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god is a woman ━ misc by not_your_mum
god is a woman ━ miscby 𝐃.
❝ when all is said and done, you'll believe god is a woman ❞ ❨ 𝘨𝘰𝘥 𝘪𝘴 𝘢 𝘸𝘰𝘮𝘢𝘯 ❩ © not_your_mum 2019
  • aseriesofunfortunateevents
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spam / rants. by karen2590
spam / karen
my second spam/rant book. round two. #1 in rantbook 12/28/18. which goes to show my life is pretty cool
  • spamming
  • storytime
  • rant
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"Ma" by heartfulofjmb
"Ma"by daddyj 🧸❤️
"Hey Ma"
  • jiggygreen
  • jabezvill
  • storytime
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Story Time by Art_Waffless
Story Timeby •Trainee•
Story Times and More
  • multistan
  • storytime
  • mylife
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My Heart Beats for Jabez Villalobos. 💓 @jabezvill by amigas_cheetahs
My Heart Beats for Jabez amigas_cheetahs
🎵 I need some real good lovin', Cause I'm troubled by the things that I see I need some real good lovin' Ain't nobody been around here lovin' on me 🎵
  • jabezvillalobos
  • typical
  • hot
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Story Of My Life by emani854
Story Of My Lifeby Iluvgoodstuff👍🏾
Alright just to give a short description this is a rant/story book for events that have or are happening in my life I know I'm so original. Disclaimer: May include note...
  • funnyithink
  • rants
  • storytime
GIRLS ONLY!!! Period Codes by HeartOfHolo
GIRLS ONLY!!! Period Codesby HeartOfHolo
From girl to girl, let's be honest... saying you got your period can be a bit awkward. So here are some of my favorite period code words and phrases.
  • imrunningoutoftags
  • storytime
  • girllove
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Random Things With Ace by AceTheNotSoGreat
Random Things With Aceby Crusader with a Minecraft Swo...
Just a book with random stories, drawings, songs, poems, stories, and and stuff :P so yeah..... why are you here?
  • songs
  • strange
  • shitpost
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Rants, Spice, Everything but nice by ThisQueensTea
Rants, Spice, Everything but niceby Trash Queen Leen
Spice, drama, rants, questionable things, somewhat relatable stories? I got you. Warning: If you're mother dislikes you reading profanity you probably shouldn't read t...
  • rants
  • life
  • relatable
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Perfection| Virgil/Anxiety x Reader  by proffesorhippo
Perfection| Virgil/Anxiety x Rain Puddle 2.0
"Who is she?" I ask Thomas. "She's your soon to be wife," He says back smiling at me. As much as I want to pretend I'm not happy I can't. I look at t...
  • sandersides
  • thomassanders
  • anxietyxreader
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Yanna's Bible by nepenthees
Yanna's Bibleby yanna
a little brown girl who talks about absolutely everything and nothing at the same time.
  • school
  • rantbook
  • ranting
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Narrated ((Thomas Sanders X Reader)) by wiibbles_
Narrated ((Thomas Sanders X 💐Heart Eyes💐
Meeting at the park... First dates... Introductions... And awkward conversations with the families... All in this book! Where you and Thomas Sanders are shipped by me an...
  • thomas
  • thomassanders
  • romance
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ALTAIR's V || V Author-nim || by VelenneDanielle
ALTAIR's V || V Author-nim ||by V Author-nim
A book about a girl born in 1999 who writes BTS Fanfictions and calls herself, V Author-nim. STARTED: 23rd May 2017
  • facts
  • myself
  • anecdotes
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spam  by irediree
spam by irediree
I- SPAM BOOK Everything from rants, storytimes and opinions
  • random
  • story
  • romance
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Tea Time with DaDdY tHanOs by siriusblackss
Tea Time with DaDdY tHanOsby papi thanos
Get ya tea Get ya petty And come sit down with me sis For a little tea time with DaDdY tHanOs
  • pissed
  • imamess
  • chestnut
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Stuff I think about at midnight by bangbangbitchie
Stuff I think about at midnightby Rich_Rockie
I made this at 12:20 in the morning because I thought it would be a gREAT IDEA to post the weird shit I think about instead of sleeping..... SO YEA! This is gonna be a...
  • gayness
  • ihatemyself
  • insomnia
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Nonsensical Junk by Rifterosa
Nonsensical Junkby Nesscas Overlord
Idk just stuff that I think about or whatever
  • uuack
  • storytime
  • uh
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life of a dummy by rachelhoov
life of a dummyby rachel??
sometimes rants about the internet, sometimes stories, and lots of pictures of my pets
  • plants
  • ranting
  • diary
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lil dick , big dick , long strokes , clit licks .  by wayvier
lil dick , big dick , long 👣 .
All type shit . (: - mostly story times .
  • random
  • storytimes