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Destroying Love by MlleAb
Destroying Loveby Audrey ☙
No emotions. Do your mission. Don't look back. After the sudden death of her partner and boyfriend, Sophia Montgomery makes the promise to never put work and love in th...
The Puppeteer | Mafia Romance & Espionage Thriller by The_Mafia_Gal
The Puppeteer | Mafia Romance & Es...by The Mafia Gal
The shadowy world of the Russian Mafia is rarely a welcoming one to those who unwittingly stumble into it. For most it means death, but for a few it spells a fate far wo...
Super Spy by left_andwrite
Super Spyby Lena Zielinska
Book 2 of the Secret Super series. Rule-following sidekick Jace used to believe in the superhero Council. Then her former superhero, Kara, runs away with her partner Zad...
Mutant gangland (Sequel to A turtle's self  journey and prequel to book 3) by Gotham007
Mutant gangland (Sequel to A turtl...by Gotham007
Almost a year after the events of a turtle's self journey, Mikey is back home in New york with his brothers and he couldn't be happier and more confident in himself. But...
SEA by LaurelineDucros
SEAby .
17 August 2020: The second draft of SEA has been completed a little over a week ago, and - as announced - has been removed for editing today. The book will return at a l...
There's Anastasia Roth Michaels, an arrogant and selfish orphan who has a reason for everything she is, and everything she does. The world doesn't revolve around her, bu...
PROJECT SPARTA by bbgallagher
A former #1 AMAZON Kindle download! A Wattpad Featured story. Project Sparta is "Maze Runner" meets "The Bourne Identity". As soon as Xander Whitt en...
a Curious by crsinh7
a Curiousby RAJ
Karan Tilak....A man is going to discover something that is been hidden from the world from many years they have been working under the nose of the whole world but no on...
Insignificant Reflection by SebastianEnil
Insignificant Reflectionby SebastianEnil
An agency's mission turns awry as a series of agents' lives collide under the establishment known as the 'Institute'. They must find the means to meet each other in orde...
Genius by martymcmousey
Geniusby Grace Anne
"It sucks being a genius in an average world!" Anne Barton is a genius and chooses to hide it. That is until she gets pulled into an uncover FBI operation that...
Double Agent by RishabGhosh0
Double Agentby Rishab Ghosh
This work is dedicated to unnamed soldiers who sacrifice their life for their country
Desire Is Winning: A James Bond FanFiction by KDiver12345
Desire Is Winning: A James Bond Fa...by Kieran Diver
Something awful has happened. 009 has been dropped from his position and his allocated sidekick was killed after trying to escape from the Spectre headquarters. With M's...
The Year of the Turk by seazoko
The Year of the Turkby Sergiy Zoko
Nick hates his parents. His father left him when he was three, pursuing a career in the Soviet Diplomatic Corps. His mother is nuts and quotes the bible whenever she fig...
Team Skylines by TheDynamicStar
Team Skylinesby On Mars
Welcome to the future, where everything is advanced. Scientists were working on a way to help make parents' lives easier, but it turns out when Dr. Roberts makes a scien...
The Dangers Within by LizzStrik
The Dangers Withinby Lizzie Striker
Book 3/4 After being missing for an entire year, Agent Elizabeth Striker returns to IAA in hopes of putting her life back together. However, mysterious black-outs plague...
Blurred Lines by theaveragebooker
Blurred Linesby theaveragebooker
"Agent Thomas Slater was there that night too. And he disappeared." - It's a brutal race against time for Daniel Bassett - 021 - to find two infamous agents t...
Aliceanna Goes Home by Leighleighty
Aliceanna Goes Homeby Leighleighty
Aliceanna Rogers, has problems just like the rest of us. Okay, maybe most people don't have to strangle enemy spies with a PVC pipe. But hey, some people are doctors, s...
Doses of Adventure by starstripedfeels
Doses of Adventureby Kenna Bug
If you're anything like me, you love adventure. Whether that manifest in the obsessions of James Bond, Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne, superheroes, or even Cop shows; you l...