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SCREEN TIME. ( peter parker/tim drake ) by eulogies
SCREEN TIME. ( peter parker/tim will i ever return from the w...
"what the hell's a gotham?" peter parker x tim drake major au, canon divergence social media, real life
Stanley Uris imagines/ preferences by wandaspeace
Stanley Uris imagines/ preferencesby River<3
Figured i should give Stan the man his own book of imagines. Bc he's special. -The losers are featured heavily in this book -there IS swearing so beware of that if ur n...
Tom Holland Imagines by idontcareidocare
Tom Holland Imaginesby Jay
Here is a book full of Cute, romantic, adorable, and dramatic stories about You and Tom Holland. I hope you enjoy 😉 Also, I take requests! Just message me!
The Blood That Will Spill by GaylandAvenue
The Blood That Will Spillby GaylandAvenue
Yandere Todoroki x Reader Your basic fanfiction. I hope you enjoy. The story is finished however the content is very basic and boring. You can still read it though it ju...
"Who... Are You?" || Psyborg fanfic || by AkuDaddyU3U
"Who... Are You?" || Psyborg Sleeping_Childe
RUN, DON'T LET IT CATCH YOU!" I scream to the other scientists. Loud, blood curdling screams were heard everywhere. The lab had been painted with a coat of blood re...
*on hiatus* Seducing My Husband (Zarry AU) by De_writer
*on hiatus* Seducing My Husband ( Anna
Harry Styles is married to Zayn Malik, the CEO of a big company and now he's in a mission of seducing his husband. Why? Simple yet cliche answer, it's an arrange marriag...
Ninjago 7 Minutes in Heaven by mgirll
Ninjago 7 Minutes in Heavenby Luna
What happens when 7 minutes is heaven doesn't end well. Wil the ninja break your heart or will you break theirs? All rights go to the people who made the pictures! I DO...
BFB Crack Book: The Not As Cool Sequel by Lyiinx
BFB Crack Book: The Not As Cool yune 💙
All good things come to an end. It's a good thing this book series is anything but that.
One Piece : 7 minutes in heaven by shooknae
One Piece : 7 minutes in heavenby 〰️mochi〰️
Q. Ever fantasised about spending 7 minutes , locked up in a closet with your One Piece love? Read on if your answer is: A. Yes B. option A C. option B [ON HOLD]
BIG BROTHER IMAGINES/ONE SHOTS by roadworkaheaduhyeah
Can't believe I'm doing this. Might as well share my shame. SEASONS I WILL DO: BB16 BB17 BB18 BB19 (And as of now) BB20 Doubt people will actually give this book the lig...
Evanescent | Park Jimin.  by _desertedhearts
Evanescent | Park Jimin. by Lilly,,
"Be mine." It was never her intention to fall in love again after the agonizing heartbreak she had endured. That was until someone with a smile equivalent to...
A Past Revealed by Simplicity_is_Life
A Past Revealedby Classified Information
Three and a half years ago, Jessica, Lady Thor, left The Few. A couple days after that, Aphmau found Phoenix Drop. Aphmau is Jessica's middle name. They look exactly ali...
Tboah react by khushi465
Tboah reactby Khushi Surana
The tboah heroes find themselves in a luxurious room, after opening a letter from the gods. ____________________________________ Practically gods teleporting tboah cast...
"Yes, Daddy" by cooltouch
"Yes, Daddy"by .
get on your knees baby girl
App Humans | Deleted | YouTube x Twitter  by LynoleyTpayne
App Humans | Deleted | YouTube x Stay hydrated
Yeessss I ship this badly so here we go,, I have like a million stories but whatever,, (COVER CREDIT GOES TO @Oceanartist1 ON INSTAGRAM) So here is THE BLURB!! (Yes I...
Lady Thor (SlyMau) by star3meifaw
Lady Thor (SlyMau)by Neko super Saiyan
Lord Aphmau's past is revealed to the village Over with the few they find out Loki planning something big with his son
Smh to Dream Smp..? by TheMutedOne_Masked
Smh to Dream Smp..?by Masked South
Masked ended up tripping and falling off a cliff and into a black hole that disappered right after she fell in. where did she end up in? Could they change anything (Migh...
A Walk in the Park {Modern Day LeeBury AU} by vannilf
A Walk in the Park {Modern Day McFricking™ dying
Just because of a dog. That's all it took. Then the rest worked itself out. From the moment the two men set eyes on each other, they were immediately attracted. At first...
Super Minecraft Kids (SPH AU) by rokewe
Super Minecraft Kids (SPH AU)by ᴘᴇʀᴄʏˎˊ˗
This book is an au of Super Minecraft Heroes, where they grow up through the series. The basic plot will be inspired by the events in the series. Following Aphmaus POV. ...
Announcment  by Lapis_Simp27
Announcment by Weeb lemon book got deleted so here is an announcement about