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Lesson Learned {Student Teacher Romance} by WhiskeySeattle
Lesson Learned {Student Teacher Caerley
My whole life is 'have to.' I have to work full-time to pay the bills and keep food on the table. I have to finish college for a chance at a better job, no matter how...
Broken by epicnanas
Brokenby EpicNanas
15 year old Rose Black is in her 5th year at hogwarts and is only just understanding what it's like to be lonely until a certain 37 year old man takes control of her hea...
Bloomington 2 (teacherxstudent) (wlw) (gxg) by nattlie01
Bloomington 2 (teacherxstudent) ( Rubynattlie
Jackie pushed open the door and pulled Catherine into her arms. When they slowly broke their embrace, Catherine cupped Jackie's neck with her hands and then kissed her d...
just my teacher by jungk00kie_jeon
just my teacherby jungk00kie_jeon
Jungkook is a student a Bighit University. He is the main target in school, everyone picks on him because he is weak and an easy target. But what happens when three new...
Pronto Para Ser Esposa? Soon to be Wife? by Mchawtt
Pronto Para Ser Esposa? Soon to pizzalyf
This book is teacherxstudent love story and of course it is girl x girl Sira is a teenage girl who suffers from anger issues and has a tiny crush on her teacher who als...
Damaged Beyond Repair (Student/ Teacher) ✔️ by KittyKash92
Damaged Beyond Repair (Student/ 👑K a s h👑
(COMPLETED) He was her teacher. She was his student. But, that's where the problems only begin. Alana Hayes has everything worked out when she transfers to the univer...
My Doctor ( Taehyung X reader) [Completed]✓ by scarlett_480
My Doctor ( Taehyung X reader) [ marsia ahmed
"I have a stomachache here. Doctor please check me," Taehyung said. "Stop doing live drama, Dr. Kim !!" y/n said. "It's hurting ! Ah..!!" ...
The Boy In Baby Blue by OLOLbitO
The Boy In Baby Blueby Mashmellow
When his first day of college was his final moments in school, all he got to do was go in and learn for a few years and come right back out without any social interactio...
I do? | Meanie by Someonethatloves17
I do? | Meanieby 🌙
Wonwoo's parents were too poor to cover all their bills and debts, so they made a deal to marry their son into a rich family. When Mingyu finally turned 18, he got marr...
That Wasn't Supposed To Happen by xFakingaSmilex
That Wasn't Supposed To Happenby Stephanie
What would you do if you couldn't have the person you're in love with? * * * Charlie L...
My Hope (Complete) by HeidiJones6
My Hope (Complete)by HeidiJones6
17 year old Hope moves to Massachusetts when her Dad takes a job at Harvard University. she never expected the attraction she feels toward her new English teacher or the...
Black's Daughter and the Half-Blood Prince  by Sunflower_Rickman
Black's Daughter and the ~𝕾
!Age gap warning! If you're not okay with it don't hate, just dont read, as EASY as that. :) What if Sirius Black had a daughter? What if she had feelings for her potion...
The other Weasley by hookmebaby
The other Weasleyby Ty
A/N Hey guys so I'm going to do a lot of editing with this story as I realized I made her far too young. So I will be rewriting and then uploading it all at once. Raven...
Miss Morgan [completed] by chloeTHOMPSON__
Miss Morgan [completed]by Chloe
A story of a narcissist teenager who forms an unlikely bond with her English teacher.
Rejected ✓ by ELKWrites
Rejected ✓by Elle Kay
(C O M P L E T E D NOV 18) Ruby is a young wolf with wild mood swings and short tempers. Her life revolves around her best friends and her struggle to survive her seni...
Seven Minutes in Heaven (with the Harry Potter Boys) by TierneyJames_27
Seven Minutes in Heaven (with Tierney James
As the game commenced, the room filled with an electric energy of anticipation and excitement. The bag of objects sat in the center of the circle, and the boys and girls...
Descendant of Merlin (Severus Snape) Book 1: Anger and Awe by bealadantra95
Descendant of Merlin (Severus Jamie
(Post-marauders, Pre-Harry) The year is 1985. After Voldemort's apparent demise at the end of a devastating war, Severus Snape is just trying to get by in a wizarding w...
Darkest Desire by SamanthaWilde
Darkest Desireby Sam
Aurora Beauchanan is many things, and apparently being a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is about to be added to that list. With quite a few secre...
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The Legacy of Ancient Magic  by pinkie03pie
The Legacy of Ancient Magic by Dimension Princess
Mailin Dewglade arrives at Hogwarts at age 13, two years behind her peers, including the famous Harry Potter. Whispers follow her through the halls-what secret forced he...
Forbidden {L.S.} by kaylabastian01
Forbidden {L.S.}by Kayla Bastian
Harry Styles is just a seventeen year old junior. He doesn't expect much out of the year, but his seventh hour history teacher manages to change all that.