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Kanan Jarrus x Ezra Bridger (star wars rebels fanfiction) by DemonicGoth
Kanan Jarrus x Ezra Bridger (star...by DemonicGoth
the title explains what this will be about now I know that kanan and ezra have a strong father\son relationship but you gotta let a fangirl have their fandom ships.
Kanan Lives! (Star Wars Rebels Kanera AU) by AElberethGilthoniel
Kanan Lives! (Star Wars Rebels Kan...by Taylor Kennedy
Title says it all. While running through the corridors of the Imperial Dome after getting separated from her crew, Hera stumbles into a seemingly abandoned med center wh...
The Unknown Truth Of Two  by rebel_lizzy_klostion
The Unknown Truth Of Two by rebel_lizzy_klostion
The story is about the secret past of Ezra Bridger. The past he was trying to forget, his problems, his friends, his parents! His sister? Now, the unknown truth will be...
Ahsoka Tano One-Shots by TwentyFunnyBunnies
Ahsoka Tano One-Shotsby TwentyFunnyBunnies
Ahsoka Tano: Jedi padawan of Anakin Skywalker, grandpadawan of Obi-Wan Kenobi, commander of the 501st, friend of too many clones to count, and a Togtuta of many exciting...
Star Wars: Imagines by pompomii
Star Wars: Imaginesby pompomii
(REQUESTS OPEN) Please message me to request! These will include characters from the Star Wars franchise, reader or OC inserted! I have so much fun fulfilling requests a...
Stowaway: A Star Wars Rebels Story by MultiverseEnthusiast
Stowaway: A Star Wars Rebels Storyby Multiverse Enthusiast
Attempting to retreat from a losing battle, the Ghost Crew unknowingly jumps into a wormhole and crash lands on an unfamiliar planet. Seeing the fireball fall out of the...
Ezra Lost by Artemis_the_Rebel
Ezra Lostby Arty
"It was a simple story, about a boy who was lost." In this Star Wars Rebels fanfiction, Kanan Jarrus sends his Padawan, Ezra Bridger, on a simple practice op...
The Path of  a Jedi: Book 3 (Star Wars Rebels x Reader) by silivretowlen
The Path of a Jedi: Book 3 (Star...by Sil
Sequel to "The Path of a Jedi" Books 1 and 2 (Bad Batch x Reader) When the clones have scattered and your allies return home, what will (Y/N) choose to do with...
Rebuilding (COMPLETE) by Sparkplug02
Rebuilding (COMPLETE)by Sparkplug02
Season 1: Order 66 wiped out the Jedi Order, but remnants of it have been hidden away, shielded from the Galactic Empire and Emperor Dooku. When the Ghost crew reunites...
Descendant of Revan by arow800
Descendant of Revanby CX-P Wren
Ezra Bridger, the last descendant of the Prodigal Knight, Revan. With a Mandalorian mother and a Jedi father Ezra has ties to the two most powerful warrior societies in...
Ghost Stories (Star Wars Rebels Oneshots) (DISCONTINUED) by IronDragon20075
Ghost Stories (Star Wars Rebels On...by Not Very Active
Some Star Wars Rebels Oneshots. :)
Hiding by FandomRegina
Hidingby Jay
Ezra Bridger. Son of Mira and Ephraim Bridger. Born 15 years ago today. But once a Sith, always A Sith. Right? (Original title: A Jedi in Hiding/Finding Home) Struggli...
Blackbird (Ezra x OC) by EmilyFalkenrath
Blackbird (Ezra x OC)by Emily Falkenrath
The daughter of Captain Rex, Laurel, becomes a rebel fourteen years after her birth, close to the foundation of the Empire. Things were regular to a certain extent, unti...
Star Wars Rebels: The Rise of the Rebellion by darrelswonderland
Star Wars Rebels: The Rise of the...by Darrel's Wonderland
The Clone Wars had come to an end, and after the Jedi Order fell, the Republic became an Empire. Ahsoka and Darrel went into hiding after the Battle for Mandalore. Time...
Killing Strangers (Leave Me Alone) [Star Wars Rebels Fanfic] by eri_quin
Killing Strangers (Leave Me Alone)...by Eri Quin
The beginning, the becoming, and the present of Agent Kallus. The child, the street rat, and the girl that is Ezra Bridger. When Ezra accidentally forms a Force bond wi...
Star Wars: Unexpected Rebellion  by Ares_House
Star Wars: Unexpected Rebellion by Ares_House
The crew meets a mysterious stranger, who pays them for taking him to different planets. Who is he and why is he hiding his face? Could he eventually join the rebellion...
Back to the Past (Star Wars Rebels) by aquatic_dragon
Back to the Past (Star Wars Rebels)by illa / xylars
What if Ezra Bridger (from s4, last episode) went back to the past (episode 1, s1)? Ezra Bridger, a trained Palawan who recently lost his master was ready to leave Lotha...
Star Wars Rebels: Hera & Kanan by SpecSeven
Star Wars Rebels: Hera & Kananby SpecSeven
Young and gifted Twi'lek pilot Hera Syndulla met former Jedi padawan Kanan Jarrus on Gorse, and the two quickly forged a dynamic partnership that eventually became the b...
Not Even Death by starryeyedscribbler
Not Even Deathby Makayla
Nothing can keep the Spectors apart. Not even death. Hera gets dragged back to the rebel base one last time to help a friend, a friend who should be dead that is, and fi...
Unsettled/Disillusioned by mynameisnotjessica
Unsettled/Disillusionedby mynameisnotjessica
Unsettled: Ezra brings an archaeologist to Chopper Base. Kallus feels he'd seen the man before but can't quite remember where. Disillusioned: when Cal calls upon the Gho...