// THE SHORTEST STORY: Postcards From Impossible Worlds // by TheShortestStory
// THE SHORTEST STORY: Postcards F...by Peter Chiykowski
Strange, beautiful and captivating stories sent as postcards from lives you never lived and worlds that never existed. These 30-second stories feature evil twins, insecu...
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Cecilos, a welcome to night vale Fanfic by MoonFyre
Cecilos, a welcome to night vale F...by Seraph
Basically fluffy teen!cecilos that hopefully will suffocate you. /ps Cecil looks like the cover/ Carlos moves in next door from a different state and Cecil's a bi...
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Welcome to Supernatural by UltimateSandwich7
Welcome to Supernaturalby The Ultimate Sandwich
Dean and Sam have seen everything: ghosts, demons, the devil, Bobby. So when they have to go help Cas investigate the desert town of Night Vale, they think it's just an...
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Cecilos Texts by RageNSerenity
Cecilos Textsby RageNSerenity
My two favourite people in the whole world conversing back and forth on their phones. 😍❤👏😘 I do not own the characters or the pictures! All credit goes to WTNV and th...
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Kevin X Reader by LoveOfFandoms19
Kevin X Readerby Danny
An X Reader story of the magnificent Kevin from Desert Bluffs ~
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Project Cecil by smolglowcloud
Project Cecilby kyla
Everyone's here for one reason or another. [written before 70A & B]
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Cecilos One Shots by 40Whacks
Cecilos One Shotsby Rhiannon Storm
REQUESTS ALWAYS OPEN NIGHT VALE IS SO PERFECT, (just like Carlos). This is a bunch of randomness of Cecil and Carlos. I hope you enjoy and please vote and comment. That...
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Verity's Book of Eclectic Writing by Verity72
Verity's Book of Eclectic Writingby Vertiline72
REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Just a bunch of fandom/non-fandom related writings including (but not limited to): Song Fics, AU's, Series, etc. Check the fandom list to see what I c...
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Welcome to Supernatural by HonkHonk24
Welcome to Supernaturalby Honk Honk :o)
A Supernatural X Welcome to Nightvale crossover. See Sam, Dean and Cas venture into the mysterious town of Nightvale with no knowledge of what lies there and what does...
  • supernatural
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Twilight Vale by wtnvtts
Twilight Valeby wtnvttsh
It's a story about Twilight and Welcome to Night Vale. Hope you enjoy!
  • welcometonightvale
  • thetwilightsaga
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Danganstuck by Cheesecake_fangirl
Danganstuckby Cheesecake_fangirl
A place where all fandoms can live in harmony. Sounds amazing right? Well let's see about that.
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Cecilos Oneshots (WTNV) by GirlyGamerKawaii
Cecilos Oneshots (WTNV)by starry nights & ruby skies
Title :) everything is explained in introduction {All rights go to the owners/creators, I do not own anyone, I only own the book and the oneshots} (occasionally lowercas...
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Night Vale Quotes by exquisitecorpsebride
Night Vale Quotesby Rose
Cecil says the greatest things to make your head spin. "Turn your head. Really. I have you at gunpoint, do it". Produced by Commonplace Books. Written by Josep...
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User name ideas  by xoxoDiscoQueenxoxo
User name ideas by Itsnotbeebough
Read the title lmao
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Carlos's Lab: A Night Vale Fanfic by TheFifthZilro
Carlos's Lab: A Night Vale Fanficby TheFifthZilro
Cecil gets the day off so he and Carlos get to spend the day together in Carlos's lab until something goes wrong. THE COVER ART IS NOT MINE. I FOUND IT ONLINE AND I CANT...
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Welcome to *hic* night vale  by allonsy_locked_took
Welcome to *hic* night vale by Allonsy_locked_took
I found a prompt on tumblr and thus this fluff was born. I know you guys are probably sick of all my "hiccups" fanfics, but they honestly are so fun to write!
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Internings Dangerous- WTNV Fanfic by RaineCook
Internings Dangerous- WTNV Fanficby NeverCeaseToAmaze
Welcome to Nightvale, listeners. My name Clare, the new intern, and I'm part hooded-figure. And This 'Cecil' at the station, isn't who he says he is... not in the least.
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How My Fandoms Affect My Life & other stuffs by Donut371
How My Fandoms Affect My Life & ot...by Donut Downpour
Read the title. fandoms will probably include Phandom, Be More Chill, Dear Evan Hansen, Heathers, Yuri On Ice, Steven Universe. More will be listed as they appear.
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[WTNV] CECILOS FIC by UnevenTableLeg
[WTNV] CECILOS FICby UnevenTableLeg
[Welcome To Night Vale] My name is Cecil Palmer and I am hopelessly in love with Carlos the (perfect) scientist.
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Why.... (A Carlos the scientists(wtnv) X Dr.Hilbert(wolf 359) fan fic) by meowMEOWllamas
Why.... (A Carlos the scientists(w...by Not your dad
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