Kidnapped by Kylo Ren (Star Wars)

Kidnapped by Kylo Ren (Star Wars)

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He made eye contact with me with those intense brown eyes, and his vision traveled down my body, looking at every curve and flaw. He got down to my feet and looked all the way back up, taking in every part of me. I was scared now. I had no control over my body because of The Force and the way he looked at me, greedily, hungrily, left me terror-stricken. 

Kylo Ren climbed up swiftly onto the bed so he was laying next to me. He supported himself with his right elbow and placed his left hand on my lower stomach. His gloved hand was massive. His thumb and pinkie extended from each of my hip bones. I shut my eyes tightly. My breath significantly quickened. 

I felt his hand graze up my stomach, and I could hear him breathing heavily. His hand continued it's slow path up my chest and to my exposed neck. I swallowed down an impulsive scream that I couldn't help from rising as I felt him lean in towards me. His black locks fell onto my face and they smelled of mint. 

His hand was gently resting on my neck and his hot breath was on my ear. My heart was pounding and I was sure he could feel it. 

"It was so hard for me not to ravish you in front of everyone in Tunstead." His lips grazed my cheekbone. "The sensation was almost overpowering. You're lucky I have . . . Self-control."


This book is for readers who can handle maturity, violence, and who have a true appreciation for not only Kylo Ren/Adam Driver's beauty but for the Star Wars universe!

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