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Star Trek Imagines (Reader-Inserts) Part One by garden_of_stories
Star Trek Imagines ( Jennifer
I write for all main characters and some secondary characters from every series. Nearly all of my writing will be clean, and I will put warnings if they are NSFW. Wattp...
Star Trek Imagines by seeyouscotty
Star Trek Imaginesby seeyouscotty
A collection of one shots and imagines for any and every character from the Star Trek franchise. If you do read, I sincerely hope you enjoy what I've written! 🖖🏻
Star Trek Imagines by antisocialreptile
Star Trek Imaginesby antisocialreptile
Just a bunch of random Star Trek imagines. I take requests, so if you want an imagine, just message me or comment on the story.
Spones by lowkeyboke
Sponesby lowkey boke
Some random drabbles about Spones.
All our yesterdays by lowkeyboke
All our yesterdaysby lowkey boke
A Spones story. This is an alternative history to the episode of "All our yesterdays" (TOS, T3E23). What if Zarabeth never existed.
Star Trek Imagines by Kirk_andSpock
Star Trek Imaginesby Kat and Tina
This is something two weird-ass fangirls are creating when they are in their rare creative times. We are trying to build a collection of short imagines about Star Trek...
Strange Fascination by TransientGoofball
Strange Fascinationby slidetotheleft
Spock x Reader (OC) ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ I take a second look at him, noticing the way his eyebrows end in sharp, upward strokes, and his ears in a pointed tip. Soft blue...
As the world falls down (English Version) by sarycaine
As the world falls down (English Sarah
The five-year mission of the starship Enterprise NCC-1701, led by James T. Kirk, was coming to an end. One day an emergency involving the Vulcan city of Vulcana Regar ca...
Broken Bars by ViraPatira
Broken Barsby Vin
He took Jim; they've been shoved back into their cage. Leonard isn't sure how much time they have left before they're forced to the arena so, while he still has time, he...
It is worth best by lowkeyboke
It is worth bestby lowkey boke
A Spones oneshot. It is said that nothing good last long. Love had always been a troublemaker, but, in the end, it is worth best. The continuing story from "Things...
The New Captain's Woman {Star Trek TOS Mirror Universe fan fiction} by jespah
The New Captain's Woman {Star jespah
Power is transferred in the Mirror Universe, by way of lust and a skillfully used dagger. Star Trek The Original Series (TOS) fan fiction, starring Captain Kirk, Marle...
Things were never that easy, at least not aboard the Enterprise by lowkeyboke
Things were never that easy, at lowkey boke
A Spones one shot. Leonard had fallen in love. But, why thing always seem to be so complicated for him?
McSpirk: The Trouble with Trios  by Averytheace
McSpirk: The Trouble with Trios by Averie
This is a bribe fic written for my companion, Bradley. It's a mashing of AoS and ToS and I've smudged some canon to make it work. (I know, ugh, but I wanted to make it t...
XO - A Spirk Fanfiction by ladyphina
XO - A Spirk Fanfictionby ladyphina
Spock has a little more understanding of human customs than Jim Kirk gives him credit for. A cute little non-serious and slightly cracky reboot!Spirk piece I wrote a wh...
A New Bond by star_trekker1701
A New Bondby Maria
A spirk story
Only time will tell (Chekov x OC/Spock x Kirk) COMPLETE  by MiniKeegs16239
Only time will tell (Chekov x OC/ Kyle
I, Julian Shatner, have a Dream. My Dream is to wake up one day and be transported into Star Trek, the show that my dad stared in. Somehow, out of pure luck, my dream ca...
Milk by jespah
Milkby jespah
Scotty and M'Ress start something new. Star Trek Original Series/Animated Series romantic fan fiction, with a little humor.
Across The Stars  by LOTRterminator1984
Across The Stars by Victoria Constance
It's the 23rd century and Starfleet is bustling with new recruits and experienced officers. The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise are well on their way into their five-year...