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Shawn Mendes imagines by yycmendes
Shawn Mendes imaginesby yycmendes
I'm still trying to put more up but I hope you enjoy them so far and keep in mind that these are only for fun.
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Back to you  by sofialongdon
Back to you by Sofia🥂
#3 in the FakeDating category #8 in the shy category C O M P L E T E D -------------------- He was close. I don't know I I liked it or not, my feelings where everywher...
  • wattys
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  • jock
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A demons love by dat-ackerbooty
A demons loveby antisocial gay
Dipper has come back to gravity falls once again before moving there. As he admits his love to bill's statue, little does he know many surprises await him. Gravity falls...
  • pines
  • oldstory
  • falls
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Love For The Ride by BlakeGregory
Love For The Rideby Blake Gregory
Ella and Sophia are part of a traveling rodeo that passes through towns more than whiskey passes through their lips. One night after going to a bar they frequent yearly...
  • original
  • ride
  • blakegregory
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Witch love story during witch trials by VASHISHTDEVASANI
Witch love story during witch VASHISHT DEVASANI
about a love story between a witch and a priest son in the period of witch trials
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  • witch
Latent Dream  by taevelynv
Latent Dream by 💫 Eve 💫
The "unrecognized" are those unfortunate enough to catch this spread. In other words, they weren't part of society. Outcast, rejects, fugitives, running from e...
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  • latentdream
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Before The Ride by BlakeGregory
Before The Rideby Blake Gregory
Have you read Love of the Ride and wondered what exactly Ella and Sophia went through to make them who they are? Look no further. This collection of short stories is goi...
  • original
  • shortstory
  • ride
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Through the Hedge by derpy_kristato
Through the Hedgeby Derpy Kristato
Crystal gains powers from supernatural beings in a dream. Her best friend Max takes her on a date to a rose garden but they go through a secret tunnel in a hedge, leadin...
  • stillinprogress
Life of the Boy in the Dark by JasonNhan
Life of the Boy in the Darkby JasonNhan
If you have ever felt lonely or rejected by the world then see how this boy has gone through life. He was born unintentionally and smaller than a regular person. He has...
  • first
  • truestory
  • life
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Story Ideas by Charlotte_i_am
Story Ideasby Lavender Cyanide
these are story ideas that I just jotted down and will probably never write them *spoilers* PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY IDEAS!!! THESE ARE MY ORIGINAL PROMPTS THAT I THOUGHT O...
  • depressing
  • weird
  • notastory
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Well, this is Love....  by Latte_Caremel
Well, this is Love.... by Latte_Caremel
Random crap about love.
  • love
  • couples
  • relatable
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Flashback by venkatesh_am
Flashbackby venkatesh_am
15 year old Torin Calsos was just a normal kid with no father in 2049 until he finds a time device and messes with it after something horrible happens to him. His advent...
  • timemachine
  • alternateuniverse
  • stillinprogress
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Garroth x Reader by NamNum
Garroth x Readerby NamNum
Youve been running from your father at 6 years old now 20 years later who knows what happens. Your an adventurer who's looking for action!and maybe even more You join A...
  • garrothxreader
  • kawaii
  • adventure
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Random Stories by PandicornPlayz
Random Storiesby kaishapotato
HAI! This book was partly inspired by my friend, Andie. @_hopefuldreamer Some of these characters can be based on real life friends of mine. I have to ask for their perm...
  • lifelol
  • randomstories
  • stillinprogress
The Zen Garden by Books0525
The Zen Gardenby Books0525
After the accident that killed his father, Luke Manguard struggled with coping, resulting in him being extremely bitter and angry all the time. While sitting in history...
  • anger
  • fiction
  • friendship
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The Fallen Angels: origin by baconbudgie
The Fallen Angels: originby baconbudgie
Salz tries to fulfill his teenage dream of starting a band and ends up recruiting a paranoid cello player, the holder of the school's frozen pizza eating record and the...
  • band
  • stillinprogress
  • humor
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Save Me by marydcatherine
Save Meby Marycatherine
"Save me" he asks me, but he's got to save himself this time. Austin is an addict and needs to change. Can Jessica save him or is he the only one who can?
  • saveme
  • drinking
  • wattie2014
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Ivory Star by brightdarkness02
Ivory Starby Ella Elizabeth
I only have the introduction up right now so if you like it let me know and I'll continue on my basic as heck story. Thanks
  • origonalstory
  • someswearssorry
  • basedoffoflikefivedifferentthings
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Love Yourself  by jaydenhenrymarcotte
Love Yourself by Jayden Henry
Sometimes you just need a little pep talk, i take requests for personalized/situational pep talks (or what ever you want to call them) and always remember to live your l...
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