillows by kfxinfinity
Dream the Perfect Pillowsby kfan
The future of travel is comfortably held within AI. This is my entry for Marriott's #TravelBrilliantly contest! If you want to enter, head over to the @travel profile an...
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  • pillows
  • roomservice
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Culture + Style by travel
Culture + Styleby Marriott TRAVELER
Want to explore the culture, fashion and history behind some of the most lively and intriguing places on earth? Marriott Traveler's got you covered!
  • fashion
  • traveler
  • travelbrilliantly
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Robie by Vyxxxen
Robieby urbanwolf1
This is for "Travel Brilliantly," the contest Marriott is doing about artificial intelligence. A young scientist from Korea has given his little robot to a stu...
  • elderly
  • marriotthotel
  • scifi
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Her Eyes Like Stars by SurferScout
Her Eyes Like Starsby Scout Austin
After suffering the loss of her mother before she ever knew her, a young girl uses artificial intelligence to see her mother one last time. Created for the #TravelBrilli...
  • mother
  • eyes
  • cancer
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Metallic Mind() | Travel Brilliantly by Acropolis_Arts
Metallic Mind() | Travel Acropolis Arts
This is my entry for Marriott's Travel Brilliantly contest. Enjoy.
  • contest
  • artificialintelligence
  • phlosophy
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Giftbot by DavidMorrese
Giftbotby D.L. Morrese
In this very short story, a man is having trouble choosing a gift for his wife's birthday, so he asks the Artificial Intelligence that runs his home for help.
  • travelbrilliantly
  • contest
  • marriott
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The Marriott GRAND QUEST by MichaelHoliday
The Marriott GRAND QUESTby Michael Holiday
The crown jewel of Marriott's sky-sailing fleet is about to take off. Climb aboard the GRAND QUEST and get ready to travel in style and luxury that only the Marriott bra...
  • justwriteit
  • shortchapters
  • contests
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Anna May Bell and her Particular Puppy  #TravelBrilliantly Contest by MairaDawn
Anna May Bell and her Particular Maira Dawn
This one-shot is for the Marriott Travel Brilliantly Contest. A sick little girl asks for the one thing she cannot have. But one man's invention could be the answer. #Tr...
  • intelligence
  • sci-fi
  • ill
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Buddy by JCarrolyn
Buddyby J. Carrolyn
*******Writing Contest for Marriott Hotels' Travel Brilliantly**** Buddy is the story of how technology can be a way to manage and personalize self-care in a new an inno...
  • marriott
  • therapy
  • technology
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The Messenger #TravelBrilliantly by SusanArden
The Messenger #TravelBrilliantlyby Susan Arden
Maya Benitez is a month out of flight school and hired as a hotshot pilot for high-profile, powerful clients. Hop aboard a flying car as she tackles a thunderstorm, a fa...
  • androidbutler
  • artificialintelligence
  • hovercar
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Fighting Fire #TravelBrilliantly by myromichaels
Fighting Fire #TravelBrilliantlyby myromichaels
My entry for the Marriott Hotels writing contest #travelbrilliantly
  • oneshot
  • fire
  • travelbrilliantly
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The Fear Facer by ecrivaineblonde
The Fear Facerby Е. К.
What if you could get over your fears at the touch of a button? This is an entry in Marriott's Travel Brilliantly contest. #TravelBrilliantly
  • fear
  • travelbrilliantly
  • contest
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Marriot AI future by Thefangirlheart
Marriot AI futureby Kelsey Baker
P.A.N.A V.02 is the newest robot assistant for Dr. Maralousie. P.A.N.A Is initials for: Personal Andrioid Needed Anywhere
  • marriott
  • travelbrilliantly
Iris  | #TravelBrilliantly Contest by toptrees26
Iris | #TravelBrilliantly Contestby Ella Hayden
My entry for the Marriott #TravelBrilliantly contest. (996 words) A story about a little girl, her loving grandfather, and their new friend Iris. #TravelBrilliantly
  • love
  • granddaughter
  • adventure
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The Marriott Futuro by MichaelHoliday
The Marriott Futuroby Michael Holiday
With all the advancements in artificial intelligence, it's just a matter of time until more and more technology uploads into our lives. Enter Marry and Scott: the new av...
  • hoteloftomorrow
  • travel
  • prize
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The Exoskeleton and Me || #TravelBrilliantly || by readwriteandenjoy
The Exoskeleton and Me || readwriteandenjoy
Entree for the Marriott Hotels' Travel Brilliantly Contest. An exciting story about the great potential and dangers of exoskeleton and AI technologies in the future!
  • travelbrilliantly
  • ái
  • marriott
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The Epoch App by JasonKucharik
The Epoch Appby Jason Kucharik
I'm so excited to announce the brand-new official @Travel hub on Wattpad! Wattpad has teamed up with Marriott to bring us incredible writing opportunities. I've written...
  • scifi
  • contest
  • intelligence
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Miraculous Ladybug RP by ILikeMangaBoi
Miraculous Ladybug RPby DEKU
Read the title my friends.
  • noir
  • miraculous
  • marriott
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