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The Poems Of My Heart by xbeansidhex
The Poems Of My Heartby ~Victoria C.~
I think in poetry so this is just full of my weird poems. Most are just really short. Sorry, if it gets depressing... But if you dont like it, then don't read it ? I hop...
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Shakespeare's 154 Sonnets (Completed ) by WilliamShakespeare
Shakespeare's 154 Sonnets ( William Shakespeare
Shakespeare's Sonnets is the title of a collection of 154 sonnets by William Shakespeare, which covers themes such as the passage of time, love, beauty and mortality. Th...
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Sad Sonnets by sammie4282003
Sad Sonnetsby Sammie4282003
Just a couple of sonnets, I wrote when I was feeling down, and depressed. But there is always hope. I write sonnets to deal with the guy that I love, and how he can't se...
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Wildflowers by stressed-to-impress
Wildflowersby Beth✍
A poem anthology in which mediocrity meets rhythm and rhyme.
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A Harsh, Nigh-Magical Rant by GrahamChristian
A Harsh, Nigh-Magical Rantby Graham Christian Ganahl
*NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE* It's much easier not to read this than to read it. Actually, it would require infinitely less effort, so my advice is definitely don't read it...
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Sonnets by AbbasHusain
Sonnetsby Abbas Husain
I started writing sonnets long time ago. They were a way of dealing with situations and they provided me with peace. I hope you enjoy them
Some Sonnets by pyrokiinesis
Some Sonnetsby Quinn
just a collections of english sonnets I wrote a while ago!! please keep in mind that these are not 100% english sonnets -- they follow the same rhyme scheme, but the lin...
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Poems by booksandboys21
Poemsby Books.
Sonnets, couplets, free style. Just my outlet in all forms of poetic expression.
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SIFAR...nothingness by -Nynaeve
SIFAR...nothingnessby Nyna
Sifar, the urdu/arabic for 'nothingness' Fits this collection of random rambling mess, Which for better or for worse, Are all in poetic verse. Featured in WP_Poetry...
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Just a bunch of poetry by ObliviatetheCapsicle
Just a bunch of poetryby Midnight
basicly what the tittle says updates will be slow and some of the poems are of depressing shit so yeah... read at your own risk just letting you know i kinda suck at wri...
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Sonnets for Someones by darkadork
Sonnets for Someonesby darkadork
I've discovered a love for sonnets due to my AP English Literature and Composition class, so I began writing sonnets about people, places, and things. These are a collec...
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The Singing Season by MajorSeventh
The Singing Seasonby Peter Skeet
The Singing Season. That's the spring-time. You'll also like other MajorSeventh poetry collections - and there are so many to choose from.
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"Sonnets" by Syntheia
"Sonnets"by Syntheia
These are some sonnets that I wrote for a project, which are horrible by the way, and ended up being unused, so I'll publish them here for the sake of publishing them he...
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Randomness  by GoldenPen_
Randomness by Nicole Stewart
Tags and writing prompts, plus whatever random thought might happen to get thrown into the mix. Includes poems, essays, and the occasional short story.
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A Selection of Ares by marssy_savvy
A Selection of Aresby Marlyn Rose Marcelo
Collection of Poems (Tagalog/English) Started: December 31, 2017 Ends: --/--/--
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Сонеты Уильяма Шекспира /William Shakespeare by RosGiwi
Сонеты Уильяма Шекспира /William RosGiwi
Для всех любителей Шекспира ) Сонеты Шекспира позволяют нам окунуться в прошлое , и сравнить его с нашим временем . Т.е всем нам хочется не на долго отправиться в прошло...
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Sonnets by Jess_Fernandes
Sonnetsby Jess_Fernandes
Hey readers..! Here are a few of my poems i would like to share.. Hope you enjoy..
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Cherry Cigarettes by luvemenot
Cherry Cigarettesby 𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐞
I cannot kiss you but all I know is I love your cacti and desert roses.
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Red & White ; A 'Romeo & Juliet' Adaptation (Cells at Work Fanfic) by TheVanillaNyctophile
Red & White ; A 'Romeo & Juliet' ・ 《 〈 R B G 〉》・
Hope you guys like this adaptation. :-3
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Becoming Pretty- Poetry by daisybuttermellow
Becoming Pretty- Poetryby Daisy
Sometimes my mind feels like a liquid, and it takes all of my strength so keep it from slipping down the drain. Sometimes it throbs like a a broken bone. Often, my poor...
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