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Spy Girl: Books 1-2 by JillianDodd
Spy Girl: Books 1-2by Jillian Dodd
Can one girl save the world? An eighteen-year-old covert agent is pulled out of training before graduation by Black X, a espionage group so secret even the President of...
  • princecharming
  • spyschool
  • royalty
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The 6 Greatest Errors of All Time | ✓ by Minna_A2
The 6 Greatest Errors of All ˗ˏˋ M I N N A ˎˊ˗
━ Highest Rank #1 in Action 03.12.19 Welcome to the underground business. Where the tainted stay tainted and the pure turn stained. Where allies are rare and enemies rac...
  • hacking
  • secret
  • mafia
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The Assassin's Secret by Tencutepuppies
The Assassin's Secretby 𝖗 𝖆 𝖈 𝖍 𝖊 𝖑
"𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐓𝐑𝐔𝐓𝐇 𝐇𝐔𝐑𝐓𝐒 𝐁𝐔𝐓 𝐋𝐈𝐄𝐒 𝐊𝐈𝐋𝐋" Deadly assassin Delphinium Tesla and her team are hopelessly outnumbered and outmatched. Imperium ge...
  • slowburn
  • criminal
  • mystery
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Secrets and Spies by Nandika_k7
Secrets and Spiesby Nandika K
It's been one year since Carmen's sister, Allison, died in a shooting, and Carmen is finally at peace with her sister's death. Then, Carmen is almost kidnapped by two me...
  • undercover
  • secret
  • badguy
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Presidents, Spies, and Boys, Oh My! by bellav173
Presidents, Spies, and Boys, Oh My!by Bella
What if you one day fell in love with a boy you weren't supposed to? What if that boy was your employers son? Seventeen year old Ember Rhinehart has been raised to beco...
  • action
  • washington
  • supernatural
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Weddings, Frat Boys, and Sorority Spies, Oh My! by bellav173
Weddings, Frat Boys, and Bella
With college and a wedding approaching fast, will Joshua and Ember be able to stretch their relationship anymore than it already has been? Eighteen year old Ember Rhineh...
  • firstfamily
  • shopping
  • newyork
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Angels, Pop Stars, and...More Spies? Oh My! by bellav173
Angels, Pop Stars, and...More Bella
Their relationship has been through terrorists and secrecy. What else could possibly happen? It's been six months since eighteen year old Ember Rhinehart was kidnapped a...
  • langley
  • nephilim
  • home
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Blink: Phantom (Book 3) by words_are_weapons
Blink: Phantom (Book 3)by Jamie Harris
Something is abducting human beings. The series of vanishings is spreading further and further throughout human-held systems and those responsible leave no traces behin...
  • amber
  • action
  • blink
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Blink: Interdiction (Book 4) by words_are_weapons
Blink: Interdiction (Book 4)by Jamie Harris
Ravine is a planet divided. After years of skirmishing between secessionist and loyalist forces, the spectre of a bloody planet-wide civil war is now all too real. As...
  • blink
  • four
  • series
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Omega: the Sequel by vb123321
Omega: the Sequelby Monica
Warning: Contains spoilers. Do not read unless you have read "Delta: a spy novel" before reading this, or you'll be massively confused and you'll ruin it for y...
  • bullet
  • shot
  • pierre
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Addison by theartofhearts
Addisonby C.🌙
[COMPLETED] During World War II, the world is suffering. Her husband is a Nazi, and she's a war spy - living under a fake identity in Occupied France. For Rhea Brandt...
  • holocaust
  • spy
  • hitler
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Raging Hearts Amidst Darkness by ociew777
Raging Hearts Amidst Darknessby ociew777
Drakken succeeds. Kim's dying, and the world's his. An ally's betrayal cost him everything. Shego quits, about the time Kim fakes her death rallying friends and enemies...
  • superpowers
  • ronstoppable
  • shadowgovernments
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Risk and Rebel by concussive
Risk and Rebelby Magnus
Mickey Davidson and Jason Thomas have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Growing up together in the same town, with neighboring houses, they were insepa...
  • action
  • agencies
  • risk
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Masquerade by EinatSegal
Masqueradeby Einaty
WATTYS 2018 SHORTLIST "Every person is a book, Wyn. You just need to find the right way to read them." In the land of Vynam, all must wear masks to stop the sp...
  • teen
  • epicfantasy
  • romance
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Where the Ghosts Lie by WendyGreene11
Where the Ghosts Lieby Nichole (WendyGreene11)
{Wattpad Featured Story} Nolan Clay was convicted of murder and dishonorably discharged from his marksman position in the Navy SEALs all in one night...for a crime he di...
  • espionage
  • thriller
  • action
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The Spy Who Loved Me by VLAGODDESS
The Spy Who Loved Meby Janaé
The year is 1950, when the Golden Age of Hollywood is at its peak and the hate of Communism is rampant in American society. Caught in the middle, are two unexpected love...
  • sovietunion
  • love
  • america
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Death, Despair, and Deliverance by vikingdrabbles
Death, Despair, and Deliveranceby vikingdrabbles
Verity Ann Smith is a successful girl living amongst the revolutions most eager and demanding minds. She has all she could ever need in life, except adventure. Her choic...
  • war
  • hamilton
  • turnwashingtonsspies
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Extended Borrowing  by Slytherin12345
Extended Borrowing by Jeanette Goldman
Rosie Devereaux is an international con-artist on the look out for a good time and all things that glitter. Phillip Darling is a wolf in...well...wolf's clothing. He is...
  • funny
  • wattys2019
  • femme
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MY BEST FRIEND IS A SECRET AGENT: How C.H.I.P. Took a Dive to Dash... by rclarkbtd
MY BEST FRIEND IS A SECRET AGENT: How C.H.I.P. Took a Dive to Dash Dr. Eelstrom's Dreams of Dunking Vortville After their first great adventure saving Vortville from the...
  • chapter
  • secret-agent
  • kids
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Tactical Space Wu-Shu by KingLowkey
Tactical Space Wu-Shuby KingLowkey
One race flourishes under the banner of peace. That is, until the peace is shattered and quite literally, alien invasion kind of stuff. With them, the aliens bring an un...
  • colonization
  • corruption
  • fiction
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