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Stolas x Blitz - Serendipity  by SapphireStories12
Stolas x Blitz - Serendipity by Sapphire
A love story between a Goetia prince and an assassin imp. (photos are not my work)
Darling - Stolitz [TEMPORARY HIATUS] by skullcandykisses
Darling - Stolitz [TEMPORARY Page
Blitzø is starting to catch some feelings for Stolas, the prince of hell, who was badly injured by a man hired by his divorcee, Stella, to kill him. Blitzø only realizes...
Our Owlets  (Book 1) by LaShippingPrincessa
Our Owlets (Book 1)by დSnickerDoodleდ
After Stolas unexpectedly gives birth, Octavia takes her father and her new siblings to Imp City, away from his troubling past relationships. With newfound freedom, the...
The Car Ride Home by BitchyStolitzEnjoyer
The Car Ride Homeby vinny
Basically what I think Blitzø and Fizzarolli talked about while driving back to Ozzie's! This story is not about a ship between Blitzø and Fizzarolli, but ships like Sto...
'Til Death do us Part // a Stolitz angst fanfic by m0thm4n_fn4f
'Til Death do us Part // a m0thm4n_fn4f
Angsty Stolitz story, heavily inspired by my scenarios lol. I will try to update at least once a week, but I have been kinda busy. I'm not sure how long it's gonna...
Missing love (stolitz) (Blitzø angst) by CozmicWolf
Missing love (stolitz) (Blitzø CozmicWolf
Blitzø has to deal with his depression and the monsters of his past start coming back to him. His traumatic past slowly starts getting uncovered and his mask slowly star...
Stolitz - You & I  by SapphireStories12
Stolitz - You & I by Sapphire
Stolas and Blitz romance fantiction!! (photos are not my work)
Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss ~ Our Story (Fan made) by Adventure008
Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss ~ Our Adventure08
*The artwork is my own After an intense battle with the dangerous imp Striker from the Wrath ring, Blitzø, Moxxie, Millie, Loona, Fizzarolli and a few familiar faces fro...
He Cares...? (Stolitz Fan Fiction) by ThatStolitzFanatic
He Cares...? (Stolitz Fan Fiction)by Stolitz Fanatic
This story is supposed to be a nice, fluffy, Stolitz story that continues the events of Season 2 Episode 4 of Helluva Boss. There may be a little drama here and there, b...
Stolitz Story by EllaRoshto
Stolitz Storyby Ella Roshto
No clue what this is gonna be yet
Stolitz 18+ Stories by hoeforstolas
Stolitz 18+ Storiesby Stolitz <3
Just a bunch of weekly porn stories 18+ or Mature people don't read unless your looking for sex stories of stolitz 😀
The Ramblings Of A Goetia by AdventurineGalaxy
The Ramblings Of A Goetiaby *Matcha _Moth*
Stolas has the Asmodean crystal, but he can't shake the feeling... if he does this... will he lose Blitzo forever? A fanfic. None of the art or music is mine. Sort of a...
the title is self explanatory
FULL MOON by Yo_mom6996
FULL MOONby Random_nerd
This is just my prediction for the full moon episode :') so uhm.. ye.. HAHAHAHA idk hehe ft.asmodeus and fizzarolli<3
COMFORTABLE LIES || Stolas x Blitzø x Original Character (nb) by immaybeafish
COMFORTABLE LIES || Stolas x mackerel
Jouno has been missing for a long time. Images here and there, along with advertising for their shows, is everything their old friends from the circus could find of them...
Magical Bodies by helluvab0ssontt
Magical Bodiesby Helluva._b0ss_
will have multiple parts! this is what me being bored at 2am looks like eheh yeppp stolitz having tender sex when blitz finds out stolas can grow a dick a gift for a dis...
Stolitz (Blitzø x Stolas) by jo3momma
Stolitz (Blitzø x Stolas)by joe.momma
Since the full moon episode isn't out yet, I wanted to write how I think it might happen
Stolitz One-Shots by FaelynTheHer0
Stolitz One-Shotsby FaelynTheHer0
This was written entirely by @PoisonCandy66 who was unable to post it themselves. They wrote this fanfic in its entirety, the only thing I did was edit it. However, I do...
Stolitz (short one shots) by octavitay
Stolitz (short one shots)by Octive <3
Not my very first fanfic but is my first since like 3 years so i hope you enjoy this stolitz story! ⚠️!Warning!⚠️ includes swearing, possibly killing, dark magic, demons...